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“Dear PoPville,

I wanted to give my fellow bikers a head’s up that we aren’t completely immune to being mugged. I was recently biking around 9:15 pm near 5th and N St NW when I was pushed from behind and hit over the head with a gun (I was actually biking, not sitting at a red light). One of the guys was standing on the edge of the bike lane, looking like he was about to open a car door and was waiting for me to pass. As I went around him (I could only give him so much room as there was a car driving next to me), he pushed and hit me. After falling (and nearly being run over) three men were on me. After three more hits over the head, they took my phone and took off as cars arrived on 5th St. Fortunately I was wearing a helmet so the only injuries I received were from the bike fall. I hopped on my bike and took off. The MPD have been professional and helpful through the entire process.

I don’t think I could have done anything different as I wasn’t drunk, wasn’t wearing a backpack, and didn’t have my headphones on or phone out). As a biker (and a pretty big guy) I tend to feel safer than walkers. I think we are still safer, but not immune. Keep alert.”

shaw library
7th and Rhode Island Ave, NW

A reader reports:

“On my walk to the Shaw Metro south station, I passed by the Shaw library. Right in front of the library’s sign, a woman was laying on the ground, on her side, her back against the sign. I could not see her face but her head was on her hand. She appeared motionless. I did a double take, because at first I thought she was sleeping there, but then I saw she was in work clothes — a nice pink and black dress with sheer tights — and her purse was tipped over on the ground next to her and her shoes were off, like kicked off.

I looked around to see if anyone else was alarmed by this, and no one seemed to notice, until one man asked another man nearby “Did that lady fall out?” They both kind of took a look and then shrugged and went about their business. I did not stick around either, thinking if she was part of some violence that I did not want to be around there to get involved, especially with all the gang related issues in my neighborhood lately, but I did call 911. The police showed up because they called me back to get more information on where exactly she was, although I was gone by then. So I don’t know if she was there when they showed up or what the resolution was, but I’d be eager to hear if others witnessed this.

Obviously, the bystander effect, myself included, is very real and very disturbing. Perhaps she just felt sick and laid down — but if you’re feeling sick enough to lay on the ground motionless with your belongings scattered everywhere, I still think that’s worth an emergency call and would hope someone would call for me if I was in that position…”


From MPD:

“Detectives from the Metropolitan Police Department’s Homicide Branch have announced an arrest has been made in the homicide which occurred on Saturday, August 15, 2015, at approximately 4:50 pm, in the 1800 block of Seventh Street, Northwest.

On Friday, August 21, 2015 at approximately 4:30 am pursuant to a DC Superior Court arrest warrant, 19 year-old Marcus King, of Northwest, DC was arrested. He was charged with Second Degree Murder While Armed, in the shooting death of 23 year-old Matthew Shlonsky, of Northeast, DC.”


From MPD:

“Detectives from the Metropolitan Police Department’s Homicide Branch are seeking the public’s assistance in locating a suspect wanted in connection with a homicide that occurred on Saturday, August 15, 2015, at approximately 4:50 pm, in the 1800 block of Seventh Street, Northwest.

The suspect, 19 year-old Marcus King, of Northwest, DC pictured above, is wanted pursuant to a DC Superior Court arrest warrant charging him with Second Degree Murder While Armed in the shooting death of 23 year-old Matthew Shlonsky, of Northeast, DC.

If you see this suspect, call 911 for immediate police response. Anyone with information is asked to call the police at (202) 727-9099. Additionally, anonymous information may be submitted to the department’s TEXT TIP LINE by text messaging 50411.”

Third District Commander Jacob Kishter

In response to a series of email from a resident about crap games and crime outside the Kennedy Rec Center at 7th and P St, NW in Shaw:

“Thank you for your continued support.

No violence or crime in 3 days

No craps games reported or observed since August 3

Over 120 arrests for craps, drinking in public and synthetic marijuana in the past 90 days in Shaw.

Let’s stop pointing fingers at each other and get back to working together on the plethora of issues.

Contact Lt Pearce if you want to be part of the solution.

Thanks to the many citizens and government officials who have stepped up to assist.

Violent crime in PSA 308 down 11% and property crime down 16%.

Commander Jacob Kishter
Metropolitan Police Department
Third District”

808 V Street, NW

The liquor license placard for Hazel, located directly across the street from the 9:30 Club in one of those new buildings, says:

“Restaurant serving modern American cuisine. Seating inside for 65, Total Occupancy Load of 99. Summer Garden with seating for 80.”

Hazel’s facebook page says:

“A restaurant from Chef Rob Rubba. Coming in 2015 to the DC area.”

An old eventbrite description says:

“Chef Rubba, who has worked in renowned kitchens such as Le Bec Fin, L20, and most recently at Azur & Tallula here in the DC area, will be opening a restaurant with the Neighborhood Restaurant Group later this year.

Chef Rubba’s food can best be classified as progressive American, harmoniously combining flavor palettes from around the world with traditional and contemporary techniques to create dishes that are refined, distinctive and satisfying – all while using ingredients that are grown, harvested, and foraged from the land that surrounds us in DC.”

looking east to Georgia Ave


Photo by PoPville flickr user Beau Finley

Ed. Note: I reached out on behalf of PoPville after reading the original note to see if we could help the family replace the iPad. Please see where the family is making donations below if you would like to contribute as well. Thanks you to all who emailed.

“Dear Neighbors,

After we shared a message [Our children and our family friends were witnesses to the shooting yesterday afternoon at 7th and S St. During the chaos, my four year old (who has a developmental disability and can’t speak) dropped his iPad that he uses as a communication device. It is an iPad mini in a life proof case. If you find it, please let us know. There is a reward upon return] about the shooting at 7th and S on Saturday and our son’s lost communication iPad, we received so many heartfelt messages of support and concern from friends and neighbors. Thank you for your outreach – it reconfirms everything that we love about living in this community.

We are struggling with how to reconcile this violence in our community with our family’s needs. We are heartbroken for Matthew Shlonsky and his loved ones, we are sad and angry about the violence in our community making it less safe for our kids, and we are committed to fighting the root causes of this violence.

Many people have asked what they can do to help replace our son’s lost communication iPad, and have even offered donations for a new one. We so appreciate all of these offers of support.

We are going to order a new iPad for our son to take to his first day of school next week, but we are also making donations to community organizations that work every day to improve the lives of  children and families in our community. We invite you to join us in supporting these organizations, or others of your choosing.

Northwest Settlement House operates a child care center on the corner of 7th and S that serves kids from all backgrounds and helps working parents find affordable childcare.

ONE DC is a community organization, based a block from 7th and S that organizes for access to better jobs and housing.

In community,

Karen and David”

From MPD:

“Detectives from the Metropolitan Police Department’s Homicide Branch are investigating a homicide. Investigators seek the public’s assistance in identifying and locating six persons and two vehicles of interest in a series of violent incidents, including a homicide which occurred on Saturday, August 15, 2015 at approximately 4:45 pm in the 1800 block of 7th Street, Northwest.

Anyone who has information regarding this case should call police at 202-727-9099. Additionally, information may be submitted to the TEXT TIP LINE by text messaging 50411.”