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“Dear PoPville,

We just moved to Kingman Park and sometimes hear bells ringing over here. Just a couple minutes ago (Sunday morning, shortly before 10:30 am), we heard some hymn from somewhere northwest of us. Any idea which church that is coming from? Just heard them again over lunch. It reminds me of growing up right next to a church and during a time when I can’t visit home, hearing these bells makes me so happy.

Cheers from Kingman Park!”


1226 Vermont Avenue NW

Chelsey passes on the sad scene earlier today from Luther Place Memorial Church: “Lamenting this act of vandalism and lifting up the names and legacies of Dorothy Day and MLK Jr. this morning.”

Pastor Karen Brau writes: “As I walked in this early morning, this vandalism greeted me @LutherPlace #DorothyDay and #MLKingJr teach us about revolutions of the heart and systems. On the ground and in the air, these saints remain in place and on the move.” Read More


1525 H Street, NW

Thanks to a reader for passing on from St. John’s Church:

“Dear Parishioners,

In its 200-plus year existence, our beloved church has witnessed history, in its many forms, from our corner of Lafayette Square. That holds true today with the protests associated with the murder of George Floyd and other innocent Black citizens across our country.

We as a parish support the protesters’ fight for an end to systemic racism. As is often the case in these situations, we have also been faced with significant challenges. Our historic buildings have been damaged by fire and graffiti. Individuals have built encampments on the church grounds, pitching tents, cooking on open fires in close proximity to the buildings, and relieving themselves in inappropriate places, resulting in a risk to the health and safety of protesters and others. At times, our staff have not felt safe traveling to and from work, or in their offices.

At its meeting last week, the Vestry discussed the tension between support of the Black Lives Matter movement and keeping our staff and property safe. As a result of that discussion, we met with City leaders last Friday. The meeting was productive, and we came away with a plan to peacefully relocate the individuals camping on our grounds that was based on engaging the protesters in conversation. We did not have the opportunity to finish executing that plan because on Monday the police began clearing H Street, NW. We were not aware they would do this.

After renewed violence on Monday evening, the City contacted us on Tuesday and offered to provide fencing around our buildings. After a thorough discussion, and in consultation with Bishop Mariann, we reluctantly agreed to the fencing. Read More



Bells Chiming Wed. Night

Thanks to all who passed on the info:

“On Friday night, people will be lining up along 16th St for a vigil and in solidarity with the protesters. It seems that most of the places of worship will be participating, and all neighbors are invited to attend as well. From the invitation: “Bell ringing at 5:45 p.m. If your place of worship has bells, we invite you to toll them, beginning at 5:45 p.m. and lasting 8 minutes, 46 seconds, in remembrance of the brutal killing of George Floyd. Those standing on 16th Street may kneel during the tolling of the bells.”

explore map here by Matthew Schaible


A vigil for all people of faith and good will

We invite people from all religious communities on 16th Street (and those nearby)–and our neighbors– to join us for a physically distant vigil. Read More


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