Washington, DC

Thanks to Brian for sharing with us:

“PSA: STAY HOME. People were out and about Washington, DC for the cherry blossom festival despite warnings to stay home to stop the spread of COVID-19. So I decided I would drive around with giant speakers on the roof of my car to tell people to create a public service announcement to stay home, stay safe, and practice social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic.”

Helps explain the decision to involve The Guard a bit more.


Thanks to SAF for sending the above from Petworth: “In front of an apartment building that does not have dpw trash service.”

And thanks to Hunter for sending the above from 14th and S Street, NW: “This one didn’t even make it out of its entrapment before being thrown out.”

See you in April my friends!

Last Christmas Tree in Town is brought to you by the Friends of the White Whale Society!


too bad because the photos are really quite nice.

Thanks to BBB for sending this listing:

“$740 / 2br – Apartment for rent in washington.

Painted Lady Properties has the best Apartment for rent in washington. Our residents will tell you this. We are looking for clean, responsible folks who pay rent on time, will take care of the property and not cook meth in the bathtub. To make an appointment or for more information contract us.”

Ed. Note: And I can’t stress this enough. PoPville is not affiliated with any ‘Rental of the Day’ properties. Rent at your own risk and proceed with caution as you would with all Craigslist listings.


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