Washington, DC

14th and Park Road, NW

A reader reported at 6:15pm last night: “just went to Z Burger at 14th and Park in Columbia Heights and they said they were closed and the staff was packing up a bunch of stuff. Any rumors if they’re closing?” Ed. Note: Their listed hours are from 11am until 10pm. A call to the store this morning at 11am rang repeatedly but there was no answer or voicemail.

Anyone hear anything? Z Burger opened here back in 2013. (RIP Nori Sushi, Mayorga Lounge.) Updates if/when there is something to this.


3819 14th St, NW via Redfin

“Dear PoPville,

Someone posted this Redfin listing to a new condo noting that the “Lower Level Commercial Space will be a 2nd Location for a Boutique Coffee Shop from Georgetown”.

After some calling around, one of my neighbors was able to confirm that it will be Grace Street Coffee opening a second location.

I guess they are doing their coffee roasting there for the first few months and then opening up a store front ~6 months from now.”



14th and Randolph Street, NW

“Dear PoPville,

Talked to the owner of the 14th st Mini Mart at 14th and Randolph. He also owns the vacant Chinese place next store. The Chinese place has been totally gutted and he said he plans on opening an Ethiopian cafe with coffee in the next three months. The space between the mini mart and the Randolph Tower parking lot will be a patio. Hopefully his timeline is right. Would be a really exciting addition to the neighborhood.”


11th and Rhode Island Ave, NW

Thanks to a tipster for sharing:

“Scuttlebutt: Liquor store on corner moving to 7th St. NW b/c rent is too high (14K). Last day is July 31st. Owner apparently looking to bring a coffee shop in.”


Ed. Note: One of my favorite headlines from back in 2011 Liquor Store at 11th and Rhode Island Ave, NW Becoming a Liquor Store.


1200 New Hampshire Ave, NW courtesy Meiwah

Yesterday we learned that Meiwah would be closing May 14 after 20 years at 1200 New Hampshire Ave, NW at M Street.

Well it’s not a lot, and again, it falls outside of my traditional chain of scuttlebutt, but, like Meridian Pint, it’s Meiwah!! And it’s something, so here goes – Jason reports:

“I talked with a Meiwah staffer today and apparently the joint’s *moving* to a venue somewhere downtown.”

I have no idea what percentage to allot this, so I’ll just say – fingers crossed and stay tuned!!


11th and Park Road, NW

I don’t have a lot to go on but what what the hell, the dragon must be fed. I’m gonna give this a 71% accuracy rating from the get go because the chain of scuttlebutt is a little looser than what I normally post. Nevertheless, because obviously this location is of major import – let me unburden myself of the morsel I’ve acquired with no further delay. Read More


1833 14th Street, NW

Not a lot to go on but before I get scooped by someone else – I hear Bar Pilar may be for sale and based on the silence from my queries it seems very likely that it either has or is close to happening. Updates when we learn more.

Ed. Note: Bar Pilar is a neighborhood gem and I hope, if this is true, it doesn’t change too drastically.


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