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Update on the iconic Uptown sign in Cleveland Park from the Cleveland Park Historical Society’s Carin Ruff:

“Last summer, AMC Theaters floated a proposal to replace the iconic UPTOWN sign with an AMC sign. After widespread outcry, they dropped that proposal. Last month, they submitted an application to the DC Historic Preservation Review Board to replicate the UPTOWN sign with LED lights inside red letters that would look like the existing letters, and to add smaller AMC branding to the marquee.

The CPHS Architectural Review Committee heard a presentation last week from the sign specialist hired by AMC and came away convinced that replicating the sign in LED was an acceptable solution, given the extreme deterioration of the existing sign. In addition to problems with the neon in the current sign, the attachment points of the letters to the wall are in danger of failing and there are environmental contaminants on the ledge where they sit. We should also note that we cannot prove that the current neon sign is the original one from 1936; the Historic Preservation Office isn’t sure, we aren’t sure, and the theater can only document the current sign back to 1968.

The proposed LED replacement would closely replicate the look of the current UPTOWN sign in color, warmth, reflectivity of the light elements on the surrounding body of the letters, etc., while using substantially less electricity to run 24/7. Read More


Photo by Adam

“Dear PoPville,

I had an interesting experience Sunday morning with the folks filming Wonder Woman. I was out for a bike ride and decided to go down Pennsylvania from the Capitol towards downtown and saw the set for Wonder Woman a couple of blocks down the street. I was stopped at a red light about a block away and snapped a picture then rode down to where Pennsylvania was closed, right on the edge of the film set. As I was getting ready to snap a couple of pictures from this location, a woman who I assume was a production assistant told me and a couple of other folks not to take pictures or video (she was nice enough to say please). I found this odd since I was standing on a public street taking a picture of an event that was also happening on a public street. Read More


Patty Jenkins

Thanks to Dottie for sending: “I saw the WW2 director, Patty Jenkins, crossing at Wisconsin and M. Patty directed last year’s WW blockbuster and is an AFI alum. I think she’s as much a superstar at Gal Gadot and Kristen Wiig!”

Thanks to Hallie for sending: “Taken from the top of the Hirshhorn musem! They were filming in the courtyard area under the building.” Read More


Those sending in Gal Gadot, Chris Pine and or Kristen Wiig photos shall recieve PoPville swag (t-shirts, tote bags etc.) for sure!! Send to [email protected] and let me know how you’d like photo credit to appear.

Thanks to Bry for sending from Georgetown.

And thanks to C for sending:

“Wonder Woman filming – Pennsylvania Ave NW – all weekend

Just got a notice from my workplace on 9th St NW (at the corner of Pennsylvania Ave NW) saying our parking garage is closed all weekend for filming of the “Magic Hour” which I learned from PoPville is the new Wonder Woman film. VERY exciting.

Here’s the full info pasted below on street closures — note that “across from 801 Pennsylvania Ave NW” is basically across from the Navy Memorial, which began construction in 1985 and was unveiled in 1987, so if the rumor that the film takes place in 1984 is true, then they won’t be showing the Memorial itself in the film if they are being historically accurate.



1415 Wisconsin Ave, NW formerly Appalachian Spring

Thanks to SinSA for sending:

“I was walking down Wisconsin Avenue earlier, and it looks like they’re making a storefront for Commander Salamander in Georgetown. I know that Wonder Woman is filming in this area, so it probably is for the movie.”

Commander Salamander was located at 1420 Wisconsin Ave, NW and is now an M&T Bank.


“Dear PoPville,

Thought you might like this – we got this notice about a movie filming in the next couple weeks on Wisconsin Ave.

Street Closures (PDF)

Magichour (notice awesome logo) is actually Wonder Woman 2, according to the Google.”

Side Note: My sources on the street tell me that Chris Pine and Kristen Wiig were spotted at Chaia (3207 Grace Street, NW.) No Gal Gadot sightings yet.


From a press release:

Union Market’s popular Drive-In Movie Series returns this Spring with a special screening of Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark on Friday, May 11 at 8pm. The Harrison Ford classic will officially kick off the annual Americana-inspired drive-in experience held in the Market’s parking lot (1309 5th Street NE) and projected onto the wall. Each family-friendly showing is free for walk-up film fans viewing in the picnic area, or costs $10 per carRead More


“Dear PoPville,

To everyone who got MoviePass and was sad that it didn’t work for all the awesome Landmark Theatres in the DC area, rejoice! You can now go to any of the Landmark theatres using MoviePass. That means E St, Atlantic Plumbing, West End, etc. Now if only I could go back in time a week and stop myself from paying non-MoviePass money to see Isle of Dogs…”


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