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Joanna writes:

“Can we do something about Community Forklift? Can we petition to Washington Gas? Not sure if anyone knows about how to fight these battles but we cannot let them close down.. so sad!”

Community Forklift writes:

“Did you see yesterday’s DCist article about Community Forklift’s search for a new location? Learn more about Community Forklift’s history, our team, the people we serve, and more about why we need to find a new home. In short, the landlord of our current location, Washington Gas, plans to discontinue commercial use of the site and so we’ll need to relocate at some point. We aim to stay open in our current building until a new site is located, though, so please continue to visit us at 4671 Tanglewood Dr. in the Edmonston/Hyattsville, MD, area! Read More


“Dear PoPville,

I am seeking advice and recommendations on removing a main-level interior brick retaining wall, that is part of the original home structure. There was an addition built on the back of the home some years ago, but the original wall was only modified to create a doorway. I’d like to remove the wall so I can open up the main level to include the addition. Any great info?”


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“Dear PoPville,

We are looking to remodel a row house bathroom and kitchen, replacing the tile, countertops, maybe a new space plan, but keeping the cabinets (maybe painting them). We need a designer to help us figure out how to make the most out of the space we have, help with overall design, and pick tiles etc. The big bath/kitchen design firms won’t work with you if you are not gutting the room.

Can anyone suggest good designers for projects like this? Thanks!”


Not that we’ve determined that home roof decks are indeed worth the coin.

“Dear PoPville,

With real estate prices going through the roof [Ed. Note: please let that pun be intended], I wanted to find out how much popping up a row house generally costs? One friend spent $275k. Is that normal?”

For those who’ve had it done, how much did it cost?


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“Dear PoPville,

I was hoping other Popinistas could give me feedback on rooftop decks. My wife and I are in the beginning stages of a whole-house remodel. We are going to lose the space in our backyard that I currently use for vegetable gardening. We were considering relocating the vegetable plots to a rooftop deck; it would also be a nice space to have for relaxing and eating.

Our architect, however, has warned us that rooftop decks get too warm for growing crops. Read More


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Ed. Note: DCRA recently launched a new Contractor Rating System

From the D.C. Office of the Attorney General:

“Attorney General Karl A. Racine today announced that a DC-based real estate developer will be required to pay $400,000 in penalties and increase its health and safety protocols for violating District laws protecting residents from toxic lead and for deceiving homebuyers about potential lead paint hazards. Read More


From DCRA:

“Owning a home requires maintenance, repairs and renovations. How do you know if you are hiring the best contractor to do the job? To help District residents and businesses hire contractors and building professionals with more confidence, the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) is introducing the new DCRA Contractor Rating System.

DCRA frequently hears the real life nightmares of District residents, oftentimes senior citizens, who pay for renovations and repairs, but don’t receive the work for which they have paid. Unfortunately, the options for recourse after the fact are sometimes limited, and always a headache. The DCRA Contractor Rating System arms residents with information to hire contractors who possess a proven track record of proper licensing, construction and inspections, thus preventing lots of pain and hassle.

The DCRA Contractor Rating System provides unprecedented free access to an inventory of contractors, architects, and other building professionals.

Building on our expressed policy of transparency, the DCRA Contractor Rating System uses objective data to assign a rating using between one and five stars to building professionals doing business in the District. 

Benefits of the DCRA Contractor Rating System Read More


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