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From a press release:

“Americans across the country want to help federal workers furloughed or working without pay due to the government shutdown. Taking a pay it forward approach, PayItFurloughed.com provides a unique opportunity for concerned citizens to offer their assistance – one beer at a time.

It couldn’t be simpler. Donors log on to PayItFurloughed.com and choose how many beers they would like to add to the fund: 1, 2, or 6 at $7.50 per beer.

Scoring the beers is equally simple. (more…)

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It’s gonna be so great when he wins the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize. (more…)

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Thanks to Danny for sending. And the video is even better:

Should you spot a quiet act of heroism biking or not please send an email with a brief description and the neighborhood where it was witnessed to [email protected]

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1831 Columbia Road, NW

[* if not looking for delicious $2 rice balls.]

OK my friends, we’ve hit mid-December. And mid-December means approximately 1000 ‘best of 2018’ posts. I’m going to take some editorial license and proclaim So’s Your Mom the best thing of 2018. Sure they had a hiccup in 2016. They were still the best then. And many years before that. (more…)

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Of course some jackwagon tagged it but still!!

“Dear PoPville,

Good thing from this weekend: I finally got my Little Free Record Library up and running. It’s been getting a lot of use.

Bad thing from this weekend: Somebody decided to let me know they were there. Anybody recognize this tag?

– Josh in Mount Pleasant.”

Ed. Note: I was thought this was awesome so I asked Josh a couple questions which he responded to: (more…)

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Thanks to Rachel for sending:

“Out with the old and in with the new.

Taking last year’s Christmas tree out and replacing it with this year’s.”

I obviously has to find out more info.

“It was quite an ordeal to get all the lights and ornaments off of it because the branches were literally breaking off, so this year the plan is to take it down before the first day of spring.”

And a little more.

“Well originally it was going to be just our Christmas tree, then it turned into a “winter tree” with the plan to take it down in like March, but the tree still looked so nice and green that we just decided to keep it up. It started to look a little rough by the time summer came around, but things got busy and we just kinda forgot that it was there. Not sure how you start to not notice a tree in your tiny 800 sq ft. apartment, but apparently it happens haha”

And the icing.

“This is also the second time my boyfriend has kept a (real) Christmas tree up for an entire year. Definitely going to be the last time though (fingers crossed!)”

A new bar has been set. I don’t believe this can be topped. Well done Rachel and boyfriend – well done indeed!!


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