Washington, DC

809 Upshur Street, NW in 2017

From an email:

“Long story short, a developer is threatening to block our only means of egress from the back of our building. Timber does not have access to the alley, so all deliveries, trash, and most importantly our fire escape all come from the back and then use this side sidewalk. The developer was not interested in coming up with an amicable solution, and instead told us to build a stairway over the top of the building.

This sidewalk has been there for decades and has always been used as a means of egress. I was hoping someone might have some good insight on how to stop this, so we can continue to operate safely and effectively!” Read More


1143 New Hampshire Ave, NW

Thanks to Annie for reporting: “Mercy Me DC is officially open in West End. It’s inside the newly renovated version of the Wink hotel (Yours Truly). Seems like they’re doing a modified menu for now but they’re serving up Call Your Mother bagels, pastries etc and pizza starting at lunch. Can confirm it’s delicious!” Read More


3420 Connecticut Ave, NW via Tino’s Pizzeria

Thanks to Hayley for passing on from Tino’s Pizzeria in Cleveland Park:

“Who’s been missing the Movies??? We’ve got exciting news! We will be hosting our first ever MOVIE NIGHT ON THE PATIO this week on Wednesday and on Friday! The featured movie will be “What About Bob” — a summer classic! Movie starts at 8:30-get there early to grab the best spot!” Read More


1348 H Street, NE

Thanks to J. and G. for sending word about Red Rocks H Street location closing: “Per an Employee of Red Rocks, H Street location is already permanently closed.”

The location for H Street on their website has been taken down and the Red Rocks H Street specific website appears to now be a Turkish gambling forum, I’m not sure as my Portuguese is a bit rusty. Red Rocks opened their H Street location in August of 2013.


1610 14th Street, NW

Oh lord, this follows the news of Peregrine’s upcoming closure a block away.

Update: Another reader reports: “I called and spoke to Wesley at Aqua al 2 (their sister restaurant on Barracks Row) and he confirmed that both Ghibellina and Sotto have closed in their current location. He said they may reopen at a different location in the future, but as of now they are closed.”

A reader reports: “Happening right now (8:00 am, Tuesday). Things Being moved out of Ghibellina. One mover said “they’re closed”. “Another said we are moving everything out.” One of my favorite restaurants.” Read More


3715 Macomb Street, NW just off Wisconsin Ave

From an email:

“2Amys has come to a difficult decision: barring some kind of miracle, we plan to remain open for carry-out only for the rest of 2020.

We have spent much time trying to figure out how to stay safe in our kitchen while also being able to cook for our customers. After attending numerous Zoom conferences and reading up on various best practices, we have decided this is the safest and best way forward for us. Read More


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