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From the office of Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton:

“Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) released the response she received from the United States Postal Service (USPS) to her April 28, 2022, letter about undelivered and delayed mail throughout the District of Columbia and her office’s difficulty in receiving timely responses from USPS. In its response, USPS apologized for the delays in responding to her office and said D.C. postal officials recently implemented new procedures to avoid future delays in responding, including a new platform to track congressional inquiries. The response also noted that USPS in D.C. recently made a push to substantially reduce the number of outstanding congressional cases, bringing them nearly current.

“I am pleased USPS responded to my letter on mail delivery issues and my office’s difficulties in getting responses to cases we opened on behalf of constituents,” Norton said. “When I sent the letter, my office had approximately 130 mail cases open, many of which had been open for nearly a year. We have been able to resolve and close nearly 75% of those, bringing the current total down to 26 open cases. I will be watching to ensure that USPS maintains this level of responsiveness.”

The USPS response letter follows. Read More


“Dear PoPville,

Interested to know if this is a weird fluke with my mail or a more general new problem with the local delivery system. I got this returned mail yesterday, but I’m pretty sure PEPCO puts the correct address on their payment slips, Read More


“Orange for scale”

Thanks to Amanda for sharing last week: “So I got a giant bundle of mail on my doorstep today. It has the mail for about a dozen of my neighbors and I’ve seen several similar packets around Mt. Pleasant. I guess check with your neighbors if you’re missing something?

For the record, I separated all of mine and then delivered it at my neighbors houses”


Elise writes:

“Any DC folks out there whose tax documents have gone missing in the mail? Two different tax docs came for me while I was on work travel but neither is in the pile of mail neighbors brought in for me. Feeling pretty stressed out about compromised info.

PSA for anyone else worried about fraud after tax docs went missing:

Just got off the phone with someone at SSA who instructed me to file a report w/ the Office of the Inspector General. Call 1-800-269-0271 10a to 4p M-F or file online here.”

In other fraud tips “Important information if you received unemployment tax forms but didn’t file for unemployment benefits”:

“Call DOES at 877-FRAUD-60 if you received a 1099-G Tax Form and did not file for unemployment benefits. DOES will flag the potentially fraudulent unemployment claim for investigation and will directly notify the IRS of any necessary changes to the tax form.”


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