Washington, DC

Thanks to Eileen for sending from “15th and Fuller streets NW close to Meridian Hill Park. Each few days there’s one more sign. It started with just the black and white one. Seems like there’s a movement growing in this building.”


Thanks to a Madleine for sending from the Argyle Deli (3220 17th Street, NW) in Mount Pleasant:

“Argyle Deli in Mt. Pleasant offering Covid 19 Combo: Any sandwich and TP pack for $1 extra. (Kudos to argyle for making TP cheap and also limiting each customer to one pack to limit hoarding!)”


At first I just liked the contrast of the photo but since I’m seeing so many CBD stores popping up I thought it could make for an interesting chat. So does anyone use CBD? If so, how often do you take it? What do you use it for? In what form do you take it?


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