4815 Georgia Ave, NW

A reader reports:

“I was riding my bike by the Old Fusion restaurant on the 4800 Block of Georgia and saw a woman walking in, so I asked her what was going on behind the blocked out windows. The woman said it was going to be an Ethiopian restaurant soon. It was sad to see Fusion go, but happy to hear about a new restaurant coming in for sure!”

4015 Georgia Ave, NW

Update from the owner of The Pitch about their temporary closure:

“The Pitch Tavern will be reopening on Wednesday, May 27. We’re taking this time to bring on some new hires, take our staff through a new training program and revise our menu. With The Pitch Tavern being a new establishment, my partners and I being new restaurateurs, and the summer months approaching, we decided it was more effective to close temporarily while we get our house in order. We will continue giving our guests an outstanding experience through the summer and beyond!”

3655 Georgia Ave, NW

This is very very very good news. Joe Englert (the man behind much of U Street and H Street’s early revitalization) is returning to Petworth. He first dipped his toe in the Petworth waters back in 2006 with Temperance Hall (which later sold and became Looking Glass Lounge.) Ed. Note: Further proof that everyone called this stretch, down to Otis, and why it will always be Petworth to me and many others. But anyway back to the real news – Englert’s coming back.

I’d been hearing rumors and a reader saw some action at the former hardware store which closed back in March 2014 just south of the Petworth Metro. The reader also sent a report from the Park View blog: “a new tavern is in the works called Reliable Tavern & Hardware”. I emailed with ABRA and they have confirmed that an application for Reliable Tavern and Hardware has been filed. And the signatory to that application? One Joseph Englert. Oh yeah!! As a huge fan of Temperance Hall (and thank God, Looking Glass Lounge still kicks ass) this is very very very good news for Georgia Ave’s continued revitalization. Stay tuned.

Georgia ave looking north to the metro

Georgia Avenue, Petworth April 2015

“Newman Row, first houses built in Petworth 8th Street between Upshur and Varnum, March 1893″

I’ve been doing this blog coming on 9 years now and this might be coolest email I’ve ever received:

“I have found very old photos from my family, who were early builders/residents of DC. Apparently they built a row of houses that were the “first in Petworth” in 1893, back then called Newman’s Row. My paternal grandfather’s family’s name is Newman and the homes were at 8th and Upshur.”

Thanks so much to Connie for sharing her family’s photos – they are jaw droppingly spectacular.

“Newman residence, first in Petworth 1893″ (These are Newmans)

“View west from Newman Residence, 8th and Upshur 1893″

“Newman Row Petworth 1894″

8th and Upshur Street, NW Today:

looking north on 8th towards Varnum

looking east on Upshur towards New Hampshire

looking west on Upshur towards Georgia


“Dear PoPville,

So Georgia Avenue not by some considered the most beautiful or esthetically pleasing part of Petworth but you know we love it.We love the community the hellos the fact that we live on a major thoroughfare in DC and we all make it work. Sadly last week we collected six bags of trash(im taking big black bags folks) from the sidewalk.Seriously who just throws trash out of a car these days? Well it turns out lots of people do and tonight I had the displeasure of meeting some of these trash fiends.

At about 8:45pm tonight we witnessed a car pull up, people threw a plate of food out and entered next car. We suggested that the street wasn’t a trash can. Not a suggestion that was taken or well received. Looks like someone had a nice birthday party from the plate of cake I then picked up. How do we stop this sort of thing from happening in our beautiful community?”

Sadly I’ve been wondering the same thing since 2003. I don’t think it can ever be completely stopped. What you did was the best – pick up trash when you see it (within reason of course). It’s frustrating but if folks see you picking up trash – perhaps some will think about it more. Others will not care but at least you made an effort. And know that your efforts are appreciated by many.

Rendering of signage at Georgia and Upshur St, NW

Slim’s Diner update from Craigslist:

“Slim’s Diner seeks GENERAL MANAGER

Slim’s Diner is opening in July at the corner of Georgia Avenue and Upshur Street in Washington, D.C.

Help us build the best diner in D.C! This important position is responsible for management and oversight of the restaurant, staff, and financial success of the business as a whole. Work with the Chef and Management Group to create a neighborhood star.

Slim’s Diner is coming to Petworth! Slim’s is a traditional diner serving breakfast, lunch and dinner to the neighborhood. We are committed to providing excellent hospitality, great food and drinks, and building community in Petworth.”

C’mon July!!