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From a press release:

“DC Cat Count, a collaboration between animal welfare organizations and wildlife scientists, was launched today in an effort to identify the number of cats in the Washington, DC region. This program will ultimately develop humane, data-driven cat population management programs in communities across the nation. The DC Cat Count is a three-year initiative designed to count the cats who live outdoors, indoors, and in the animal shelter system in Washington, DC and to understand how cats move between these segments. (more…)

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“Found dog! “Do you know who I am? I am sweet 12/10 good boy who got a bit lost this morning and was found at the Takoma Aquatic Center. I’m older, with cloudy eyes and a shakey leg, but I love pets and kids and don’t seem to mind (or see) other dogs. I have a microchip tag but it wasn’t registered and my other tag goes back to HRA. I’ll head there later this afternoon after I digest my snack, but keep an eye out for my humans! I’ve already won the hearts of my found friends.”

His rabies tag is from 2017 from Georgetown Vet Hospital but they are closed this weekend. We are going to drop him at 1201 New York Ave (HRA hq for lost pups) today (7/7/18). Get the word out! (more…)

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“Dear PoPville,

Having just rescued a dog whose social preferences I am still learning, and as someone who lives next to a beautiful hiking trail, I’ve been wondering: would dog owners be more inclined to obey leash laws if they understood that doing so makes these trails a welcome space for *all* dogs?

When a dog owner refuses to leash their dog, they are marking that trail as a space for dog-social dogs only. (more…)

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“Dear Popville,

This gorgeous husky was found in Petworth this morning. Animal Control said it may be quite sometime before they can pick the dog up. The owner should please call 202.847.9948 to pick up. Please ready to describe collar and gender.”

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Ed. Note: You can read about Brookland Pint’s reasoning here.

“Dear PoPville,

Anyone know why so many restaurants are still not allowing pets on their patios?

After the D.C. Council voted to repeal the ban of dogs on restaurant and bar patios last year, I thought most venues with patios would start allowing dogs. However, my wife and I have been turned away from several venues in Georgetown that have an absolute ban on all pets.

While we would understand if these venues put limitations on which pets were allowed (e.g. small well-behaved dogs only), it seems completely illogical and unreasonable to ban all pets. (more…)

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Photo by PoPville flickr user Phil

“Dear PoPville,

I moved to DC within the past year and have been trying to find a vet that does house calls for my geriatric, very skittish cat. I’ve been trying to find one online for a while, and have encountered various issues: vets don’t serve my area (20003/Navy Yard); or else they have extremely limited hours and very steep fees (I used to use a house call vet in NYC where everything is crazy expensive, so paying almost double what I paid there seems insane); and one vet even demanded a $200 deposit almost a month before our appointment.

Any recommendations (ideally with flexible evening/weekend hours) are greatly appreciated!”


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