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From MPD around 2:45am:

“3D is currently working a shooting in the 700 block of Fairmont Street, NW. Two adult male victims with non-life – threatening wounds to the extremities.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Metropolitan Police Department’s Command Information Center on 202-727-9099.”

On twitter readers reported to @PoPville:

“just heard 5-10 shots fired near Georgia and Fairmont”

“same. Alley is right behind my house and it came from there. Absolutely terrifying”

“heard yell of he went down that alley between Fairmont and Girard extremely loud gunfire”

“heard bursts of -4, -5, -4, -7 travelling from Fairmont & Sherman. MPD now racing around area.”


Last week we saw a great shot of a hawk on H Street, NE. This weekend Rachel reports:

“Sighted on my run on Saturday morning: a red tail hawk perched on a branch, eating a rat for breakfast, at the corner of Euclid and Georgia Ave. Completely unperturbed by passersby. Glad that DC’s reputation as the third rattiest city is benefiting at least some of the local inhabitants!”


Georgia and Harvard St, NW

A reader reports:

“I went to Zippin Chickin Saturday for it’s soft grand opening around 1 p.m. It was going with an “opening day special menu” which seemed to have items discounted significantly. I got the “6 piece dinner platter,” which consisted of six chicken tenders, two sides (I chose french fries and collard greens), and either corn muffin (which I chose) or hush puppies. All of that cost a measly $9.

Back to the food: the chicken looked and tasted good–it wasn’t like rubbery chicken you get at fast food restaurants. Even better was that the breading on the fried tenders was not overdone. It added good flavor without overwhelming the chicken. The tenders came unsauced, while Zippin Chickin provided two small containers of Sweet Baby Rays bbq sauce in the bag. The fries were good, and they were plentiful. The collard greens were also good, not too bitter and not overly salty. I thought they were just right. My fiance, who is an outstanding baker, loved the corn muffin, stating that the top had a good crunch and the cornmeal was not overly dry.

Although we didn’t get any drinks, Zippin Chickin was selling sodas for 50 cents.

I’m just happy that my little block on Georgia Avenue finally has somewhere I can get legitimate food, other than Howard China or Nu Vegan.”

Georgia and Harvard St, NW

Thanks to Allie for the update on Zippin’ Chicken’ – I believe this is the first soft grand opening we’ve seen… As long as the chicken is good, well then it’s all good!! If anyone goes let us know what you think [email protected] or @PoPville – thanks!

2620 Georgia Ave, NW

Thanks to WayneMan Comedy for sending: “Have you heard about the restaurant that opened in Mama Chuy’s old location? They may have launched this weekend.”

Back in 2014 we learned that the building was for sale for $649,999.

Mama Chuy opened up back in December 2011. We spoke about this location’s closure and delivery from a location much further north back in February.