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15th and P Street, NW

Yesterday we learned that a Planta was confirmed coming to the West End. Now a reader sends some scuttlebutt that:

“apparently they are putting in a Planta in the former Phillips on P/15. Menu seems pretty good.”

Phillips Seafood and Street Carts opened here (15th and P) in June 2019 and closed in November 2020. Tortilla Coast closed here back in 2017. Prior to Tortilla Coast this prime space was home to McCormick Paints.

Stay tuned.


1836 18th Street, NW

Ed. Note: As for the posters in the window, likely just some rogue advertising.

Update from owner Eric Heidenberger: “Name will be Vagabond and aiming for a Summer 2022 open. More details to come. The posters, however, were not us, and will be coming down shortly. Someone having a little Friday fun with their new neighbor?”

“Dear PoPville,

I walked past the old Rebellion location and saw a new door had been installed, heard construction noises inside, and there was a truck parked out front that specializes in installing tap systems. Any idea who might be moving in?”

When we posted about some movement seen here some sleuths found a potential name – The Voyager and Read More


1350 Connecticut Avenue, NW

Thanks to Ishaba and others who send word that the Philz in Dupont is closing on Apr 30th. One reader wrote:

“Philz in Dupont says they’re closing at the end of the month. DM’d them on Instagram and they said it was “purely a financial decision.” Wonder what the deal is since it’s always pretty packed and popular.”

Philz opened here to much excitement back in 2018. Prior to them this was the home to a Cosi that closed back in 2014. Updates when we learn more.


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