Washington, DC

20th and S Street, NW

Readers started reporting around 10pm: “what is going on on 16th and V / Florida NW? Multiple cop cars on both corners plus back along 17th and Florida”

at 10:30pm:

“Just rode my bike through 18th and Columbia. Small fires on the road, newspaper boxes strewn throughout, heavy police presence. People were already gone west on Columbia.”

at 11:45pm:

“Protesters have been kettled at 18th and Willard for at least an hour. Whole block police taped off. Chants of “why are we being detained?” breaking out.”

at 12am:

“One protester in medical distress just taken away on a stretcher.”

18th and Willard St, NW

The Washington Post reported:

“Tysean Hoffman, of Alexandria, said the group of marchers numbered about 50 and began to march from Meridian Hill Park (also known as Malcolm X Park) toward the Third District police station and throughout Northwest Washington.

Some marchers lit fireworks, turned over trash cans and may have lit at least one trash can on fire, Hoffman said. But there was no damage to property and the marchers were otherwise peaceful.”

Updates when/if MPD/DC Gov releases more info.

More photos: Read More


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