Washington, DC

hahaha thanks to Taylor for sending this great listing:

“If you were on Craigslist looking for a piece of furniture infested with ooky spooky ghosties, then you’ve come to the wrong place because this dining room set is definitely not haunted.

It was not used for ritual sacrifices and therefore is not haunted by the spirits of virgins.

It was not used by Revolutionary War soldiers as a makeshift operating table on the battlefield and therefore is not riddled with poltergeists in tri-corner hats.

As this is D.C. and we have museums where people’s old shoes are kept in glass prisons for gawking tourists, I feel like I should tell you that no one famous has ever sat on, ate off of, or died around this dining set either.

Not Abraham Lincoln. Not Jimi Hendrix. Not the character Goose from the movie Top Gun. Read More


OK Moving On Then

Dateline: Washington Nationals World Series Champions +1

Thanks to Kate for sending this crazy: “Christmas candy, Oct. 30, Columbia Heights Giant

And it’s already on sale?!?!?”

hahaha strange and wonderful days indeed!


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