fire the fool

From Fire the Fool’s facebook event:

“On Saturday April 1st, 2017, thousands will unite at the National Mall in Washington D.C. to join in the Fire the Fool Declaration Rally.

This rally was founded to impart a satirical, symbolic, and powerful message of firing (impeaching) President Donald J. Trump, and to empower citizens all around the country to take power in their own political systems.

Fire the Fool will be held on April 1st (April Fools Day) on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. Sister Rallies will be held around the country and the world in solidarity with the main rally in D.C. (more…)

women's strike
via @womensmarch

“Dear PoPville,

I am wondering whether people are planning to participate in the strike on February 17 (another looks like it’s being planned as a follow up to the Women’s March but I think it’s not yet scheduled) and if they are, would they be interested in volunteer opportunities helping support groups that are being affected by the recent slew of executive orders? Such as refugees, the environment?”

About the General Strike planned for Feb. 17th:

“This grassroots movement is calling for a national general strike on February 17th, 2017 in defense of our nation’s constitution. Participants pledge to be non-violent. On the day of the strike, we will not go to work (unless absolutely necessary). We will not go to school (unless necessary). We will not spend any money (unless necessary). Instead, we will show dissent with unconstitutional governance through gatherings and activities to be organized at the local/personal level. Some communities are planning a day of service. Instead of work, strikers will dedicate their time to serving neighbors in need. Find your people. Make your plan. Spread the word…”

Photo by PoPville flickr user wolfpackWX

“Dear PoPville,

Wanted to let you/your readers know that Damien Kidd, who is running against Jason Chaffetz in the Republican primary, is seeking feedback from DC residents on Twitter – see below.”

Photo by PoPville flickr user Ben Crosbie

Rally for Refugees at DCA:

“Wednesday, Feb. 1st
Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport
6 PM – 8 PM

On Friday, President Trump signed an executive order closing the nation’s borders to refugees and citizens of 7 predominantly Muslim countries: Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Sudan, Yemen, and Somalia. As a result, refugees and visa-holding migrants have been detained at several airports, including JFK and SFO. The order has since been stayed, but the fight is far from over.

Join us for a rally at Reagan National Airport to demand the release of all those detained and to tell President Trump that we stand with refugees. We will not be afraid to call this what it is: Islamophobia. We will not look away and we will not be silent. If the administration wants to make airports places of oppression, we will make them places of resistance. All of them.

Speakers will include: (more…)