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From an email: “A group of us in Bloomingdale are attempting to raise funding to support construction of the Tricia McCauley Memorial Herb Garden in LeDroit Park, with construction scheduled to begin early in the New Year.”

For those not familiar with Tricia you can read about her tragic story here. She was a beloved member of Bloomingdale and so many other communities. RIP.

The fundraiser says:

“Friends and family of Tricia McCauley, in partnership with Common Good City Farm, are honoring her legacy through the creation of the Tricia McCauley Memorial Fund. The fund will preserve Tricia’s love of herbalism and teaching through supporting the ongoing cultivation of the medicinal herb garden, now The Tricia McCauley Memorial Herb Garden, as well as herbalism workshops at Common Good City Farm. (more…)

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“just off Beach Drive and Western Ridge Trail, across the foot bridge from Peirce Mill.”

In honor of Bastille Day, It gives me great pleasure to, again, present the most random monument in D.C. – The Jusserand Bench in Rock Creek Park.

“A pink granite bench in Rock Creek Park honoring Jusserand was dedicated by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt on 7 November 1936. It is the first memorial erected on Federal property to a foreign diplomat.”

Ed. Note: The bench does not look particularly pink today.

“Jean Adrien Antoine Jules Jusserand (18 February 1855 – 18 July 1932) was a French author and diplomat. He was the French Ambassador to the United States during World War I.”

You can read about Jean Jules Jusserand here. (more…)

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Photo by PoPville flickr user Victoria Pickering

From the Mayor’s Office:

Saturday, Mayor Muriel Bowser, Chairman Phil Mendelson and the DC Council, and other dignitaries formally dedicated and unveiled the historic bronze statue of the late four-term Mayor of the District of Columbia, the Honorable Marion S. Barry, Jr.

“Sometime after Martin had a dream and before President Obama gave us hope, Marion Barry provided opportunity,” said Mayor Bowser. “Mr. Barry was a larger than life figure – a man who could both lead the protest as an activist and engage the protest as Mayor. He gave hope to those who had lost it and created access to the middle class for Washingtonians who, for years, had been locked out of power and prosperity. With this statue, we are preserving a tremendous part of Washington, DC’s history, and honoring our Mayor for Life, Marion Barry.” (more…)

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Photo by PoPville flickr user Brandon Kopp

From NPS:

“The National Park Service is accepting comments from the public on a proposed project to improve physical, interpretive and programmatic accessibility at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial for visitors with mobility, sensory, and cognitive disabilities. Comments are being accepted at go.nps.gov/JeffersonAccessibility through December 1.

A public meeting to introduce and answer questions about the project will be held at the American Association of People with Disabilities office (2013 H Street NW) on Thursday, November 16, 2017 from 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. National Park Service officials will make a presentation about the project and be available for questions. Comment forms will be available. American Sign Language and CART services will be available at the meeting as well as a tactile model and audio description; additional accommodations can be made by contacting the National Park Service at 202-245-4660 or via email at [email protected]

There are a variety of barriers to accessibility that currently exist at the Jefferson Memorial, including car parking and bus drop-off; layout of walkways and sidewalks; means of accessing the chamber level of the memorial; and lack of accessible exhibit design, which together create an unequal experience for all visitors interested in learning about one of America’s foremost Founding Fathers. As a first step, the project will develop alternatives to improve, modify, and/or create universal accessibility at the site and analyze potential impacts of those alternatives on the historic fabric of the memorial and the surrounding environment. (more…)

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via eisenhowermemorial.org

“Dear PoPville,

I was wondering if anyone else in the PoPville community has heard anything about the Eisenhower Memorial going up in the southwest? I work for the Federal Government in the Southwest, and while I don’t work in the Department of Education building, I work right by there. There aren’t really any lunch options in the area besides the food trucks by the L’Enfant Metro. Due to the limited options, my coworkers and I generally get lunch from the food trucks and eat at one of the tables set out in front of the Dept. of Ed. While there is one other spot in the general vicinity to sit and eat lunch, it’s very limited. I just heard about the Eisenhower Memorial that is going up in front of the Dept. of Ed. and over the spot where we, and many of the other Federal Government employees in the area, eat their lunch on a daily basis. While I fully support a memorial to President Eisenhower, I’m a little miffed by the fact that it will effectively wipe out our only lunch spot in the vicinity. Has anyone else heard anything about this Memorial? It seems like it has been in the works for a while, but I only just heard about it.”

Ed. Note: In May Curbed reported:

“Eisenhower Memorial design revisions meet Commission of Fine Arts largely with disapproval

…a revised final design of the planned Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial met with the U.S. Commission of Fine Arts (CFA) with much discussion and largely more to be desired for. Still, the final concept of the design needs to be approved. This meeting was simply to approve the revisions to the design.”

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Photo by PoPville flickr user Kevin Wolf

From the National Park Service:

“The National Park Service has awarded a contract for the modernization of the Washington Monument elevator and the construction of a permanent screening facility for visitors entering the landmark. The contract, in the amount of $10.785 million, was awarded to Grunley Construction Company, Inc. of Rockville, Md., on Friday, September 1. The two major projects are being completed simultaneously under one contract, creating efficiencies in the work that will expedite the reopening of the monument, planned for spring of 2019.

The Washington Monument has been closed since August 17, 2016, due to the unreliability of the elevator control system, which resulted in numerous service interruptions and visitor evacuations via the structure’s 896 steps. (more…)

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Thanks to Laura for sending from behind the Save-A-Lot/Big Lots development.

From Facebook:

Cool “Disco” Dan Memorial
9:30 Club
815 V Street, NW
Saturday, August 19 at 11 AM – 2 PM

Friends, family, and fans will gather at the 9:30 Club on August 19 to celebrate his life from 11 a.m. through 2 p.m., according to Roger Gastman, a friend of Hogg’s who co-directed the film The Legend of Cool “Disco” Dan. D.C. go-go star Big Brother CJ will lead the ceremony.

Special thanks to 9:30 Club for opening their doors and making this event FREE to the public!”


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