1916 14th Street, NW

“Dear PoPville,

Back in April, when it opened, I asked about the hours of the Trader Joe’s on 14th and T. It has opened at 9am rather than 8am. As someone who lives near by I like to hop into a grocery store on my way to work for fruit, lunch, etc. Walking to work today I notice that the Trader Joe’s looked open and the sign on the door had the 9 removed but no new time list.

Sure enough I just looked at the website and it lists the hours as 8AM – 10PM. I spoke with a staffer; he said they started opening at 8am on January 2nd.”

1426 Florida Ave Northwest

This rental is located at 1426 Florida Ave, Northwest. The listing says:

“Renovated English basement 1 bedroom apartment with all utilities included and Direct TV (Sports Package). This beautiful home features a renovated kitchen, fireplace, wood grain tile, and recessed lighting. Lots of light into this basement apartment through front, side and back windows. Just one block from the U St and 14th St Corridors. Only 5 mins from Metro, Trader Joes, and Yes Organic”

You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $1,850/Mo.


“Dear PoPville,

I’ve been reading all of the comments on your post regarding our ‘No Pets’ sign. I’ve tried to comment and let people know why this happened. Many people have basically called me a liar and ‘shady’ for blaming DC Code and say that DC allows pets on patios.

The facts: A customer took a picture of a dog on our patio and I assume turned us in. A person from the DOH paid us a visit and was very nice about it, but informed me that it was against health code. He had run out of signs, so he emailed them to me. I felt the signs were very harsh and unfriendly [see example above], so I made my own. Now that there is so much chatter and negative comments towards me and the bakery, I wanted to send the signs to you and thought maybe you could update your post with the sign….just so people know that it wasn’t just me. I’m very dog friendly and want to have them on the patio, but I don’t want to be shut down for Health Code violations.

I hope everyone can understand that I had no choice in this matter….unless I risk being fined or closed.

Jimmy Hopper
ThreeFifty Bakery”

1926 17th Street, NW

Photo by PoPville flickr user Jim Havard

“Dear PoPville,

My apartment building was affected by the power outage this morning. First time I’ve lost power in 10 years! I was shocked to find that there was no emergency lighting of any sort in the building – no lighted exit signs, absolutely pitch dark in the stairwells, fire alarm lights looked dead, etc. Basically, if you did not have a flash light (or a phone with a flash light), you could not possibly have exited the building. Did some searching online, and couldn’t find anything that would require emergency exit lighting for a large residential building in DC. How can that be?! Am I missing something?”

1013 V Street, NW

Thanks to all who sent emails/tweets about Sunday’s Washington Post story on the V Street pop up.

“The three-unit condo building, dubbed The Ava, has gone nearly 12 months without selling its middle unit and penthouse. Dropping the prices to just under $700,000 and $800,000, respectively, has yet to yield buyers. (The less-expensive bottom unit sold in August for $375,000.)”

1926 17th Street, NW

Three Fifty Bakery & Coffee Bar opened up at 17th and U St, NW back in early August. Just noticed this sign out front:


UPDATE from 350Bakery in the comments:

“Hello, I opened Three Fifty Bakery as a Pet Friendly bakery. Having two amazing dogs myself, I purchased water bowls and plan on baking dog treats soon. In November, a customer informed us that it is against DC Health Code to have dogs on our patio. This customer then went outside and took a picture of a dog on our patio. I started to investigate and was told by many people that it was allowed….so I continued to allow it. A few weeks ago, we were paid a visit by the DC Health Department and told that it is not allowed. They said the exterior patio is an extension of our interior. I even said I would take down the fence if that would change things, but was informed that it wouldn’t. As you can imagine, a small business’s worst fear is being shut down for a health violation. Please realize how upset and disheartened that I had to put signs up. If anyone knows anything that I can do to get approval to allow dogs, please let me know and I’ll try to do it.


1923 Vermont Avenue, NW (just south of U Street)

And here’s the final big news from Friday:

“Mayor Vincent C. Gray announced the selection of Roadside Development LLC and Sorg Architects to redevelop the historic Grimke School at 1923 Vermont Avenue NW and an adjacent District-owned parcel at 912 U Street NW.

“I am delighted that we have selected a team that will preserve the Grimke School as a historic anchor in the U Street/Shaw area while also creating a world-class home for the African-American Civil War Museum and a new arts-and-cultural center for the District,” said Mayor Gray. “This team’s vision for Grimke will further boost U Street’s vibrant cultural amenities.”

The Roadside-Sorg team will rehabilitate the historic school building, while transforming it into mix of uses which include a permanent home for the African-American Civil War Museum, space for a number of non-profit performing-arts organizations, and commercial office space. The remainder of the school lot will be developed into townhomes while the lot at 912 U Street will be developed into condominiums and ground-floor, neighborhood-serving retail space. Roadside/Sorg’s proposal includes a diverse mix of uses and will create approximately 125 jobs in the area. This will promote daytime use of the site, which will complement the already burgeoning food and entertainment district in the area. (more…)


@LikeAWholeThing tweets us:

“.@PoPville US Marshals outside New Town bar on Ust looks like it is being evicted”

Newtown Kitchen and Bar opened up in the in the former Tabaq space at 1336 U Street, NW back in Dec. 2013.

Another reader sends via email:

“I just walked down the 1900 block of I 1300 block of U street and it looks like maybe the Newtown restaurant and bar is being evicted (at least that’s where it looks like the action is). There are Marshalls with vests and guns, movers, and various others going in and out while the furniture is being brought out to the sidewalk.”