A reader writes:

“We had a package stolen from our front porch on the 900 block of Farragut Street [Friday, 3:30pm]. Can you please post this picture on your site. He placed the package in the black garbage bag. Now that it is the holiday season, be aware that others maybe tracking your comings and goings. We’re also calling the police about this as well. Thanks.”


“Dear PoPville,

Does anyone know if the city is required to provide advance warning to residents if it intends to turn an unzoned street into a newly zoned parking area requiring the appropriate permit? I’m asking because I came home from work one day in August to find that the unzoned street I was parked on in north Petworth (Gallatin Street) had suddenly become a Zone 4D, permit-only area. The city provided NO advance notice that this change would happen and — even better — immediately ticketed all of the cars that were parked there without the proper permit! I had three tickets for $90 waiting for me the same day the change went into effect.

I challenged my tickets. I lost. I also reached out to DDOT, which just got back to me (months later) and claims it is not responsible for putting up signs that warn people that the parking rules are about to change. Feels very much like a kangaroo court to me…

PS — If anyone feels that I am in the wrong for parking on an unzoned street, it’s because I LIVE on an unzoned street and do not qualify for an RPP. In other words, I had no choice.

PPS — Also, as it happens, DDOT got back to me after I e-mailed you and confirmed that they are under no obligation to post signs giving advance notice of zoning changes. The DDOT person actually told me that it would be a great thing to take up with my elected officials and she agreed my tickets were unfair. (Still had to pay them, though!)

Previous concert video from a PoPville reader

From a press release:

“The world-renowned Howard University Gospel Choir returns to Safeway’s new Petworth location [3830 Georgia Ave, NW] this Friday evening, December 5, at 6:00 pm – fresh from their appearance at the grocer’s Feast of Sharing last week.

Founded in 1968 on the campus of Howard University and based out of the historic Andrew Rankin Memorial Chapel, the Howard Gospel Choir emerged as the first college gospel choir on any collegiate campus in the nation. The award-winning ensemble travels extensively throughout the United States and has most recently headlined tours to the European countries of Denmark, Italy, Montenegro, Slovakia and Sweden.

Alumni of the Howard Gospel Choir include Grammy Award winner Richard Smallwood and Elberta “Twinkie” Clark of the legendary Clark Sisters gospel group. The choir is currently under the direction of Reginald Golden, a Howard University alumnus from Cleveland, Ohio.

The Petworth store opened on June 27 featuring a performance by the Urban Nation Youth Hip Hop Choir hours after the doors opened and has hosted a myriad of other events and activities that have included a community health fair, a back-to-school education fair, Pumpkin decorating for kids, and regular jazz performances from local musicians.”

From MPD:

“This evening [roughly 6:30] MPD responded to the intersection of Emerson Street and Georgia Avenue for an apparent kidnapping. The victim, who was not physically harmed, was forced into the truck of his car a short distance from Emerson and Georgia Ave [near Decatur and Georgia Ave] by two suspects who were armed with a handgun. At the intersection of Emerson and Georgia Ave the vehicle was involved in a minor accident. After the accident the suspects made good their escape on foot and the complainant was also able to exit the trunk. The look is for two juvenile black males, both approximately 6’ tall, one was wearing a Helly Hansen jacket and pants. Anyone with information is asked to call 202-727-9099.

The investigation is ongoing but it is not believed to be completely random.”

Update from MPD:

“Detectives from the Metropolitan Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Division are investigating a robbery/kidnapping while armed, which occurred in the 900 block of Decatur Street, Northwest.

On Tuesday, December 2, 2014, officers from the Fourth District responded to a call for service for a possible kidnapping in the 900 block of Decatur Street, Northwest. Initial investigation revealed that between 3:30 pm and 4:00 pm, the victim was approached by two armed suspects wearing dark colored clothing with hoods over their heads, and ordered the victim to give them his property. After obtaining the property, the suspects then ordered the victim into the trunk of his vehicle. Once the victim was in the trunk, the suspects drove away. When the vehicle slowed down, the victim used the emergency trunk release and fled from the suspects.

Suspect One is described as a black male, approximately 5`9” in height, brown eyes and was last seen wearing a black hoody with the hood pulled up over his head, covering his mouth. He was armed with a handgun.

Suspect Two is described as a clean shaven black male, approximately 6`1” in height, weighing 180 pounds, and was last seen wearing a black hoody with the hood pulled up over his head and also covering his chin. He was also armed with a handgun.

The investigation is continuing.

The Metropolitan Police Department currently offers a reward of up to $10,000 to anyone that provides information which leads to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons wanted for any robbery committed in the District of Columbia. Anyone with information about this case is asked to call the police at (202) 727-9099.”

“Dear PoPville,

A nice young woman who catches the bus here most mornings was victim of a hit and run this morning. Esmeralda was crossing NH Ave on Taylor St at around 7:30 this morning. She was hit on the SE corner of the intersection. She had a nasty cut on her head and she was extremely shaken, but I am hopeful she will be OK. Her new $10,000 wheelchair looks to be a total loss. Could you please ask your readers to contact police if they have any information. It is my understanding that as of early this morning there were no know witnesses.”


“Dear PoPville,

There were sets of two young men (early-mid 20s) in suits and clipboards going door to door (at least two sets, more explained below) around 7:30pm Tuesday night. I live in the 1300 blocks in Petworth. The men represented themselves as being from PEPCO and asked my name and to see my utility bill. Their line was that “PEPCO send out an important notification on page 2 of your bill and we are here to make sure you are aware of it.”

Sounded a little fishy and I declined to show them my bill, but I thanked them for bringing it to my attention. I immediately called PEPCO and I was told that there wasn’t any general notification on their bills and that, in any case, they didn’t go door-to-door with that kind of information (much less to ask to see bills). Thinking this might be a scam I thought I should do something to report them, or at least discourage them somewhat.

I called the police, who later arrived and spoke with one pair of the gentlemen. As the police were on the way I received a call back from a dispatcher who said officers were speaking with the two men. I could still see the two men I spoke with working their way down the block and no officers in sight. Speaking to the dispatcher, it appeared there was another group of men going door-to-door.

After the confusion was resolved additional officers arrived and spoke with the two men on my street. The officers later came to me and told me the door-to-door men were “legit”. They may have been, but these men certainly lied to me about who they were and who they represented.

So are these gentlemen scammers or just really aggressive salesmen? I couldn’t know for sure, but I would hate for any of my elderly and perhaps more trusting neighbors to be caught up in some kind of scam.”

Photo by PoPville flickr user Joe Flood

From an email:

“The last Bike House clinics of the year are this weekend.

Saturday from noon-3 at Annie’s Ace Hardware, and Sunday from 11am-1pm at the Bloomingdale Farmers Market. But don’t worry, we’ll have plenty of fun in the winter months. Watch our website or like us on Facebook to find out about upcoming events, like winter cycling workshops and the infamous “Coldest Day of the Year Ride.”
Thank you to our gracious hosts at Annie’s Ace Hardware and the Bloomingdale Farmers Market, and to all our guests and volunteers who made 2014 our most successful season yet.”