Golden Paradise
3903 14th Street, NW at Randolph

A reader reports:

“Golden Paradise Open! Apparently they opened over the weekend while the rest of us were distracted by the snow. Hoping to stop and check out the food tonight!”

Ed. Note: This is the former Rib Pit space – anyone stop in Golden Paradise yet? Updates when OP and others report back!

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From Alert DC:

“Alert: Shooting at 1147 hrs in the 4700 block of Kansas Avenue, NW. Lookout for suspects is (1) B/M light complexion all black clothing wearing a mask, (1) B/M dark complexion all black clothing wearing a mask.”

Readers report:

“I heard about about six shots fired near Sherman circle about 20 minutes ago. Actually took cover. Emergency services on the scene.”


“Just got back to our house on the 4800 block of Illinois from a walk in Petworth and heard around 7 shots. Looked out window and saw two guys run west on Decatur and then turn into the alley. Looks like they shot at the house on the 4700 block of Illinois and one person inside was hit. A guy was shoveling out his car immediately adjacent to the shooters and seemed to have dove into the snow.

Nothing to ruin a beautiful post-blizzard day like a Petworth shooting.”


“there was a shooting at 4700 block of Illinois on Sherman Circle at about 11:45/noon. One wounded, apparently will be ok. Police on lookout for shooter.

What a freaking way to ruin a snow day, quite the shock while out shoveling to hear and see a shooting.”

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A reader reports around midnight:

“My husband, two neighbors, and I were outside shoveling our sidewalks around 11:30 pm on the 200 block of Webster NW. We heard a car with loud music coming slowly towards us and we stopped to look at who would be crazy enough to be riding around in this. We heard a loud pop go off, then another pop as the car passed by my neighbor. As the car rolled towards my husband and me, I saw the passenger point a black gun out the window straight at me, then up into the air and fire. The car just kept rolling down Webster and fired 4 more consecutive shots around the 400 block of Webster. My neighbor said the guy had pointed the gun straight at him too before pointing it up in the air to fire. We were no more than a car length away from the car when he pointed the gun straight at us. Needless to say, we were all in total shock and disbelief that these guys were riding around terrorizing people like this. We called the police and they came by to get out info. All anyone of us saw was that it was a white or silver newer model jeep with a thumping sound system and extremely bright, almost blue, headlights. I know that’s not much, but between the blizzard and the gun pointed at us, we didn’t see much else.

Please let the neighborhood know that this is happening. We were totally caught off guard and didn’t even have time to react until the guy already had the gun pointed straight at us. Hopefully they’ll catch these guys before they seriously injure or kill someone.”

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From MPD:

“Today around 12:00 PM, MPD responded to the 4500 block of Illinois Avenue, NW, for the sounds of gunshots. We located an adult male suffering from a gun shot wound. The victim was transported to a local hospital for treatment. His injuries are not life threatening.

Anyone with information regarding this offense is asked to call the CIC at 202-727-9099 or text at 50411.”

Photo by PoPville flickr user angela n.

Thank you all for indulging in my recent obsession of birds, yesterday’s will be tough to beat but today we’ll focus on an unusual situation in Petworth. In the building above the YES! Organic Market on Georgia Ave – apparently there are either a ton of birds or someone who’s playing a really loud recording of a ton of birds. A reader captures the scene a bit (though I’m told the video doesn’t do justice to how loud these birds sound):

“This was filmed on Taylor St, a block off of Georgia. My neighbor said she’s emailed the management company for the building that Yes is in, but hasn’t received a response.

What on earth is up with the loud recording of bird noises on Georgia by Yes? This has been going on for days, only at night.”

Video after the jump. (more…)


From Petworth Citizen (829 Upshur St, NW):

“We are hosting a fundraiser at Petworth Citizen for the Punk Archive on Thursday from 6-8pm.

Did you know that DC houses a major, growing punk music archive? DCPL started the archive as part of its Washingtoniana project to collect and preserve DC’s history.

This Thursday from 6-8pm, we’re teaming up with the DC Punk Archive as they take over the Reading Room. From 6-8, 10% of all proceeds will go to DCPL and the Punk Archive. Bartender Carlie Steiner will offer a special menu, including a taster of her brand new Variations of a Theme series.”