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photo by dullshick

Joanna writes:

“Can we do something about Community Forklift? Can we petition to Washington Gas? Not sure if anyone knows about how to fight these battles but we cannot let them close down.. so sad!”

Community Forklift writes:

“Did you see yesterday’s DCist article about Community Forklift’s search for a new location? Learn more about Community Forklift’s history, our team, the people we serve, and more about why we need to find a new home. In short, the landlord of our current location, Washington Gas, plans to discontinue commercial use of the site and so we’ll need to relocate at some point. We aim to stay open in our current building until a new site is located, though, so please continue to visit us at 4671 Tanglewood Dr. in the Edmonston/Hyattsville, MD, area! Read More


“Dear PoPville,

Just received a first notice by mail on 5/17/22 for a parking violation issued on 9/1/14 from Montgomery County. The notice is dated 5/5/22. The first sentence of the notice reads, “Please be advised that there was a delay in mailing this notice” – A DELAY OF ALMOST 8 YEARS??? They had the gall to then add a $50 penalty for late payment bringing the ticket to $110. AND in order to contest the ticket I need to post the amount due as collateral. Read More


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