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“Dear PoPville,

I work full time producing videos and taking photographs for non-profit organizations in DC. Recently, I went a little outside my comfort zone and created a short film for an international contest. The short was supposed to be about your city, and what better city to focus on then DC. My concept was for a couple to take a trip down memory lane and retake images of themselves in their favorite DC spots.

It has always been a dream of mine to be a filmmaker and I am trying my best to show my 20 month old daughter that anything is possible. So, after a few late nights, and some mornings with my baby eating cheerios on my lap while I edited, I finished my short film and I couldn’t be happier with it. Luckily it was selected as one of the 9 finalists!

The final winner will be decided via a public vote on YouTube. For every like I get on my YouTube video I get one vote. I was hoping you could take a moment and help me achieve this crazy dream of mine. I am up against some stiff competition, including a few California crews who were able to use actual Hollywood actors. In my opinion my local DC cast and crew beat them by a mile, but I could still use a little help getting the word out there.

Please vote for my video here.

Here is also some info on the contest itself.”

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3426 Connecticut Ave, NW

From an email:

“The Uptown will continue its weekend morning movie series that started in December with a new slate of films starting this Saturday, Jan 6 and Sunday, Jan. 7. Sing, the animated 2016 film featuring the voices of Scarlett Johannson, Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon and Seth Macfarlane, will run at 10:00am both days.(Yes, for anyone remembering 10:30 start times in December, this is earlier to accommodate the still-running Star Wars at the Uptown the rest of the day)

Here’s the line-up for future films, too: (more…)

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1st and N Street, NE

Damn it. Thanks to Capitol Phil for sending:

“Remember this? Landmark Theatres no longer coming here per NoMa BID rep at ANC6C Parks & Events Committee mtg last night.”

Update from NoMa BID:

“To clarify: We don’t have confirmed information as to the theater’s status, either way. The comment at last night’s mtg was speculative & made in the context of a discussion about where @NoMaParksDC’s NoMa Meander (http://nomaparks.org/noma-meander ) crosses Patterson & goes north.”

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2337 18th Street, NW

From an email:

“Next Tuesday we will be playing the cult classic “The Room” on the big screen projector. We will also be handing out free plastic spoons to our guests for throwing, which is the tradition among the film’s devotees — to throw spoons at the screen. Movies are starting at 8 now.

Of course this times up with the release of the James Franco directed “The Disaster Artist,” which is based on the making of film.”

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Crowdfunding Video – Homelessly in Love from Ariane Mohseni on Vimeo.

From an email:

“Think love is hard? Try keeping a relationship going while homeless.
Homelessly in Love, a documentary shot in the District of Columbia, aims to show the full picture of homelessness, joy and heartbreak and all. Since 2015, we have followed the lives of five men and women as they go through love pangs, dramatic breakups — and the humdrum of married life.


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3426 Connecticut Ave, NW

From the Cleveland Park Business Association:

“Mark your calendars: Starting in December, The Uptown theater will begin showing weekend morning movies–family favorites and classic films–at 10:30 am on Saturday and Sunday mornings.
The series will open on December 2 and 3 with “Elf,” and continue December 9 and 10 with “It’s a Wonderful Life.” The new Star Wars movie will run for the rest of December. Then, a new slate of classics will be announced for January’s weekends.

Come for the movie, check out the Farmers Market (on Saturday), and then grab lunch and shop in Cleveland Park.

Spread the news and plan to support this fun new offering in the neighborhood.”

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“Dear PoPville,

Until this past Friday, E Street Cinema was set to show Louis C.K.’s new film, “I Love You, Daddy,” on November 17. Unfortunately, its plan changed only after the film’s distributer pulled it following the New York Times‘ expose of C.K.’s extensive history of sexual misconduct.

C.K.’s movie is an homage to his cinematic hero, Woody Allen, who’s made numerous films in which an older man (usually Allen himself) preys upon a very young woman. “I Love You, Daddy” borrows that theme – C.K. plays a wealthy and successful Hollywood-type whose teenage daughter falls victim to a much older man’s predatory advances. As the New Yorker observed, “it’s lamentable that it took the outing of Louis C.K.’s actual misconduct, rather than the movie’s own demerits, to get it off the calendar”.

E Street’s intention to ever show this film was questionable and concerning, both in light of its facially repugnant themes and the rumors about C.K. that have swirled for years (with increased pace and urgency over the last few weeks). I found the juxtaposition of watching a preview for the film at E Street before “Jane” – a beautiful account of a woman who overcame countless sexist obstacles to make indelible contributions to animal science – especially jarring.

E Street’s decision to show “I Love You, Daddy” was ultimately made for it, but it still has a choice as to whether to show Woody Allen’s films.

As a formerly obsessive, longtime Woody Allen fan, I was guilty of ignoring or excusing not just the heinous accusations against him, but the unassailable facts we know – his relationships with teenage girls onscreen and his sexual relationship with a teenage girl to whom he was a father-like figure (whom he eventually married). His dismissive response to the Harvey Weinstein revelations (you “don’t want it to lead to a witch hunt atmosphere, a Salem atmosphere”) is the latest example. During this overdue moment of national reckoning over sexual misconduct, it’s important for all of us to face the truths about prominent figures that have long been brushed under the rug.

The tired argument that an artist’s artistic and life choices should be viewed separately rings especially false when his art imitates his life. Theaters like E Street – renowned for championing socially-conscious and culturally-relevant work – should stop providing a platform to filmmakers who seek to normalize and celebrate sexual misconduct.”

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701 7th Street, NW

Regal Gallery Place Stadium 14 has posted a liquor license placard:

“New Class “DX” Multipurpose facility for a movie theatre serving pizza, chicken wings, pre-packaged candy, popcorn and alcoholic beverages. Total Occupancy Load of 3119.”

But do they have that pretzel stuffed with crab?


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