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1200 New Hampshire Ave, NW via Meiwah


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12 yrs ago I started Tatte out of my home kitchen with a humble goal to create a life for myself here in the US. It was quiet the ride since then and never in my wildest dreams I thought this small but mighty bakery will touch so many people in so many ways reaching Boston and beyond… Today’s announcement makes it all even more surreal… DC we are coming your way!!!!! and we have so much to give! We cannot wait to open our doors and meet you all over Halva Latte, Shakshukah, Crunchy Halloumi, Jerusalem bagel, Pistachio croissant or Chocolate rose, it’s all coming with us! all your favorite things and so much more! Phew I said it and I did it! Massive love to my incredible team that build Tatte with me every day, they are champions and I could never do it without them. and to all our incredible guests who support and hug us every day, you rock and we are forever grateful for you.We love you back! DC see you in the Spring! ⚡️☕️#tattedc #dc #herewego #bestteam #goteamgo #tatteallday #brunchallday #tattebakery #biglove

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Azro asks:

“This past weekend I enjoyed brunch at Tatte in Boston. Best pastries ever. Rumor has it they are opening in DC. Is this true @PoPville ?”

Great news from another reader:

“In case you weren’t already in the know, tenants of 1200 New Hampshire Ave NW were made aware yesterday that the space formerly occupied by Meiwah will be replaced by Boston-based Tatte Bakery & Café. Read More


1840 18th Street, NW

Thanks to Aaron for sending:

“I was going to drop in there on Friday after a birthday party, when I got there, they were closed before midnight. Sunday evening came, and they were still closed. It was odd. I went up to the door and they had a sign that said “Closed Gone Fishing”. I spoke with someone who works there that said they got closed down in a similar way as JRs with the liquor license expiring. I am told they closed on Wednesday and had been operating for some amount of time without a current liquor license. The person I spoke with said they may have to reapply for a liquor license from scratch because the amount of time that lapsed.” Read More


Photo by PoPville flickr user Victoria Pickering

“The High Heel Race is one of Washington, DC most unique events with a rich history of “Crossing The Line Since 1986″. On the Tuesday before Halloween, thousands of spectators pack the Dupont Circle Neighborhood to watch hundreds of costumed drag queens show off their extravagant outfits and race down Historic 17th Street, NW.

Location: 17th Street, between P and S Streets NW near Dupont Circle

Race Time: Begins at 9 p.m. Participants gather as early as 6 p.m.”

The HIGH HEEL RACE from Ben Carver on Vimeo.

From MPD:

“On Tuesday, October 29, 2019, the 17th Street High Heel Race will take place in the District of Columbia. In conjunction with this event, there will be several street closures that motorists should take into consideration:

The following streets will be posted as Emergency No Parking for the event from approximately 3:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.

The following streets will be closed to vehicular traffic for the event from approximately 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.: Read More


Welp, the closure is confirmed. The owner replied yesterday to my queries via email:

“I am sorry happened really fast and since i am there last 18 years it was sad and hard. I will do some other location or always want to go culinary school i don’t know yet. All i know time has come to make some changes in my business life.”

I asked him if the scuttlebutt about Pupatella coming was true and he replied:

“There will be good local people replacing us, it will be good change for the neighborhood. I will alway miss the place and all of you.

Thank you supporting us all those years.


Stay tuned on all fronts.


OK my friends – it’s 2019 and shit happens fast around here. It’s just scuttlebutt. But scuttlebutt of this variety must be shared with haste. Updates, as always, when confirmed and/or more is known. So, earlier this morning we posted a sign announcing Rosemarys Thyme Bistro (18th and S Street, NW) closure. It was shocking to me and many others. Well on our Facebook Page the following conversation took place: “PIZZA IS COMING!!!” and “one of the comments said Pupatella!! Please say it’s true!!! That would be a game changer. Best pizza in the DMV and worth the trek to Arlington! (But maybe soon not necessary!)”



2132 Florida Ave, NW

Back in August we learned that renovations had started at Annabelle. At that time they hoped to open by late October. While that no longer seems realistic, obviously, a liquor license placard reveals that the renovations will increase the seating size:

“Applicant requests to increase Total Occupancy Load from 99 to 144.”

Updates when an exact opening date is picked.


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