Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

Someone stole my bike in Mount Pleasant last night, in front of the Dorchester house. I’m posting fliers and on next door, but I’m willing to pay a reward for its return. I don’t even care if you’re the person who stole it. I just really loved that bike. It’s a carbon track, 8 speed Miir”

Any info please contact Callie at calliewrong(at)gmail(dot)com


“Dear PoPville,

I live in the Mt. Pleasant area, and every. single. day. the same person sits inside their parked car, idling, blasting music. I know it’s hard to be entertained and stuck at home, but if I can hear your music with all my windows and doors closed, it’s simply too loud. It’s not great having that going on during work calls, but honestly, it’s annoying in general. No one wants to be an unwilling participant to your dj-ing. Besides, who the heck idles for hours?! Is anyone else experiencing this and knows what to do? I don’t want to personally start a fight with someone who can easily find out where I live in a time like this.”


Matt sends the photo above from 16th and Irving at 1:50pm.

DCFD reported: “Crash with rollover 16th & Irving Sts NW. Vehicle on its side. No entrapment. #DCsBravest assessing any injuries.”

Jonathan reports: “16th Street is shut down at Irving, about a dozen police cars, fire trucks and ambulances. A car flipped onto its roof on the sidewalk.” Read More


3219 Mount Pleasant Street, NW

Thanks to Terry for passing on from Old School Hardware:

“Dear Neighbors, March 1st seems like such a long time ago! That was the day that I wrote to announce our plans to close Old School Hardware after nearly 10 years under current management. Since then, the world has truly changed! I’ve been proud of our team at the store who have been willing to stay open for the neighborhood as long as they can, even in the face of the coronavirus dangers.

If you’ve stopped in during the past few weeks, you’ve found great discounts on much of our inventory. I’m announcing today that we’ve now put everything on clearance. What’s left is now either selling at 50%-70% below cost or is selling at a 20% discount to our normal prices. I hope you might consider taking one last trip to the store and maybe buying a bag of salt, an OSH T-Shirt or Coffee Mug, or some random electrical or plumbing item to help us clear out our shelves and go out with a bang.

I also regret to announce that despite my hopes for closing the doors on April 19th, we’re now at a point where we need to close our doors 1 week earlier. This upcoming Sunday (April 12) will be the last day we are open to the public. Read More


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