08/22/14 11:15am


Following yesterday’s news of the Giant grocery store’s big win comes word of the name of the new Mintwood Place restaurant coming to City Market at O. The original Mintwood Place is in Adams Morgan. Washingtonian reported:

“The previously untitled Shaw restaurant from the Mintwood Place team now has a name: Convivial. Chef Cedric Maupillier says he and co-owner Saied Azali were drawn to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary’s definition of the word: “relating to, occupied with, or fond of feasting, drinking, and good company.”

They also say Convivial, to be located at 801 O Street, NW, hopes to open early next Spring. Stay tuned.

08/21/14 11:15am

7th and O Street, NW

From a press release:

“Roadside Development, LLC (Roadside) is pleased to announce that the Giant Food at City Market at O won the Award for Best Overall Design for a grocery store from Progressive Grocer. The Award is part of Progressive Grocer’s annual design competition that recognizes store design, construction and store impact. Shalom Baranes Associates (SBA) was the architect for the overall project and JCA Architects was the project architect for the Giant interior. Progressive Grocer is a national publication centered on the grocery store and grocery distribution industry.

The state-of-the-art 78,000 square foot Giant Food Store, is located in the historic O Street Market at 7th and O streets, the cornerstone of this 1 million square foot development project. “It is rewarding to work with a talented team that produces such quality places,” said Richard Lake, founding Partner, Roadside Development, LLC, developer of City Market at O. “Our design team incorporated this new modern store with a National Historic Landmark building. Combining the charm of a 19th century marketplace with 21st century efficiency and innovation to create a very comfortable and compelling retail environment.” More than a quarter of the new store, including the produce section, resides under the historic O Street Market structure. (more…)

08/20/14 1:45pm

1538 9th Street, NW in 2010

From a press release:

“Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) said today she expects the historic Carter G. Woodson Home to be completed by August 2015 with federal funds she requested, and that a National Park Service (NPS) partnership with a non-profit organization (NPO) will complete the two adjoining homes. This is the first-ever National Park Service (NPS) historic site to be completed through a private-public partnership. She expects a local NPO familiar with the Shaw neighborhood, where the house is located and skilled at raising funds, will serve as a vehicle for bringing tax-exempt funds forward. Because Dr. Carter G. Woodson’s work was fundamental to the creation of Black history as a serious academic discipline, work that was responsible for the annual designation of Black History Month, Norton believes that the approximately $9.5 million necessary to complete the entire project is achievable. Once the project is completed, the main home, where Woodson lived, and the adjacent homes, which will be used to facilitate tourism, will together be considered the “Carter G. Woodson National Historic Site.” (more…)

08/19/14 3:55pm


“Dear PoPville,

My partner and I have been watching the developments pop up in our neighborhood. It has been great! Although, the development being built at 1250 9th Street NW is becoming a suburban eyesore in historic Blagden Alley! We’ve been watching as they began slapping on siding. Much to our horror they now have three different colored sidings on the building. I’ve seen that the original plans submitted to the city called for a stucco exterior on these sections. Do you know if this modification to their original plans was ever approved? They are really ruining the aesthetics of an otherwise charming little area. I really hope the city steps in an puts a stop to this.”

Ed. Note: You can see renderings from the developer here.


08/18/14 3:45pm

600 block of Florida Ave, NW

Back in July a reader asked what was happening with the parking lot across from the Howard Theatre. And in early August we learned that HR-57 would be closing on H Street and moving somewhere new in NW.

At that time a commenter wrote:

“The owner came and talked to the Ledroit Park Civic Association a few months ago. The city has asked them if they were interested in putting in a bid to build a new structure right across the street from the Howard Theater in the parking lot on the corner. It would be a great addition to the neighborhood!”

Thanks to all who sent emails with the confirmation from Capital Bop:

“Tony Puesan told CapitalBop on Wednesday that he will submit a proposal to the D.C. government to purchase a vacant, city-owned property on the corner of T Street and Florida Avenue NW, across the street from the Howard Theatre. Located at 625 T St., the site is currently a parking lot owned by the city.

Puesan’s development proposal has yet to be approved by the District government. But if the deal goes through, he says the new location would allow for extended daytime hours and more resources for musicians.

Ultimately, the response on H Street was not strong enough to keep Puesan there. The allure of U Street’s foot traffic, along with the opportunity to own his own building, spurred the move back to Northwest.”

Updates if/when the deal goes through.

08/18/14 10:45am


Unfortunately more reports of bike wheels (and bikes) getting stolen.

One reader writes:

“Sometime in the middle of the day yesterday [Saturday] my back wheel was stolen of my bike which was locked in the front yard [Potomac Ave part of Capitol Hill.] My fiancé was home and they tried to get the front wheel too (nuts gone) before they left. So angry.”

Another reader writes:

“On Saturday, at about 5:30 PM, I saw a man steal a bike that was locked up outside of the Shaw metro station on 7th between S and T. The bike only had the front wheel locked, so the guy was able to take the frame and back wheel. He then went up and down 7th street until he found a wheel he could take. I yelled at him a few times, but he was able to take what he needed to assemble a new bike. (I didn’t have my phone on me so I couldn’t take pictures or call the cops.) I followed him from the Shaw metro stop to the U-Street metro stop (over on 13th) until I was finally able to flag down a cop. They questioned him but had to let him go and keep the bike because there was no proof that it was stolen. They said they had his information in case anyone reported their bike stolen.”

08/15/14 4:30pm

247 Florida Ave, NW

Apparently Meats & Foods passed their health inspection! Thanks to all who tweeted and commented. @johnmdav tweets us yesterday:

“@PoPville Meats and Foods opened this afternoon”

And this morning a commenter writes:

“Rave: “Meats & Foods”, the restaurant version of “13th Street Meats” opened yesterday. Nice little place with good meat. You can get cooked links to eat in (very small seating but outdoor seating expected soon) or to go, or uncooked links for your own at-home grilling experience (about $2.50 a link). They do have beer in cans (and wine I think) as well as other beverages, and are planning to have a few “sides” available soon to add to their basic bag o chips. Meats are made fresh daily (Just like DCity Smokehouse) so it is possible they can run out of things from time to time, just consider it a good opportunity to try a new link and enjoy the variety. I can give two thumbs up for the Poblano Pepper, Italian, Lemon Basil Chicken, and Veggie Dog. Welcome to the hood guys, glad to have you!”

08/15/14 11:15am

600 Florida Ave, NW

“Dear PoPville,

I walked by Bistro Bohem this morning and the door was open and it sounded like some major work was being done inside. There was a loud saw going and lots of dust coming out of the door. Maybe they’re renovating while vacationing?”

Another reader also took a peek and writes:

“The layout was completely different. Looks like they are moving the bar area from the side wall to the back wall. Thats all I could make out.”

On Monday we we noted Bistro Bohem had closed for vacation but thought it odd the windows were papered over.

Yesterday @BistroBohem tweeted us:

“Reopening a little late, Tues 8/19, but much improved. Lookin forward to some CHANGES round here”