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“Dear PoPville,

A number of people tried to go to Harry Thomas Sr. pool this morning at 10am only be turned away by staff who claimed that the 10am opening time posted on the DPR website and the door of the pool building (pic attached here) was “outdated information”. In fact the 10am opening time is supposed to be new this summer and Mayor Bowser had done a big press push about it.

I’ve so far had pretty fruitless attempts to contact DPR, my council member and the Mayor’s office about this. (more…)

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15th/16th between W and Euclid Street, NW

Last week we we broke the great news that the fountains were finally fixed and flowing. Then they overflowed and were turned off. Such is life in PoPville these days. But forward we shall march.

Thanks to Lauren for the excellent update:

“It started up again yesterday and is still on!! It is amazing. Hopefully will stay on and not just being tested.”


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Ed. Note: The following was written by staff of the Rock Creek Conservancy. PoPville is proud to be a media sponsor for 2019.

Hay’s Spring Spotlight on Endangered Species Day

Today, Rock Creek Conservancy is thrilled to announce our new collaboration with PoPville! For those of you who don’t know us, the Conservancy is a local environmental organization and an official philanthropic partner to Rock Creek Park. We are dedicated to restoring Rock Creek and its parks as a natural oasis for all people to appreciate and protect. As we work together, you can expect monthly features from us about all that Rock Creek and Rock Creek Park has to offer and how you can help us restore this unique urban oasis that winds through the heart of our city.

What better way to kick off the relationship than to celebrate Rock Creek’s one and only endangered species — the Hay’s spring amphipod (Stygobromus hayi). These five facts about the Hay’s spring amphipod are sure to impress all the nature lovers at your next networking happy hour.

IMPORTANT: While the facts below are sure to pique your amphipod interests, it is vital that you don’t go searching for them in the wild. There are so few Hay’s spring amphipods left that disturbance to their habitat could easily result in their extinction.

1) Endangered in DC

The Hay’s spring amphipod was first discovered in 1940. Since its discovery, this crustacean has only ever been found in eight small seepage springs along Rock Creek. Because of its small population, sensitivity to urban development, and changes in water quality the animal was officially declared endangered in 1982. (more…)

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Beautiful, beautiful Banneker. 2500 Georgia Avenue, NW

Jump In, DC!

official Pool Opening and summer kickoff with Mayor Bowser!

Friday, May 24, 2019 4:00pm -7:00pm Langdon Pool & Spray Park

The D.C. summer tradition is back.

Join DPR and special guest Mayor Muriel Bowser and be among the first residents to officially Jump In on Friday, May 24th!

The day before ALL outdoor pools open, on Saturday, May 25th for Memorial Day Weekend!” (more…)

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The Soapstone Valley Trail is one of the primary routes I use to go east/west on my Walkabouts. It is looking especially lovely these days and you ought to hit it too from time to time for an easy little hike to restore your soul. It leads right into Rock Creek for even more awesome hikes for those looking for longer excursions.

Have a look: (more…)

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“Dear PoPville,

Like many before me, I have dug deep into the history of the McMillan Reservoir and Sand Filtration Site. It’s clear that the Bloomindale community is unlikely to agree on what is best for the future of the sand filtration site. However, I’m wondering what efforts, if any have been made to open a 4-6 acre portion of the McMillan Filter Plant, currently owned and operated by The Army Corps of Engineers?

This 4-6 acre space (pictured in attached images) is located adjacent to and Southwest of the McMillan Reservoir beginning at the corner of 1st and Bryant Streets NW. This site, which is on the opposite, west side of 1st St NW from the sand filtration site, is the original location of McMillan Park where the McMillan Fountain once stood. The site is currently fenced off, apparently for security reasons. The portion of the security fence along 1st St NW and Bryant ST NW could be removed with no security risk to the remaining areas of the McMillan Filter Plant. A new security fence could be installed on the western side of this 4-6 acre field. (more…)


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