Washington, DC

From MPD:

“Alert: Shooting Investigation in the 4500 block Western Avenue NW. Lookout for Black, Male wearing all black, 20’3-30’s. Have info? Call (202) 727-9099/text 50411”

The Washington Post reported:

“One man was fatally shot and another man was wounded Thursday night during a shooting in the Friendship Heights neighborhood of Northwest Washington near the border with Montgomery County, D.C. police said.”

Updates when MPD issues their full release.


Photo by Doug Landry

Jax (and others) with some serious frustration yesterday (to see in real time follow @PoPville on twitter):

“Why are the circling just about daily in certain areas in DC?”

Some responses: “In addition to the Marine one and decoys, park police starts circling 20 mins before each lift off and touch down.”

“1st Helicopter Squadron out of Andrews in holding patterns waiting for National traffic to clear for transport of minor VIPs.”

“For at least the past 30 min, a single Marine One (Presidential) Helicopter has been circling my neighborhood from about 12th St NW to 7th and M St NW to P. This is definitely not normal! What is going on?”

“Holding pattern. Standard military procedure, just sucks that is was over a residential area. Maybe they wanted to check out the Logan circle/Shaw area today.”

“At the time you saw it, Trump was about to leave the White House on Marine One headed to Andrews. Read More


5th and Kennedy Street, NW

Readers started to report around 11pm Tuesday night (follow @PoPville on twitter if interested in getting the real time reports):

“Shooting at 5th and Kennedy. Sounded like at least 7 shots.”

and in Bloomingdale around 11:15pm:

“multiple large caliber gunshots (6+) heard in #BloomingdaleDC south of Adams, west of Flagler

“A dozen bangs then pause and 10 more? Hopefully not more gunshots in the Channing/1st area?”

“Just heard what sounded like gunshots by 2nd and W NW.”

“Heard it too. That was a lot of shots. Like 20+ from what I heard. Back and forth.” Read More


“DC Police Helicopter circling with spot line trained on 13th and Irving, Street, NW”

Carlee first alerted us around 11:30pm: “Helicopter with spotlight circling go around Columbia Heights +cops headed down 13th. Any clue what’s going on?”

Ed. Note: Original some people thought this might be related to the shooting around 14th and V Street, NW but that started. later.

Photo by Carter Quinley

Carter noted a police report: “armed robberies in Columbia Heights, police and helicopters searching for suspects” Read More


6th and M Street, NE

Readers reported: “why is a DC PD helicopter doing constant circles over H and I streets NE between 8th and 6th? This has been going on for 10 minutes…”

“It was crazy! I’m right at the top of 6th where Florida crosses & cops were all around the house! I saw 5 cops Running down FL past 7th street not sure what happened next”

“Car and about 7 police cars sped past me just south of H street and almost hit my friend and I. Was crazy to watch, helicopter following and everything.”

“HUGE police presence on M st and 6th NE. At least 20 cop cars and a helicopter overhead. Any news on what this is?”

One reader who heard police talking reports:

“Re the chase ending near union market. Saw the car speed down our alley closely followed by an unmarked car with its siren on. An hour or so later we’re out with the dog and a few cops are talking. Said four juveniles carjacked a bmw at knifepoint at 10 and L and then joyrode for a while. They ditched on the 600 block of Orleans or the alley bw Orleans and Morton and were immediately arrested. Amazingly nobody got hurt at any point. Was a bit hairy for a while with the chopper and lots of cop cars. But anyway, that’s it from the horse’s mouth.”

From MPD:

“On 8/10/20 at approximately 6:54 p.m., First District officers responded to the 900 block of 11th St NE for a report of an armed carjacking. On the scene, the officers located an adult victim who reported that while he was unpacking his vehicle, he was surrounded by four suspects. One of the suspects showed him a knife and demanded his personal belongings, including his car keys. The victim surrendered his property and the suspects entered the vehicle and drove northbound. The victim was not injured during the offense. Read More


From MPD:

“On Wednesday July 22, 2020, at approximately 1:45 am, Fourth District Unit were canvassing the 6600 block of 13th ST NW, in reference to a suspect that had fled on foot. The suspect was wanted for Simple Assault and was believed to be hiding in the alley. Our MPD Helicopter was utilized to put some extra light on the alley and was flying over the area for approximately 20 minutes. Unfortunately the suspect escaped, but his identity is known.

I just want to keep the community informed about what the police activity was in reference to.

Thank you,

Sean Connors

Appreciate this explanation and hope is it continued across all quadrants/sectors.


Photo by Sam Ward

From the District of Columbia National Guard:

“The District of Columbia National Guard investigation into the facts and circumstances surrounding the operational employment of DCNG helicopter assets in and around the District of Columbia on Monday June 1 is underway.

The investigation is looking into whether the aircraft in question flew at inappropriately low altitudes and whether they adhered to applicable safety standards and flying procedures while in flight. The investigation will also explore whether military medevac aircraft bearing the Red Cross emblem were improperly or inappropriately employed to support DCNG civil disturbance response operations. Read More


“Dear PoPville,

I live at 1st and R St. NW near Big Bear Cafe in Bloomingdale. was awakened at 2:44am this morning by an unusually loud, low-flying helicopter. It seemed to be making repeated passes right over our house in intervals of about 30 seconds (i.e. never straying far from directly overhead. Objects on shelves and nightstand and walls in my room were rattling when the helicopter passed over our house. This lasted for quite some time — approximately 20 minutes. Any idea what was going on?”

A few folks also inquired @PoPville on twitter and Alan found from US Park Police that: “The Eagle was assisting MPD with a critical missing 70 y.o. with dementia.”


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