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From a press release:

“Today, President Barack Obama endorsed Democratic Councilmember Muriel Bowser in the November 4th general election for DC mayor:

“I am proud to endorse Democratic Councilmember Muriel Bowser in her mayoral election bid. She is a champion for working and middle-class families, and a passionate proponent of Washington, D.C.

“Muriel knows that every hardworking D.C. resident deserves the opportunity to get ahead. That’s why she has partnered with local small businesses to create jobs and fought to give the children of D.C. a fair shot by investing in our schools. As mayor, I know she’ll continue to bring people together to fight for fair wages, build on the economic progress we’ve made and ensure teachers and students have the resources they need for success from early childhood education through high school.

“As we continue our efforts to move our country’s economy forward, I know I’ll be able to count on Muriel to expand opportunity for all. That’s why I’m asking for you to vote for her in the general election this November.”

Councilmember Bowser responded: “I am extremely honored to receive President Obama’s endorsement. We share a progressive vision, believing that we only succeed when opportunity is available to everyone. If the residents of the District of Columbia elect me to be their next mayor on November 4th, I will emulate the President by bringing people together to find solutions to our toughest challenges.”


Another politics question for ya this week. Last month the Post’s Editorial Board wrote:

“With marijuana already decriminalized, there’s no reason for the District to rush the next step; why not at least give Colorado a bit more time to provide lessons?

D.C. voters should vote no on Initiative No. 71 on Nov. 4.”

How will you vote?

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“Dear PoPville,

Who are you voting for and why? I’d love to hear people’s thoughts on Muriel Bowser v. David Catania. I’ve found it really difficult to determine their ‘platforms,’ and what issues they’ll make priorities if elected.”

I’d add – what are the biggest issues for you in deciding who’ll you vote for?


“Dear Popville,

On Tuesday, you published a message from NADZ, a group that opposes an initiative by a group of resident in Lanier Heights to rezone the rowhouses there from an R-5-B designation to an R-4 designation. ANC1C has not yet taken a position on the initiative, and accordingly, we look forward to eventually hearing the views of the affected neighbors, whether for or against. We were disappointed, however, to see NADZ make a number of inaccurate representations concerning our process in the message that you published.

By way of correction, ANC1C did not hold a meeting on Wednesday night. Rather, our Planning, Zoning, and Transportation Committee held a meeting on Wednesday night. The Committee held its meeting on the thirdWednesday of the month at the Kalorama Recreation Center. which is the same night, and the same location, where the Committee has held nearly all of its meetings for many, many years. The location has nothing to do with the Kalorama Citizens Association. All of our Committees hold their meetings at this location because it is one of the few spaces in Adams Morgan that are owned by the District of Columbia government where our Committees can meet without having to pay a fee. And the inclusion of the item the Committee’s agenda was not for the purposes of having the ANC take a position on the matter. Rather, the Committee invited staff from the Office of Planning to explain to the community and to the Commission how a re-zoning proposal would be handled by the District government bodies that have responsibility for such matters, and what ANC1C’s role in such a process would be.

We hope that all Adams Morgan residents who are interested in the Lanier rezoning issue will participate fully in the process as it unfolds. We also hope that all parties will refrain from mis-characterizing ANC1C’s actions.

Billy Simpson
Chair, ANC1C”

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From a press release:

“Today, the District of Columbia Police Union endorsed David Catania for Mayor of the District of Columbia. The union represents approximately 3,600 police officers, detectives, and sergeants in the Metropolitan Police Department. It was founded in 1982 and is one of the city’s largest collective bargaining units. Catania welcomed the endorsement and spoke about the need to field the best trained and best equipped police department in the country.

“Last week, 21 people were shot in the District, including 6 people steps from where we are standing today,” said Catania. “I want our officers and our residents to know that, as Mayor, I will never neglect their safety. We can’t pretend that policing the District is the same as the suburbs.”

Residents of the Nation’s Capital live with elevated public safety and security risks, and they deserve the best police force in the country and Mayor who is capable of leading them, especially in a time of crisis. Catania noted the excellent work of the police department in recent years but said we must do a better job ensuring that our best officers do not leave the department. As Mayor, Catania will make it a priority to understand why great officers leave our police department and how we can stop it.

“If we lose an excellent officer to the suburbs because we don’t recognize the increased complexities of working in the District, then we have failed our residents,” said Catania. “I believe that recruiting, training, and maintaining an excellent police force decreases the possibility of mistrust between the police and the public.”


“Dear PoPville,

I shot this photo Sunday of Carol Schwartz driving a yellow Trans Am covered in her campaign posters, one of which — as you can see in the photo — was completely covering her rear license plate. She also sat in her car in a lane on 20th Street and Q where pulling over is not permitted. By doing so, she obstructed traffic on a busy day on in Dupont.”

Maybe not the most effective way to win over undecided voters…but I dig the ride :)

A lotta action on former Mayor and current Council Member Marion Barry’s twitter page starting around 9:45 and concluding around 10 this morning:

“It’s really sad that @HBO solicits two white men to write a story about my life, profit therefrom, and has not talked to me once.

@tomsherwood has made a career riding me, and now is working with @HBO & George Pelocanos to further exploit my life. Disgusted.

I’m appalled at HBO, @tomsherwood and Pelocanos. As for you Tom, please don’t ever call me again for anything.You’ve coopted my life enough.

You ought to be ashamed of yourself @tomsherwood. How does it feel to profit off of my life? Off of my service? My struggles?

Does it feel good @tomsherwood to write about my life, to profit from my life? Just because u are asked doesn’t not make it right. #Coopt

Just so u know @hbo, @tomsherwood, U don’t know the half of my life.But u don’t care u just want 2 exploit another man’s life 4 ur own gain

Really @Tomsherwood do think u even know me or my history to TRY to write about MY life? Typical. The lion always wants to tell the story.

Hide behind your contract with @hbo @tomsherwood. But u cannot hide from me your arrogance & exploitation & disrespect.

Some white people really do think they should tell the history of black experiences. Sad paternalists. We can speak for ourselves.”

Ed. Note: The Hollywood Reporter reports:

“HBO Films is developing an untitled television biopic centered on former Washington D.C. Mayor Marion Barry, whom [Eddie] Murphy would play should the project move forward.

Journalists Harry Jaffe and Tom Sherwood have been tapped to consult, along with The Nine Lives of Marion Barry filmmakers Dana Flor and Toby Oppenheimer. Jaffe and Sherwood penned a book published in 1994 entitled Dream City detailing politics in D.C.”

Washington CityPaper reports:

“Barry says he turned against the HBO project after having dinner with John Ridley, the Oscar-winning screenwriter of 12 Years a Slave who was attached to the project with Spike Lee as the director. Barry says he was unhappy with how Ridley planned to portray his arrest at the Vista Hotel for smoking crack.”

CityPaper also notes George Pelecanos will be on the screenwriting team.