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Last month I heard the famed singing man of Mount Pleasant (though I was in Van Ness at the time, I also heard him a couple weeks ago in Mount Pleasant, where I took the photo above.) After hearing him in Van Ness it brought me great joy so I tweeted:

Lisa was kind enough to reply with more info she had previously shared on the Adams Morgan listserv:

“Hola a todos,

My name is Lisa, and this is my first post since joining the online community. There was some recent discussion about a loudly singing man who has provoked an understandable reaction of intimidation, distress, and concern among some of his neighbors.

I just encountered this man for the first time since I moved to Adams Morgan a few months ago. He was indeed singing extremely loudly. I recalled our collective exchange and some specific questions about his mental health and safety. I approached him in that spirit, as well as to be neighborly.

When I did, he immediately stopped singing and we talked for about 15 minutes. Two relevant facts are 1) our conversation was entirely in Spanish, which I speak at a B-minus level, and 2) I’m a clinical psychologist who has some expertise in quickly assessing danger to self and others.

The gist of that exchange that I’d like to humbly share: Read More


Thanks to all who messaged us. Fingers crossed for a 3pm restoration. You can view the pepco power outage map here.

Update from Alert DC:

“PEPCO reports the power outage has spread to the following neighbor hoods in addition to Lanier Heights: Mount Pleasant, Park View, Columbia Heights, Adams Morgan, Cardoza, and Kalorama. There are approximately 2277 customers affected with an estimated restoration time of 2:00 PM.”

Update #2: “PEPCO has updated their reported outages to be only Mount Pleasant with 419 customers affected and Adams Morgan with 272 customers affected. There is an estimated restoration time of 5:00 PM.”

Update #3: “PEPCO has updated their reported outages to be only the Adams Morgan area with 272 customers affected. There is an estimated restoration time of 5:00 PM.”


Thanks to Jen for sending:

“In cooperation with Positive Force DC, we bring you DC Punk Rock Flea Market & Food Drive!

Saturday, Nov. 23rd 12 PM – 5 PM
St. Stephen & the Incarnation Episcopal Church – Washington, DC
1525 Newton Street, NW

Free to enter, but please bring a donation of whole-grain cereal, pasta, rice, peanut butter, or canned vegetables, fruit, beans, or tuna for delivery to nearby low-income seniors by We Are Family DC!”


3110 Mt. Pleasant Street, NW

Martha Dear will be located below the Mount Desert Island Ice Cream space, the former home to Pupuseria San Miguel.

The liquor license placard says:

“A new Retailer’s Class C Restaurant with a seating capacity of 50 and a Total Occupancy Load of 99.”

Washington CityPaper reported:

“A newly engaged couple who met working at Tail Up Goat are opening a cozy Mount Pleasant restaurant specializing in Neapolitan-style pizzas paired with wine.”



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