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This is my take on Amanda Kolson Hurley’s fun question on twitter:

So let’s do the PoPville version which is of course which neighborhoods do you daydream about moving to? In addition to my list above, I’d add Bloomingdale as well. I can’t believe I forgot Bloomingdale (and I only left off Petworth because I’ve already lived there.) Anyway, what neighborhoods would you pick? And of course if you want to answer Amanda’s original question – go for it!

Ed. Note: We had a similar discussion about 4 years ago. It’ll be interesting to see how our answers have changed or won’t change since that time.

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Thanks, I think, to Neal for sending:

“Saw this scene the other day when Macron was arriving in DC. Please note the majestic pigeon soaring high above.”

If you spot a hawk or any interesting wildlife around town, lunching or otherwise, and get a good photo please send in an email where you spotted it to [email protected] and I’ll add it to the queue. Hawks around Town is made possible by a generous grant from the Ben and Sylvia Gardner foundation.

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1648 North Capitol Street NW courtesy of the beautiful people behind The Pub & The People.

Just look at these beautiful people!! Party starts at 5pm!

“Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY! April 29th is The Pub & The People‘s Third Birthday and everyone’s invited! We’ll have cheap beer deals, great food, good times and a few surprises…please let us thank you in person for making this a great third year!

Brittany, Jeremy, Murph & Nick”

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Thanks to Erik for sending:

“I just wanted to send an update about some lesser known, but super important updates here in SW. They have finally redone the curb on L’Enfant Plaza road, making a gradient instead of that 8″ curb. So it’s now much better for bike access to the pedestrian bridge connecting L’Enfant to Potomac Island (and it is now ADA accessible!). Also, they are painting green bike lanes, added stairs from Banneker Park to the Wharf, and now have the sidewalks done to the intersection at Maine and 9th St SW.”

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Photo by PoPville flickr user angela n.

Right? Right. Anyway, I had my sources deep in the Capitol Hill listserves do some digging and they found from Moms on the Hill (MOTH):

“We seem to have a mentally unstable man in our neighborhood who is defecating and leaving dead rats near his dumps. He seems to be doing this for show too – like where people will see. He has been seen defecating in the west alley, on Elliott St NE on a Saturday at noon (behind the firehouse apartments). He sometimes leaves rats (perfectly laid out) near his poop. (more…)

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If you have any animal/pet photos you’d like to share please send an email to princeofpetworth(at)gmail(dot)com with ‘Animal Fix’ in the title and say the name of your pet and your neighborhood.  If you love the animal fix and want to ensure PoPville’s long term viability please consider donating to our Patreon page here. Every little bit helps.

“Leo of Dupont Circle, giving his famous side eye. Shout-out to City Dogs for bringing us together!”

@MoonytheDorgi in Shaw


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Photo by PoPville flickr user Erin

“Dear PoPville,

I have a question/issue regarding rent checks that I’m hoping others can weigh in on – either with any action we can take or with how they may have handled a similar issue.

My boyfriend and I have lived in a small apartment building in NW for going on four years now. It’s a good location for us and has what we need with no-frills which is totally fine with us.

Our issue over the last year and a half has been our landlord. Our building is owned by a small rental company/individual who still uses a dropoff/pickup method of paying rent by physical check every month. The problem is that our landlord will pick up the rent checks by the 5th of each month and then not cash them for sometimes (conservatively) 3-4 weeks at a time. We’ve gotten used to that quirk but what happened this month, and is not the first time, is the landlord cashed both the rent checks for two consecutive months on the same day. The first check was written over seven weeks ago, and the second one over three.

Is there any recourse for us to try and stop our landlord from doing this or is the company allowed to hold onto checks for that long, indefinitely, etc? (more…)

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This rental is located at 3614 Connecticut Ave, NW. The Craigslist ad says:

“$1399 ONE MONTH FREE Updated Studio Walk in Closet ~ The Arcadia



This is home….amazing natural light with recently upgraded cabinets and natural wood floors. Original art deco soaking tub. Accommodated with a mini dishwasher and stove. (more…)

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18th and Church St, NW before construction started

Ed. Note: CityPaper reported that the building’s ground floor footprint exceeds the 80% maximum lot occupancy and “The issue will now go back to the Board of Zoning Adjustment for further consideration.”

A reader passes on from St. Thomas’ Parish:

“Dear neighbors,

As you may have noticed the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) has issued a stop work order (SWO) for 1772 Church Street as a result of the decision from the DC Supreme Court, which sent the decision back to the zoning the Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA). Our hope is to resolve this matter as quickly as possible and resume work. There is a great deal of construction fatigue in this area and I suspect we all would all want this project to resume and be completed as soon as possible. I don’t know anyone who wants a semi-built building in the neighborhood.

Vacated And Remanded decision from the DC Supreme Court (PDF)

In the mean time, you may notice workers on site performing certain tasks to ensure the site is safe, delivery of materials, and people performing administrative tasks. All of this is permissible under a SWO. DCRA officials have been on site this morning and clarified this issue. Below is an email from Garret Whitescarver (DCRA) which authorizes us to perform tasks to ensure the safety of the building and the public safety of this neighborhood. (more…)


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