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“Dear PoPville,

New sign up at Kalorama and Connecticut, in the little triangle-circle in front of the Chinese Embassy employees’ building.

I figured I’d better take a photo right away, since it’ll be taken out by a car failing to make that corner within a day or two.”


2343 17th Street, NW

“Dear PoPville,

I ran into the owners and they told me they are NOT closed! They have a gas connection issue and are waiting on the landlord to fix it. I think the landlord is pushing back saying they are not going to fix it so they have closed indefinitely. Can we please help them?? They are a Korean couple who don’t speak the best English. Let’s get them open again!! Maybe a legally-minded reader could help!”


Next Level

23rd and Q Street, NW

Yikes, thanks to Cyrus for sending this morning around 7:45am: “Abandoned on sidewalk”

Not sure if this happened this morning or last night but another reader reported hearing a car alarm all night from around 29th Street, NW but that might not be related.

Jonny shares a different angle: Read More


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