Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user angela n.

“Dear PoPville,

I live near Sherwood Recreation Center park in Ward Six by the H Street Corridor, which was shuttered a few days ago by the city. A small group of parents and children have started congregating in a parking lot adjacent to the park. While most adults (not all!) are keeping a distance of six feet from each other, children from different households continue to play together. So, germs continue jumping from household to household, defeating the purpose of closing the park to enforce social distancing measures. I am sure this scene is playing out in shuttered parks across the city. Read More


Virtual Cocktails photo by PoPville Flickr user Tim Brown

“Dear PoPville,

I had 2 different couples invite me into their homes over the weekend. The first wanted our dogs to get out some energy while we worked inside and the second wanted to feed me brunch on Sunday. While it was nice to have friends thinking of me and wanting to spend time with me (I’m single so distancing can get lonely), this is exactly what we SHOULDN’T do while social distancing! Read More


Thanks to Brian for sharing with us:

“PSA: STAY HOME. People were out and about Washington, DC for the cherry blossom festival despite warnings to stay home to stop the spread of COVID-19. So I decided I would drive around with giant speakers on the roof of my car to tell people to create a public service announcement to stay home, stay safe, and practice social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic.”

Helps explain the decision to involve The Guard a bit more.


Dan Silverman: Citizen of the District of Columbia.

Update from ABRA:

“ABC-licensed establishments are required to take reasonable steps to ascertain whether a person they sell, serve, or deliver an alcoholic beverage is of legal drinking age. DC law does not prohibit a minor from sitting with an adult person within an establishment.

From Lawyer Andrew Kline: “No law against it, but operator has right to exclude those not of age.”

“Dear PoPville,

On Saturday, we were kicked out of a restaurant in Chinatown after the manager prevented us from sitting at the bar, arguing that our 4 months old baby is under the age allowed to drink!! After we agreed to sit in the restaurant side instead, and walked towards the restaurant bar, he said that we cannot sit with a baby in a bar, only at the tables which were 3 feet away. When we argued that it is absurd, he kicked us out. Shame on them.”

[Scene: I’m just finishing up breakfast number two, laughing maniacally as I type.]

So babies in the bar – what do you think about them?

[Full disclosure] Even in jest, no way I’m looking at these comments and I’ll be muting all the @PoPville social media responses too so have fun but you guys are your own! I’ll be back for the dog poop in the bike lane discussion later this afternoon. I’m off to lunch number one.


Thanks to Stephanie for passing on:

“A little PSA – just had a phishing scam. Someone “from Pepco” calling to reduce my bills by 30%, they just needed me to provide my Residential-R service number. Got off the phone and called Pepco to ask about it. Supposedly with that number they can hijack your account.”


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