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This is not a drill. This epic news comes from Jonah, who now is honored in the PoPville scuttlebutt hall of fame. OK – so every time we talk about what DC is missing – some folks mention Wawa. And they do so because Wawa makes delicious hoagies. So Jonah says we will find out the locations on June 13th: “They are saying unique restaurant style stores for DC customers.”




Alas, Friday 3/17 is the last day to dine at ShopHouse before darkness descends on all locations. And be warned from this morning’s rant/revel:

“Rant: Second to last day of ShopHouse, and a friend who works there told me that locations are already running out of the meatballs! Nooo, I love the meatballs! Hoping Union Station holds out through tonight.”

My sources deep in the shadows of the fast casual world tell me that a group called Bibibop Asian Grill is in talks to purchase the stores. Only scuttlebutt at the moment but you can see their menus here. Updates when/if confirmation is made or some other plans are announced.

bakery baccio bloomingdale
104 Rhode Island Ave, NW

When we heard about Grassroots closing in December, neighborhood folks were seriously bummed to be losing their bakery. In late December I heard that bagels could be in Bloomingdale’s future at this space. Now another reader hears that the folks who plan on taking over the bakery are non other than the folks behind Bacio Pizzeria. They hear the plans are to keep it a bakery/cafe. Updates when confirmation is made/more is known.

14th between Irving and Park Road, NW

A sources says it it so. Stay tuned for confirmation. Staples closed in DC USA back in March of last year. Here’s who we hoped would take over the space

Gussini’s website says:

“GUSSINI FASHION was founded With a vision of becoming a neighborhood boutique. GUSSINI FASHION grew to over 10 stores. We have over 10 locations and are one of the fastest-growing retailers in the U.S.

GUSSINI FASHION offers a wide assortment of clothing for juniors and plus sizes, as well as an extensive shoe collection. GUSSINI FASHION is about bringing you the very latest in new fashions and styles and our assortment is constantly changing. So, if you see something you like you better grab it quick or you may miss out!

GUSSINI FASHION has also been a pioneer in attractive, well-fitting apparel for plus sizes. We firmly believe that every woman, regardless of shape or size, should enjoy fun, fashionable, and feminine clothing at an affordable price.

GUSSINI FASHION is headquartered in Bladensburg, MD.”


Huge week for Logan Circle continues with some scuttlebutt about the rest of the retail for the new building at 14th and Rhode Island Ave, NW. On Monday I was happy to share confirmation about a Shake Shack coming to the old Caribou Coffee location. Now a very good source says that the two other retail spaces, either in that building or next door will be taken over by the Hilton brothers of Marvin, Brixton, El Rey, Satellite Room etc. I’m hearing that they will be opening two new bars in two separate spaces. I’m not exactly sure how the logistics will work but stay tuned for many more updates when/if confirmation comes.

Ed. Note: Last week we learned “Eric and Ian Hilton, renowned for creating neighborhood mainstays including Georgetown’s Chez Billy Sud, and The Gibson along 14th Street, will open The Brighton, a high-energy waterfront pub.”

world of beer
100 Florida Ave, NE

Last week we learned that Union Social had abruptly closed in NoMa. Now I’m hearing that World of Beer could be interested in the space. A few things, first, I think that would be awesome. Second, World of Beer scuttlebutt hasn’t panned out in the past. Third, this is a different source with a higher accuracy rating than the previous scuttlebutt. Fourth, you still never know with these things. Having said all that – think a World of Beer would do well here?

Check out their Arlington menus here. And stay tuned.