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Thanks to Timmy for bringing this up in the rant/revel:

“Jason Chaffetz is the devil. He legitimately hates DC and wants to ruin it. We need to find a way to get this guy out of office before he destroys our city.”

The Post reports Drain the swamp? No, let’s just move it, Rep. Chaffetz suggests.

“Chaffetz, who chairs the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, proposed a resolution Wednesday that says Congress thinks it is unnecessary for federal agencies to be located in the District.”

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From CommonDreams:

“WHEN: Tuesday, February 28, 6pm-7:30pm
WHERE: Lafayette Park, Washington, D.C. (In front of the White House)

In advance of President Trump’s first address to Congress on Tuesday, February 28, major national advocacy groups and individuals resisting his harmful agenda are joining together to hold ‘A Resistance Address: Defending American Values in a Time of Moral Crisis’ — an address and rally outside the White House before Trump gives his address to a joint session of Congress. Organizations and individuals involved include Rosie O’Donnell, Food & Water Watch, ACLU, Civic Action, National Nurses United, Hip Hop Caucus, DailyKos, Our Revolution, and many others.”


And if you live near the Capitol here are the Street Closures from the US Capitol Police:

“The U.S. Capitol Building will be restricted to those with event credentials and authorized pedestrians only beginning at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, February 28, 2017, to include Members of Congress and spouses, invited dignitaries, USCP credentialed guests, and ticketed guests.

Beginning at 7 p.m., no vehicles will be allowed within the Capitol Grounds except for those displaying a current Congressional parking sticker with at least one occupant of the vehicle carrying a valid Congressional I.D., and/or a USCP special event placard and credential.

The following areas will be restricted to event credentialed and authorized pedestrians only beginning at 6 p.m.

• First Street between Constitution Ave., NW, and Independence Ave., SW
• Independence Ave. between Washington Ave., SW, and Second Street, SE
• First Street between Independence Ave., SE, and Constitution Ave., NE
• Constitution Ave. between Second Street, NE, and Louisiana Ave., NW

Street Closures

U.S. Capitol Police will put the following street closures into effect beginning at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, February 28. Access to the perimeter will be restricted to those bearing proper U.S. Capitol Police authorization and credentials. These restrictions will be lifted upon the conclusion of the event. (Please see the map above for reference.)

• Pennsylvania Ave., NW, from Third St., NW, to First Street, NW
• Constitution Ave. NW, from Louisiana Ave., NW, to Second Street, NE
• First Street, NW, from Louisiana Ave., NW, to Washington Ave., SW
• New Jersey Ave., NW, from Louisiana Ave., NW, to Constitution Ave., NW
• D Street, NE, from Second Street, NE, to Louisiana Ave., NE
• Delaware Ave., NE, from Columbus Circle, NE, to Constitution Ave., NE
• First Street, NE, from Columbus Circle, NE, to C Street, SW
• C Street, NE, from Second Street, NE, to Delaware Ave., NE
• Maryland Ave., NE, from Constitution Ave., NE, to First Street, NE
• Second Street, NE, from Constitution Ave., NE, to East Capitol Street, NE
• East Capitol Street from Second Street, NE, to First Street, NE
• Independence Ave., from Second Street, SE, to Washington Ave., SW
• C Street, SW, from Washington Ave., SW, to First Street, SE
• Delaware Ave., SW, from Washington Ave., SW, to C Street, SW
• South Capitol Street from D Street, SE, to Independence Ave., SE
• New Jersey Ave., SE, from D Street, SE, to Independence Ave., SE
• Maryland Ave., SW, from Third Street, SW, to First Street, SW”


Feel free to add other options in the comments – thanks!

From AAUW (American Association of University Women):

“February 28, 2017
Time: 8–10 p.m. ET (subject to change)
Location: AAUW headquarters, 1310 L St. NW, Washington, DC 20005

Cost: Free

Join AAUW staff and friends at our headquarters in Washington, D.C., for our official watch party for President Donald Trump’s first congressional address. We’ll be playing some friendly rounds of our famous #AAUWbingo to track Trump’s plans for women and girls, which means we’ll be marking what he says — and what he doesn’t say — when it comes to gender equity. Where better to watch and follow along than with fellow feminists? Be sure to register below, and tell your friends!


Cash bar
Prizes to bingo winners
Free feminist swag giveaways to the first 20 guests

Register here.”


Nice placement. Thanks to a reader for sending from the Dupont CVS. From the Fallada Project’s website:

“Each time you drop a card, you’ve made a local protest. Each time you mail a card, you’ve made a national protest.


In Berlin during World War II, a working class couple struggled with how to oppose Hitler. Knowing the risks, they ultimately decided to leave single postcards around the city, encouraging their fellow citizens to rise up and refuse to cooperate with the Nazis. Almost every card dropped was turned into the authorities – people were terrified to be caught with them. Two years into their project, the couple was discovered, arrested, and executed. Hans Fallada tells their true story in his classic work on resistance, “Every Man Dies Alone.” In prison awaiting their fate, the husband and wife had no regrets. They knew, in the face of great danger, they had done what they could.

This story is the inspiration for Fallada Project. (more…)

pain donald

BuzzFeed reports:

“On Friday, the administration for the first time included in its guidance a planned press gaggle that was supposed to be on camera. That was changed to off camera, with the White House not informing reporters that they would have to be put on a list. News organizations were put on a list of “interested parties” but then not allowed in. The New York Times, CNN, BuzzFeed News, Politico and the LA Times were not allowed in. Instead, a group that included handpicked reporters from conservative outlets were invited to chat with Spicer, including Breitbart, One America News Network and The Washington Times. Some national news outlets, like ABC, were also allowed to attend the briefing.”

good fight
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Ted writes about the protest last night:

“Community leaders, parents, kids, doctors, lawyers, assemble in front of the White House to protest the non-science based policy of segregating LGBTQ children in public schools based on the schools’ determination of their gender identity.”

Photo by PoPville flickr user Victoria Pickering

More photos. (more…)

via ACLU of DC

From Facebook:

The Trump administration announced a new attack on transgender students by stating that it will stop enforcing Title IX education protections, and it will rescind the Guidance released by the Obama administration last May.

Join NCTE and parents of transgender youth for a rally outside the White House to let the White House, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions know that they are #WrongOnIX!

The Trump administration needs to know that trans students, our families, and our allies will not stand for this callous attack on trans children.

Alternative actions for those outside the DMV area: (more…)

messed up

mccormick sends us:

“Looks like someone vandalized the Black Lives Matter sign at 16th and Columbia. Literally whitewashed the “black” out.”

We are DC and we know that Black Lives Matter despite petty vandalism. In spite of petty vandalism. In fact I’m glad this opportunity has risen to reaffirm the fact that Black Lives Matter and the movement is real and not going anywhere despite the fractures and hurdles that still must be overcome.

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From Many Languages One Voice (MLOV):

“Washington, D.C’s immigrant communities answer the call for “A Day Without Immigrants”, going on general strike to protest the President’s immigration policy and to demand that Mayor Bowser take concrete steps to expand and affirm D.C.’s standing as a Sanctuary City. A multicultural, multiethnic group immigrants, including members of Many Languages One Voice (MLOV) will march from the historic immigrant neighborhood Mount Pleasant to the White House.

What: A Day Without Immigrants in Washington, D.C.

Where: 3166 Mount Pleasant Street NW, Washington D.C 20010, marching to the White House down 14th Street

When: Thursday, February 16, 12pm

The march is organized by Many Languages One Voice (MLOV), which organizes with DC’s immigrant communities to demand their rightful place in the District. The group is marching with the following demands: