07/16/14 11:45am

From Petworth Citizen [829 Upshur Street, NW]:

“7:30-8:30pm: Author Event “Freakshow Without a Tent” by Nevin Martell
July 16 @ 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Fishing for piranhas in the Amazon, getting stoned at Fijian kava ceremonies, and witnessing the ancient ritual of land diving on Pentecost Island is the stuff of National Geographic cover stories – and Nevin Martell’s childhood vacations. His family’s globetrotting took them from the South Pacific to South America and many points nowhere in-between. Though their lifestyle choices were eccentric, the locations they visited exotic, and the people they met extraordinary, these escapades are firmly grounded in the trials, tribulations, and tribal rivalries that plague all families. Freak Show Without a Tent is a grandly hilarious memoir-misadventure that is equal parts National Lampoon’s Vacation, Romancing the Stone and Crocodile Dundee. The event will include readings from the book, a Q&A and signing. Books will be available for purchase.”

07/15/14 4:45pm


From DPR:

Wednesday – Raymond Recreation [3725 10th St, NW]- 6:30-8:30pm

Garden Pests and Diseases

Through powerpoint and discussion, we will look at “pests” a little differently than most gardeners do: they are telling us that we are doing something wrong! Let’s dig deeper into truly organic and sustainable agriculture and learn to listen to what the “pests” and ecosystem are telling us. Sprays, whether organic or homemade, are not long-term solutions and can have undesirable side effects. We will start learning to identify all sorts of insects in the garden and learn how they work in order to better design our gardens to achieve balance amongst the wildlife, and still put food on our table! Finally, we will conclude with a visual review of common diseases too and what one can be done to prevent and manage them.

Please register before class here.”

07/14/14 4:45pm

1125 Spring Road, NW

From DGS:

“Dear 1125 Spring Road Community,

Thank you for attending our, The Department of General Services (DGS) and DC Housing Authority (DCHA), community meeting concerning the redevelop of the 1125 Spring Road site. The Surplus Hearing was held on Tuesday, June 17, 2014 and was the first step in the disposition process which allowed us engage residents and to receive public comments.

We understand there are a number of concerns referencing this project to include the appropriate mix of income levels to include in this project. It is important to note that once the surplus of the Hebrew Nursing Home and the Paul Robeson School is completed, the site will be made available for DCHA to develop.

At this time, a Housing Development comprised of mixed income levels that include Workforce Development, Permanent Supportive, and likely Market Rate Housing as well as senior housing is being considered. The exact mix of housing has yet to be determined. As the project continues to develop there will be future opportunities for community members to provide additional input.

In the interim, DGS has developed a survey to gather residents feedback on the percentage of mix income housing units residents would prefer be developed at the site. We ask that you take the survey by the cob Friday, July 18, 2014 and please feel free to share this link with your family and neighbors.

We have also posted on our DGS website the Surplus Hearing presentation from June 17, Meeting Minutes and a copy of the Sign-In Sheet.

We continue to encourage constituents in both Wards 4 + 1 to forward any concerns they may have regarding this project to our attention.”

07/09/14 10:30am

photo 1
221 Upshur Street, NW

Thanks to all who’ve sent emails about House of Falafel which opened back in February. One reader writes:

“Any word on if House of Falafel is still open? I walked by yesterday and most of the table/chairs have been removed and nothing looks open. No responses to phone calls and nothing on their twitter feed.

I was hoping this would be a great addition to Petworth.”

and yesterday another wrote:

“Just drove by House of Falafel on Upshur St and saw what appeared to be Police supervising a crew moving all tables, chairs, etc out of the space–any idea what’s going on?”

photo 2

And just up the block at 201 Upshur St, NW another reader writes:

“La Joya Steakhouse on Upshur applies for entertainment endorsement:

Request is for an Entertainment Endorsement. Entertainment will include music played by a DJ and occasionally have local groups play live music with dancing.


