1807 14th Street, NW

Thanks to Oswald for sharing: “Today’s first photo finds a new sign being put up this morning on the 14th St. space once occupied by Home Rule. Not sure what Amazon may be popping up here; presumably not the “Fresh” stuff it sells one-half block south.”


photos courtesy Kramers

From a press release:

“Kramers (1517 Connecticut Ave, NW), the first bookstore-cafe hybrid in Washington DC known for its convivial atmosphere, robust book collection and approachable food & beverage menu, just got bigger and better with a delightfully unexpected bookstore pairing– a new bar refresh and expansion. The 970 square foot space, which previously served as the travel and kids books section as well as a storage space for old books, brings opportunity for even more community-driven Kramers experiences– from cocktail tastings to social events to date nights. Read More


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