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Around 11:15am Nick reported:

“Sounded like more shots fired over in this area in the past 30 mins. Maybe closer to 8th and Rhode Island.”

I asked if other had heard them and Steve replied:

“I did while driving N on RI – called 911 to report. Saw one individual raise a gun and fire down 8th towards individual near RI intersection. Heard 4 shots fired before gunman fled into apartment complex.
Was at red light of that intersection, so looking up 7th NW & gunman pop from behind fence of complex, fire 4 shots (gun up & aimed) towards intersection/RI & possibly 5th shot before dashing off. Couldn’t see who they were firing at, but saw individual near car at intersection”


600 block of S Street, NW

Readers started reporting around 10:30pm Sunday night: “just heard about 12 rapid-fire shots and then lots of police/ambulance response.”


“Shooting in Shaw, by the WeWork on S St NW, around 10:20 pm. Two clusters of maybe ten gunshots total. Significant police and emergency response; at least one person loaded into ambulance.”

From MPD:

“The Third District is currently investigating a shooting in the 600 block of S Street NW. An adult male has been transported to an area hospital with a gunshot wound to the upper body. Read More


Jeni reports:

“This incident happened Sunday at 4.55pm in Shaw. We were walking down S street toward 7th street when a guy emerged from the alley, walking at an odd pace and kind of spaced out (I assumed from the heat) and we let him pass us since we had both dog and stroller so we’re taking up real estate. Just as he passed us two young men crossed the street, and one of them pulled out a gun with an augmented clip. By the time we processed what was happening, the other guy had stopped so was now just behind us leaving us between him and the gun. Thankfully they two guys didn’t care that we were there and walked straight up to him and held the gun to his head, so we ran around the corner while calling the police and warning others not to turn the corner. Read More


1500 block of 7th Street, NW. Photo by Vic Jain

Started getting tons of messages around 8:30pm last night about a big fire department response next to the Passenger in Shaw. Fortunately, and in my wildest dreams I could not make this up, “Upon gaining entry found an unattended smoke machine that activated.” Read More


1133 11th Street, NW

11-M closed back in October of last year. A new liquor license application for the space says:

“New Class “C” family-oriented Restaurant serving Latin American food. Sidewalk Cafe Endorsement with 52 seats. Total Occupancy Load of 40 with seating for 36 patrons inside premises.”

Eat DC reports that it is from the owners of El Sol and Mezcalero. Read More


via google maps

“Dear PoPville,

Just wanted to report an incident of harassment at N and 8th St. NW (8:45pm Wed. night.) My husband and I were on scooters on our way home up 8th when three kids moved into the street and we had to come to a stop to avoid colliding with them. They threatened to take our scooters, and when we refused, one of them started kicking mine over and over. Read More


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