Ed. Note: Just after 8:45am DC Alerts emailed:

“DDOT reports protesters at 14th and D St, SW. 14th St is blocked in both directions at D. The 14th Street bridge is affected by the closure. Please use an alternate route to avoid delays.” and at 9am “DDOT reports the 14th St Bridge is now open. MPD reports protesters are on Independence Ave, SW and there will be rolling closures.”

From a press release:

“In the wake of the non-indictment of Darren Wilson the proliferation of protest actions around the D.C. Metropolitan area and the nation only underscore the need for actual solutions to the myriad of abuses perpetrated by police departments across the country.

On Monday November 24th hundreds, led by Howard University students, demonstrated from U St to the Supreme Court demanding justice. On Tuesday, in the first of three #DCFerguson actions, thousands shut down major downtown commercial areas and the entrance to 395. On Black Friday #DCFerguson joined with hundreds of others in front of the H St. NW Wal-Mart making the connection between low wage work and the criminal justice system. On Saturday #DCFerguson once again shutdown major shopping areas in Georgetown with hundreds of demonstrations. On Sunday an independent group of protestors conducted a die-in shutting down portions of I-395. (more…)


“Dear PoPville,

Can you please ask if people are having issues with leftover campaign posters and banners at their neighborhood polling stations. On 14th Street and Clifton Street in front of the Boys and Girls Club (which is used as a polling station) there must be 90 to 100 campaign signs stuck in the tree boxes along with banners and signs littering the street. I thought the City required campaigns to remove those things within a set amount of time but they are still there.”

and another reader asks:

“The scene by the Boys and Girls Club on 14th which was a voting station is completely littered with leaflets and loads of candidates’ signs. I understand the election was only Tuesday, but are these staffers going to come back and clean this mess up? Who’s responsible for the cleanup?”

Any other particularly bad areas?

DCBOEE says:

“A sign, advertisement, or poster related to a specific event may be affixed any time prior to the event but shall be removed no later than thirty (30) days following the event to which it is related.”


At 7:25 @DCPoliceDept tweeted:

“Traffic Advisory/Demonstrators (Lead) is walking SB on 12th St approaching Pennsylvania Ave NW/Expect rolling street closures.”

A reader sends (photo above) around 6:45pm:

“anonymous protest at 7th and H blocking all roads / traffic.”

Around 5:45 @k_knowles tweeted us (photo above):

“Protest on 15th b/n H and I – anonymous masks”



From a Press Release:

“The police murder of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri on August 9th has propelled the issue of police violence against the black community to new heights.

On November 1st and 2nd, the Black is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations (BIBC) will emphasize the largely unreported cases of Africans who have fallen victim to police violence and murder by police throughout the U.S.

Starting at noon at Malcolm X Park the rally will feature a broad range of speakers that will include former NY City Councilman Charles Barron, Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report, Pam Africa from the MOVE organization and Friends and Family of the imprisoned Mumia Abu Jamal and Omali Yeshitela, Chairman of the African Socialist International and the Coalition itself.

The rally will end at 3 p.m. when the protest march on the White House will begin, the 5th such march since the 2009 founding of the Coalition, which had as a major aim the exposure of the Obama presidency as hostile to world peace and the interests of black and oppressed peoples within the U.S. and throughout the world. (more…)

pain sculpture

“Dear PoPville,

We live in H Street, NE and this [Monday] afternoon, a woman campaigning for a DC Attorney General candidate knocked on our door. My wife was home but did not answer as she was nursing our 2-month-old. The campaign worker remained on our porch for a few minutes and sorted through some paperwork. Clearly oblivious to my wife sitting just inside the window, the woman then reached down, picked up our older son’s bag of sidewalk chalk, and nonchalantly placed it in her own bag. She then left and headed down the sidewalk towards the next house. My wife ran outside with the baby and demanded the chalk back, and the campaign worker silently returned it.

That an adult would steal a bag of sidewalk chalk is mind boggling to say the least. But to have it stolen by someone campaigning for the DC Attorney General is simply stunning. I do not share this as part of a political agenda, as up until this afternoon I had really not given any thought to this particular race [though I certainly have now].”