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“renderings via Perkins Eastman, the architecture firm.”

Update on “D.C.’s Historic Spy House” across from the Russian Embassy in Glover Park.

“Dear PoPville,

A new 40-foot-tall building is being proposed for the lot at 2619 Wisconsin Avenue, NW. The new structure to be developed by MED Developers is intended to be used as an assisted living facility.

The plans for the lucrative parcel of land resemble MED Developers’ previous plans for a Ward 3 homeless shelter that was to be built on the same spot (plans that were dropped after an investigation by the  Washington Post).

The new structure would require demolishing the infamous “Spy House,” used for decades by the FBI to spy on the Russian Embassy. The proposed facility would also violate multiple zoning regulations in this residential neighborhood due to its size and scale.

MED Developers are seeking numerous special exceptions from the Board of Zoning Adjustment in order to move forward with the plans, including a special exception to build a facility in a neighborhood zone for single family homes and an exemption from limitations on parking.”

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2218 Wisconsin Avenue, NW

Update from Mad Fox’s Facebook (thanks again to Jamie for the update):

“We regret to announce that as of Tuesday, 27 March, 2018 we have closed our Glover Park, D.C. Taproom. This decision to close comes after careful consideration and much discussion. Unfortunately, we are not able to maintain the profit margins necessary to keep the location viable. The Brewpub (production brewery and full-service restaurant) in Falls Church, Virginia is still open and will continue to make and distribute beer around the DC Metro area including some of your favorite bars. We want to thank the residents of Glover Park and our loyal fans for their support and patronage over the last 2-1/2 years.

When we opened this location in August of 2015, we were warmly welcomed and have worked very hard to be proactive supporters of such a wonderful community. (more…)

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“Dear PoPville,

The home of one of DC’s most open secrets, widely known only as ‘The Spy House’, has come back under intense focus by a local developer. The house at 2619 Wisconsin Ave NW, which until recently was used for decades to spy on the Russian Embassy, is at risk of being demolished.

For the last three weeks, a surveying team has been assessing the vacant lot and property, including the entire 2600 block of Wisconsin Ave NW.

At the height of the cold war, the home served as the primary observation point for intelligence gathering, including the launching point for a $160 million project to train a cat to spy on the Russians.  The historic home still resides in its original condition – an untouched interior that was once home to three shifts of agents working nonstop. As tensions have reignited between Russian and the United States, the DC Council renamed the block where the Russian Embassy sits to “Boris Nemtsov Plaza,” in honor of a slain Russian politician opposed to the Putin government. (more…)

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2323 Wisconsin Ave, NW

From a change.org petition (thanks to those who messaged us):

“Re-Open the Glover Park Whole Foods

It has been almost one year since the Glover Park Whole Foods Market closed to renovate in March 2017 to mitigate a rodent infestation.

For those who do not know, the reason for the now eleven-month closure is due to a legal battle between the Landlord, Wical Limited Partnership (LP), a subsidiary of DC real estate development firm S.C. Herman & Associates, Inc., and the Tenant, Whole Foods Market.The Washington Business Journal provides a good recap of the current legal situation. Read the article here.

To summarize, after gutting the store’s interior to mitigate the rodent issue, Whole Foods wanted (and still wants) to renovate and re-open the store, but the landlord, Wical LP, blocked (and continues to block) Whole Foods market from doing so. From the Washington Business Journal: (more…)

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2319 Wisconsin Ave, NW

From Legacy:

“On February 4, 2018, Ravi Shankar died in Fredericksburg, Virginia. He is survived by his mother, Maya Devi, two brothers, Tarun Shankar, and Arun Shankar, his wife Geeta Shankar and two children, Jatin, 19, and Raychal Shankar, 17. Ravi was 49 years old. Ravi was born and raised in Delhi, India. He was an enthusiastic badminton and squash player in his early teen years, before turning his attention to tennis.

At age 19, he opened up his own tennis academy, which was the third largest tennis academy in the region. He was proud of that. He moved to the United States in the mid-1990’s. He worked at the Drilling Tennis Shop in downtown Washington, DC for eight years. He then went out on his own and opened the Tennis Zone tennis shop, first in Chevy Chase. Later he moved the store to Glover Park where it has operated for the last five years.

A man of exceptional talent and a warm personality, Ravi had an unparalleled ability to string tennis and squash racquets, matched with a sophisticated knowledge of string types and racquet differences that benefitted beginners and professionals alike. (more…)

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2408 Wisconsin Ave, NW. Photo by Jamie Fuller

“Dear PoPville,

I live in Glover Park. My boyfriend’s brother told me that he heard on local DC news last night that the 1,000 year old Mason Inn on Wisconsin Ave was busted for drugs. Have you heard anything about this?”

Ed. Note: Mason Inn opened up back in 2011. Previously it was Gin & Tonic but back in my AU days [MA SIS ’99 Go eagles!!] it was the legendary Grog & Tankard.

Jamie reported to us around 7:30pm last night:

“Big bust at mason inn Glover park. Bags of evidence being carried out.”

Updates when more is known.

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Wisconsin Avenue, N.W., between Davis and Edmunds Streets

“Dear PoPville,

I just learned of the below hearing, which concerns renaming the portion of Wisconsin Ave in front of the Embassy after a Russian politician, Boris Nemtsov, who opposed Putin.The politician was assassinated on a bridge near the Kremlin. The DC Council is having a hearing 12/6/2017, details below. Seems rather unusual.”

WAMU reported:

“The idea was born earlier this year on Capitol Hill, where Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Florida) introduced a bill to commemorate Nemtsov by making sure Russian diplomats coming in and out of the embassy couldn’t easily ignore his name. But after the bill stalled in the Senate, Rubio found a willing partner in Mary Cheh (D-Ward 3), who introduced her own bill in late October in the Council. It will get its first hearing next week.

“People are being assassinated simply because they are agitating for democracy,” said Cheh. “That’s wrong, and if this a small way of us saying that’s wrong, I’m happy to do it.”

​Wednesday, 12/6/2017
​Room 500
Committee of the Whole Public Hearing The Committee of the Whole will a Public Hearing on the following Legislation:
B22-539, Boris Nemtsov Plaza Designation Act of 2017 (more…)

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This is the former El Salvadoran consulate. On the Glover Park listserv, suffice it say, the people are not pleased. Well, many of them. If I could add one point of positivity, if indeed positivity is a word because I’m getting that whack red line underneath it when I type, I digress, the butter dipping sauce really is quite tasty.

2332 Wisconsin Ave, NW

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2101 Wisconsin Ave, NW rendering via The Glover House

I for one welcome our delicious overlords. The long rumored Trader Joe’s coming to Glover Park is now official with the application of a liquor license for Trader Joe’s #620:

“A Full- Service Grocery store that will serve hot and cold meals, which includes salads, sandwiches, pizza, sushi, baked goods, and non-alcoholic beverages. Tasting Permit requested.”

STAY TUNED for this and all the other ones coming too.


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