07/07/14 3:15pm

1125 Spring Road, NW

Thanks to a reader for passing on the presentation and notes about the Old Hebrew Home redevelopment proposals:

Public Hearing Meeting Minutes – 6-17-2014 (PDF)

1125 Spring Road Public Hearing Presentation Final (PDF)

“Our ideal solution:
We propose the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development (DMPED) be charged with redeveloping the properties as a 20/80 percent mix (20 percent affordable senior and family units and 80 percent market-rate equity/ownership units), with parking on premise.

DCHA put out a “request for proposals” (RFP) that states their intention for 75-80 units at or under 60% of AMI. Not sure how long these solicitations are normally open for, however this one was only open from July 2-9. Seems a bit disingenuous to have a solicitation out with a specific proposal in mind when all along DGS has said nothing is decided yet, and they welcome community input.


“Please see the attached flyer regarding a new community group which has formed to influence the outcomes of this development. Core principals of this community group:

Redevelopment of 1125 Spring Road Flyer (PDF)

Another reader sends a response from DGS:

“Thanks for your inquiry into the surplus and disposition of 1125 Spring Rd, NW. The D.C. Council’s Committee on Economic Development and the Committee on Government Operations will likely schedule a joint roundtable to discuss the proposal in more depth. This may not be until the Fall, as the Council will begin a two month summer recess starting July 15, 2014. Community members are encouraged to sign up to testify or may also submit written testimony to the Committees on the matter if a roundtable is scheduled. Notice of roundtables can be found atwww.dcregs.dc.gov, or on the Council’s website,www.dccouncil.us.

We will share your comments and concerns with the appropriate parties. I hope this is helpful and thanks for contacting the Department of General Services.”

07/03/14 10:20am

Georgia Ave at Randolph St, NW

With the opening of the Stroller Safeway (I’m just testing it out…) lost of folks have been wondering about the future of the Wendy’s across the street. Thanks to a reader for sending this update from their regional corporate office:

The short answer is yes we do have renovation plans for the interior, exterior, and landscaping. We are in the process of seeking permits for a number of restaurants in the District, and PG and Montgomery Counties. We are hopeful that work can begin in the short term, but I’m sure you probably understand the permitting process. We have been operating since November of 1983, at this location, and hope to remain and trusted option for quality food. I’m sure that you will find our improved look fitting with the surroundings.

Thanks you for taking the time to reach out and express the concerns from the neighborhood.

07/02/14 10:20am

Park Place apartments at New Hampshire and Georgia Ave, NW

“Dear PoPville,

The tenants of Park Place were given notice recently that the building is for sale and we, as tenants, have first right to purchase. We are told that we have to form a tenant organization in order to make an offer. I think its fair to say that most people are not familiar with this process. I thought you might have some knowledge of this process or contacts within the DC real estate industry that can explain.”

Turns out the notice was just a formality – the building is not actually for sale it’s just one partner buying out another. And, thank the Lord, I’m told this will finally expedite filling the long vacant retail spaces. Updates as more info is known and leases are signed.

06/30/14 10:20am

Georgia and Randolph St, NW

I’ve been getting tons of emails from folks raving about the new Petworth Safeway that opened Friday. I’ve also been getting tons of requests for a new nickname for the former ‘stinky Safeway’. I have two reactions. One – I agree the place is beautiful. Two – I think maybe Safeway nicknames are a thing of the past. But if we want to still try with a nickname I propose – the ‘baby Stroller Safeway’. When I stopped by on Sunday morning (and maybe it was the time I went) I saw approximately 244 babies/toddlers. They all seemed to be in heaven. I also think ‘baby Stroller Safeway’ could be a good fit because the store is very symbolic in the continued rebirth of this section of Georgia Avenue. So there’s my vote.

Ed. Note: the City Vista Safeway in Mt. Vernon Square has already been dubbed the Sexy Safeway. Ed. Note: I don’t think anyone really calls it that today, which goes back to my feeling that Safeway nicknames may be a thing of the past…

Have a look inside:


Lots more photos after the jump. (more…)