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1st and D Street, SE via Tortilla Coast


Oh my goodness. I too tried to call but the phone just rang without being picked up at 7:30pm anyway.

Tortilla Coast is, of course, “A Tex-Mex tradition on Capitol Hill since 1988”

Tortilla Coast closed their Logan Circle location at 15th and P St, NW back in 2017.

Updates when more is known.


1831 14th Street, NW via Immortal Beloved

Update: Kim hears, “The owner is making it a barber shop. All the barbers who worked downstairs will now be working upstairs from what I’ve heard

Update: Kim hears, “They’re making the entire space Hell’s Bottom, the barbershop. No more women’s hair.

Thanks to C and JC for sending word:

“Per stylists who work there, Immortal Beloved on 14th street is closing permanently. I remember still going to them when they were on Church Street a decade ago. What a loss.”

Ed. Note: I emailed Immortal Beloved this morning to try to get more info on timing but have not heard back yet. One email from a stylist was forwarded to me which starts:

“Dear Clients,
Unfortunately Immortal Beloved D.C. is closing permanently.”

Updates as more is known.


1422 L Street, NW

Updates as more is known.

Update from The Post’s Tim Carman tweet:

“Hold those Post Pub eulogies for now. I just spoke with owner Bob Beaulieu, who said closure is not “100 percent for sure, but it’s not looking good.” He still has meetings planned with the landlord and others. More as I know it.”

The Post Pub wrote May 28th:

“Dear Friends of the Post Pub,

As you know, the COVID-related shutdown has been devastating to the hospitality industry, especially bars and restaurants. Mom and Pop businesses like the Post Pub are particularly hard hit. While a final decision about the future of the Post Pub has not yet been made, it does not look good. The economics of just outdoor seating or limited capacity don’t work when coupled with the high operations costs of a D.C. establishment.

For almost 44 years, the Pub has been honored to be a part of your day, evening, Happy Hour, or weekend. We’ve enjoyed being a place where people from every walk of life feel comfortable. We can’t thank you enough for your support over the years. As soon as a final decision has been made on the future of the Post Pub, we will update this page and the local media. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts. #LongLivePostPub”

Thanks to Ben for sending:

“Getting the sad news from sources on staff that Post Pub will not be reopening. One of my favorite dives in DC along with several of my friends. Sad day and end of an era. Management told staff this morning apparently.”

I called the Pub and the phone just kept ringing without being picked up or going to voicemail. The Post Pub’s last Facebook post was March 16th and says: “Folks, the Post Pub has been in business for over 43 years. This shut down is tough. Please consider buying carry out food from us between 11am and 5pm beginning Tuesday 3/17.”

I asked Ben if they were still doing take out and he replied: “Don’t think they even did takeout. I called for takeout several times myself and they never answered”

Their website is still live and says:

“The building that houses the Post Pub was built in the late 1860s. At that time, it was a tailor shop owned by an influential German immigrant named Frederick W. Imhof. Mr. Imhof, who died in 1916, was also a prominent member of the Concordia Lutheran Church at 20th and G Streets, N.W.

During the Great Depression, the building at 1422 L Street sat vacant. Read More


1350 Connecticut Avenue, NW

Update: thanks to Ian for sending the photo above confirming Panera Dupont has permanently closed.

A reader reports:

“I am (was) an employee at the Dupont Circle Panera. The one right across from Krispy Kreme! I just got a call from my manager that the store can’t survive any longer, and it will be shutting down. I didn’t receive an exact date as to when operations will be 100% offline. Up until this point they’ve been working with a skeleton crew of a manager and one single employee.”

And thanks to Denis for sending something to keep an eye on from the Wall Street Journal:

“The U.S. division of bakery chain Le Pain Quotidien filed for bankruptcy protection as pandemic restrictions continue to wreak havoc on fast-casual dining chains.”


1780 Columbia Road, NW

Update from The Line DC’s manager:

“I would like to assure everyone that we are working on plans to reopen The LINE DC. We have been working diligently to develop the new protocols to look after the well being of our Employees & Guests when we open. Our sister hotel The LINE Austin will reopen May 21st as Texas has lifted the state’s stay at home order, and there are plans for The LINE DC to follow. We are respecting the DC Mayor ‘s orders and directions.
Also, I would like to assure our Neighbors that the Hotel Operation has always been compliant, and has exceeded the 51/51 hiring commitment, as certified by DOES. We have over 100 employees that live in Ward 1 (including myself) that we very much want to see back at work.
Thank you for your concern and for your support, it is most appreciated by all of us that are part of The LINE DC.

Ed. Note: The Line opened up after much anticipation and not without controversy in 2017. The Line DC is also home to restaurants, A Rake’s Progress, Brothers And Sisters and Spoken English.

If true this would be devastating on many levels. We will be keeping a very close eye on this, for once I’m very much hoping a previously accurate tipster is wrong.

A tipster writes: “word on the street is The Line is completely closing for good.”

The Line DC’s website still says: “In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, all LINE Hotels are closed to the public including hotel rooms and all restaurants and bars.

Please check back here or on Instagram at @thelinehotel for re-opening updates and other information as things evolve.” Read More


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