Domino’s Pizza Closes at 1926 14th St, NW

by Prince Of Petworth July 5, 2011 at 4:30 pm 19 Comments

Another domino falls on the block. Crap that was a horrible pun. I apologize. 1926 14th St, NW is located just south of U Street next to the recently closed Foot Locker and Taco Bell/KFC.

You can still get your Domino pizza from Columbia Heights at 2701 14th St, NW (across from Dunkin Donuts.)

  • caballero

    This is a major loss for the community. A sad day indeed.

  • EB

    I’ll really miss their overpriced pizza that was never delivered hot.

    • Dan

      It is a sad day indeed when someone calls Dominoe’s pizza “overpriced”.

  • Shaw Parent

    PoP, out of curiosity, why do your write ups of the closings on this block not mention the planned development? Has it fallen through?

    • 11th St. Resident


    • Prince Of Petworth

      It’s a good question. The project has not fallen through. It will be tweaked. And I’m waiting on more details to share when I get them. I expect to get more details in about a month or so. If I were to guess, I’d say the project will kick off in 8 months – 1 year.

      But I promise to share updated details as soon as I get them.

  • Onanon

    I wish more Domino’s, KFCs and Taco Bells would close. Awful stuff.

    • TonyS

      alright that is just ridiculous taco bell is so dang good

      • 14th St Heights

        It’s my favorite restaurant. Wish they would open one up the hill a ways. ; )

        • Onanon

          It’ll take care of any rat problem, that’s for sure.

  • Jay

    Excellent. I am hardly a pizza snob, but everytime I see someone in my building throwing away a Domino’s pizza box I want to hit them over the head… this is why we can’t get decent pizza around U Street, because you idiots keep supporting Dominos and jumbos slices.

    • D

      Italian Pizza Kitchen on U has pretty decent pizza. There is very little “good” pizza in this city, anyway. We’ll save that for another day, though.

    • jcm

      Duccini’s is very good delivery pizza.

  • Pennyworth

    damn, i was ready to condemn you all for turning up your noses at the thought of dominos pizza. ah well

    • Cherby Ron

      Brooklyn Style crust is where it’s at.

  • DCster

    Isn’t there a Manny and Olga’s just across the street (which I imagine would be better).

    • BJ

      Its not

  • BT

    Speaking of closings, the Best Cellars on Clarendon Blvd is closing on July 16, 2011.
    A&P is closing Best Cellar locations because of their bankruptcy.
    All Super Fresh locations have recently closed as well.


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