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From a press release:

“Artworx Consultants, Foxhall Partners, and artist Ravi Raman today unveiled his first street-art mural at 1737 Columbia Rd., Northwest in Adams Morgan. The mural, titled Love In Six Lines, is based on Raman’s series of paintings of the same name.

Inspired by Pablo Picasso’s minimalist glass paintings, artist Ravi Raman created Love In Six Lines as a celebration of love and relationships depicted in a series of whimsical paintings and Instagram posts. Limiting each illustration to just six lines, Raman makes the analogy between his simple yet deceptively complicated drawings to that of love and relationships. (more…)

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November 2018 in one photo. Thanks to Stuart and Micaela for sending from 15th Street just south of Irving Street, NW. This mural was done in 2009 by Joel Bergner. Any permit pros out there able to find out what’s coming to this building is 3043 15th Street, NW?

Update: condos. Thanks to Adam (and others) for finding.

When it first went up in July 2009

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6th and Rhode Island Ave, NW

“Dear PoPville,

On the southeast corner of 6th Street and Rhode Island Avenue NW in Shaw, there is an empty lot that was previously the location for Mr. P’s Ribs, which were charmingly served out of a modified school bus. it has now been nearly four years since Mr. P sadly passed away. I had nearly given up hope that anything interesting would move into that prime location.

Update: Electric Cool-Aid has a Facebook page:

But this morning I walked by and spoke to some artists preparing a large wall mural on the site. The mural is somehow connected to Pabst Blue Ribbon — they seem to have sponsored murals across the country. According to the artists, the mural should be done in just a few days. PBR is also reportedly partnering with someone local and a beer garden will be opening on the lot in April. The rumored name is “Electric Cool-Aid,” and it will serve both PBRs and slushy drinks. (more…)

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Thanks to Ryan Wegman for sharing with us:

“Woodley Park’s very first zoo dedicated mural is coming along (Calvert & Conn.) Now that it’s nearly complete, here’s what the finished product will look like (with minor changes — elephant holds an orange!).”

Ed. Note: This replaces the one that was tagged last November and is across the street from the iconic Marilyn Monroe mural.


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