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1st and O Street, NW

“Dear PoPville,

Since moving to Shaw at the end of last year, I’ve loved having access to the Dunbar High School track on weekends for my runs. However, the past couple times I’ve tried to access the track (mid morning on Saturdays), most recently yesterday, the turnstile on O Street has been locked. Any idea if this is just an oversight, a change in hours, or a change in policy?”

Ed. Note: We’ve spoken about the Dunbar Pool here.

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Ed. Note: Back in July 2016 we had a lengthy discussion about a “a huge portion of DC schools students actually live in Maryland”.

“Dear PoPville,

According to this Washington Post article, D.C. officials looked at 100 students at Duke Ellington and found that 1/2 were not D.C. residents. The finding was shared with the Superintendent and the Attorney General’s office in December, but the superintendent’s office told the investigators “to slow-track it because of the risk of negative publicity for the school system during a mayoral election year. It is unclear how far the probe has progressed since then.” Duke Ellington’s “self-declared mission is to offer a premiere arts education to D.C. children who lack the financial means to develop their talents elsewhere. A high rate of residency fraud could indicate that mission is suffering as D.C. taxpayers fund the education of children who live outside the city.”

From Councilmember David Grosso’s office:

“The following is a statement from Councilmember David Grosso (I-At Large), chairperson of the Committee on Education, regarding reports of an investigation into residency fraud at Duke Ellington School of the Arts:

“The number of scandals plaguing our education system is staggering. I am particularly frustrated and disturbed by today’s revelation of an alleged cover-up by the Office of the State Superintendent for Education, and possibly the Office of the Attorney General, into an investigation of residency fraud in order to politically benefit the mayor. Such actions are beyond unacceptable.

“We cannot tackle the public education challenges D.C. faces when this administration continues to withhold public information from residents, the Council, and the Committee on Education.

“I will be asking Superintendent Hansuel Kang about this troubling report at today’s OSSE performance oversight hearing.”

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via DCPS


“Dear PoPville,

Any plans to have a posting on the Antwan Wilson scandal? The story may have gotten somewhat buried with its late release the Friday afternoon before a 3-day weekend. I’d think this story would be of great interest to DCPS parents and others concerned about the integrity and fairness expected from our school and other officials.”

The Washington Post reported:

“By Tuesday morning, seven members of the D.C. Council – a majority – said Chancellor Antwan Wilson should step down following revelations that he sought special treatment to enroll his daughter in a top D.C. high school, just two months after Wilson crafted rules prohibiting such behavior.”

From Councilmember Mary Cheh’s Office:

“There are increasing calls for DCPS Chancellor Wilson to resign following news that he violated his own policy and sought a preferential placement for his daughter. Residents are angry and that’s understandable. But I think the Chancellor should be replaced for reasons that go well beyond the placement issue. (more…)

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Van Ness and Connecticut Ave, NW

Where the first atomic clock was developed!!

From a press release:

“Whittle School & Studios, the world’s first global school, today announced their Washington D.C location, the first of two campuses. The other, located in Shenzhen, China, will be announced in March. The global PreK-12 school, headed by educational pioneer Chris Whittle, is slated to begin classes in the Fall of 2019.

Whittle School & Studios will be one school with campuses in more than 30 of the world’s leading cities. At capacity, they will boast a diverse student body of more than 90,000 full-time students and hundreds of thousands of part-time students, with a single faculty of over 10,000, tied together by a common curriculum that will be adapted to local laws and needs. The campuses will all work collaboratively through constant exchanges and online activities supported by a unique global headquarters, creating an organization linked with a new collective intelligence unlike any single-site institution in the world. (more…)

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From D.C. Public Schools:

“Due to the inclement weather forecast, all afterschool programs, athletic events, and evening meetings are cancelled today, January 8, 2018. All students will be dismissed at their school’s regular dismissal time. Staff will remain at schools until all students have been dismissed.”

From the Mayor’s Office earlier:

“The National Weather Service is forecasting a wintry mix of rain, sleet, and freezing rain beginning Monday afternoon around noon and lasting into the later evening hours. To prepare, the DC Snow Team will deploy more than 200 trucks to salt District roads on Monday, January 8 starting at 9:00 a.m.”

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North Capitol and H Street, NW

The following was written by PoPville contributor David McAuley, founder of Short Articles about Long Meetings.

Gonzaga College High School (19 Eye Street NW) will ask DC liquor licensing authorities for a tavern license. However, teachers there should not start looking forward to a day when the faculty room has a mixologist to help take the edge off.

Stephen Neill, Gonzaga’s “Senior Vice-President for Advancement”, along with an attorney, appeared at the December 5 meeting of Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 6E/Shaw to reassure that the school was not going to become a tavern. (more…)

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770 Kenyon Street, NW

Thanks to a reader for sending just before 1pm. Back in May the Washington Post reported:

“About 80 percent of the 35 teachers, librarians and social workers at Cesar Chavez Public Charter School at Chavez Prep Middle School in Northwest signed a petition to ask the school’s administration to recognize their union, the D.C. Alliance for Charter School Teachers and Staff at Chavez Prep.”

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Further earning his spot on that on that new Ben’s Chili Bowl mural!!

Well this is awesome:

“Like Dave Chapelle, I would like to unexpectedly thank D.C. public schools, because I think it’d be great if they started trending on Twitter for no reason tonight whatsoever,” Oliver said. “So if you’re tweeting about the Emmys, please use the hashtag, #DCpublicschools.”


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