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via 2fiftytexasbbq IG

Thanks to Ally for passing on from 2fiftytexasbbq “This is exciting! Great bbq!”

2Fifty writes:

“Word is out! | We’re thrilled to confirm that we’ve been working with @UnionMarketDC to bring our Central Texas Style BBQ experience to D.C.

Since everything we do is handcrafted, it’s been quite a challenge to think about the best way we can bring the best of our smokehouse to the renowned food hall. With the newly added 1000 gallons direct flow smoker from Primitive Pits we can now wood-smoke more meat than ever while keeping our unplugged, no shortcuts barbecue style.

We’re introducing @2fiftys, a simplified version of our flagship restaurant. Our Central Texas Barbecue, wood smoked & handcrafted daily, will be cut and served to order at the Market
.” Read More


Florida and North Capitol Street, NE

“Dear PoPville,

Know anything about this? One of my neighbors sent a photo of this sign going up at Florida and North Cap (old NY Pizza place that’s had chainlink fencing around the lot got a while). Looks like Aunteaboba’s Instagram talks about a “DC location coming soon,” but wondering if there’s any other scuttlebutt?” Read More


2471 18th Street, NW

Last week we learned that “Smoke and Barrel is desperately trying to cling to life.” Today they share on their Facebook:

“To our supporters, staff, family and greater DC,

2020 has truly been a year like no other. Since this pandemic took hold of life as we know it, all of us here at Smoke & Barrel have fought to continue serving great BBQ to our community as well as doing everything possible to preserve our livelihood. We are truly grateful for all the support we have received from you all and it has definitely helped keep us in the fight up to this point. Sadly, we have come to the realization that with the pandemic back on the rise and such limitations on dine-in service and our need to survive almost purely on carry-out and delivery, we cannot survive the winter with our existing format. Therefore, we have made the painful decision not to re-open after the the Thanksgiving break but instead work towards finding a more functional and financially viable way to move forward.

I want to personally thank all our staff for risking their health by coming in week after week during such challenging times all in an effort to keep Smoke & Barrel alive. Without them we could not have made it this long. I truly appreciate everything they have done and I hope we can all come back together in the near future as we work to find a way to navigate such uncertain times. Thank you.

-John Andrade, principal”


2471 18th Street, NW

Robert writes: “It looks like the Smoke and Barrel is desperately trying to cling to life.

They’ve got great BBQ and they’re really nice there, so if there was ever a time to share the love it’d be now.”

“We are open
seven days a week.

5pm – 10pm

Their website says:

“Smoke & Barrel is a neighborhood gathering spot and BBQ joint, or at least it was before Covid took over all our lives. While we continue to serve delicious BBQ for carry-out and delivery, our dine-in business, like so many other neighborhood restaurants, has all but disappeared…understandably.

As the principal owner of Smoke & Barrel, I am reaching out to you all with a plea for your continued support. We do not have the ability to have any kind of reasonable patio space so we rely entirely on our carry-out and delivery but we are on the verge of suffering the same fate as many of our restaurant peers who have recently closed permanently. Read More


From SEOULSPICE (NoMa at 145 N Street, NW; Tenleytown at 4600 Wisconsin Ave, NW):

“SEOULSPICE, the healthy Korean comfort food concept with locations in NOMA, Tenleytown and College Park, Maryland, has transformed two of its popular fast-casual restaurants into Korean BBQ concepts. Beginning Wednesday, November 11, fans of the NOMA and Tenleytown locations will be able to enjoy a never-ending supply of high-quality, dry-aged beef, served tableside with an ample selection of Korean banchan (sides) and scratch-made sauces. Guests who visit the new Korean BBQ concept can also look forward to a 25% discount for the month of November, followed by a 10% discount for the month of December. The full price menu will launch on January 1, 2021. This special savings only applies to the cuisine (beverages pricing excluded from the discount) during the preview period and is available exclusively at the NOMA and Tenleytown locations. Read More


5830 Georgia Ave, NW

Ed. Note: The BBQ Bus Smokehouse opened here back in 2017.

From the BBQ Bus:


A couple of years ago someone asked what I did for work.

“I ring up customers at the register.”

I was being somewhat glib. Small business owners have boundary issues and find ourselves doing everything. Big to small. Most important to least. Whenever possible at the least convenient times.

I was, however, scheduled to work the register that day.

The inquirer stared. She pressed:

“What do you really do?”

I blanked out. I stared back. Then I blurted: “I gather and nourish.”

She paused.

“What does that mean?”

“Food’s job is to gather people for sharing. I facilitate that. And when I was small and my Dad said grace, he asked God that the food we eat nourish not just our bodies but our souls. So I help with that too.”

I don’t know where those words came from. At the time BBQ Bus was 7 year old, but it was the first time I understood what it was that I really did for a living.

There have always been challenges living this call to service; from when we were aspiring-but-broke entrepreneurs, to our early years navigating regulations, to growing and learning how to operationalize.

But today feels different. Read More


1320 14th Street, NW

From a press release:

“The Pig, longtime Logan Circle restaurant from EatWellDC, has reopened after a 3-month Covid hiatus as a reinvented version of its former self, according to principal David Winer. Its new menu, created by Executive Chef Shabier Bahramy, turns its “Nose to Tail” higher end focus into a moderately priced BBQ concept. “Recognizing a need in the market for affordable, great BBQ, we decided to jump in with both feet.” says Winer. Read More


From a press release:

“Gogi Yogi, from the team behind Duke’s Grocery and Duke’s Counter, will be the first Korean restaurant in Washington where food is cooked on an open-air grill embedded in each dining table. The new restaurant and bar opens later this week at 1921 8th Street NW.

The menu begins with an assortment of shared appetizers from the kitchen, then focuses on meats, poultry, pork and seafood to be grilled at the tables. Special attention is paid to Banchan, the assortment of Korean appetizers served with the meal. The bar program features 12 varieties of Soju and Korean-inspired cocktails, alongside both Korean and local beers. “We have some great options to enjoy and the menu, just like at Duke’s, is going to always evolve. Beyond staples like Bulgogi and Galbi, there is a lot more of Korean fare to explore,” said Daniel Kramer, Managing Partner. Read More


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