Washington, DC

Photo via @NASA

Thanks to a reader for passing on from NASA:

“Let your friends and neighbors know, because Space Station passes don’t get much better than this. Go outside at 7:03pm and you’re sure to see it- with a pass this high you don’t even need to worry about what direction you’re facing (90 degrees is directly overhead- 80 degrees is nearly indistinguishable).”


Thanks to David for sending: “I know your great garden haul is done for the year, but you’ve got to give props for those who grow exotic fruits in the area whose fruit ripens very late (or in the case of the bananas, probably not at all). Here you see an Asian prickly citrus from 10th and N; passion fruit from 11th and N; bananas at 10th and Blagden Alley and pomegranates also at 11th and N.” Read More


Thanks to Lisa for sharing this much needed happiness:

“I was out with friends on a Potomac Paddle Club sunset cruise on Tues night… and around 8pm, we spied this “Marry Me” pop-up on the Watergate Steps in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

In a matter of minutes, a group of people had created a pathway with red carpet, heart balloons, and two different light boxes: one said “Marry” and the other said “Me”. Read More


UPDATE: “The artist is instagram user @perfectionisht and the project is his quarantine coping strategy.”

“Dear PoPville,

About 2 months ago I was walking in Cleveland Park and I found a miniature polymer clay version of “The Scream” tucked into an empty apartment promotional box. I found it delightful. Cut to ~3wks ago when I was telling this patient about my funny little find and asked “oh, you mean the one in Rock Creek?” And my brain exploded. So far I’ve physically found two but I have confirmation of 2 more around Tregaron and Klingle Valley. Read More


Well this is awesome. Got this email from the Humane Rescue Alliance yesterday:

“We saw your missed connections post about the dog, Nick, and we tracked down the adopters.”

Now, because it took me three times to pass blogging school – it will not be a surprise that I messed up. I deleted the original email and need OP to email me again so I can connect you with the adopters!!

In the meantime check out this update from the adopters – and thanks again to the Humane Rescue Alliance for making the connection: Read More


“Washington, D.C., circa 1930. “Rowhouses in Petworth.” 8×10 inch acetate negative by Theodor Horydczak.” via Shorpy

Well this is awesome. Thanks to Annette for sending. Check out the Hi-Res version here.

Quite the contrast from the ones we got from 1893:

More photos from the late 1800s here.

And of course quite the contrast from today (incredible sunset/rain photo from last night): Read More


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