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“Dear PoPville,

I already filled out formal commendations for three officers (1 MPD and 2 Transit Police) but wanted to pass along my appreciation of these three outstanding officers.

My wallet was stolen right from my bag on the Petworth metro escalator at around 8:05am Friday morning. I saw the person who did it but he must have been working as a team and he got away.

I saw MPD Officer Anthony Christian walk into the CVS across the street from metro and followed him and explained the situation. He took down my information and even told me to get in his car and we canvassed the neighborhood looking for the suspect! I tried my best to explain what he looked like. I would have recognized him if I saw him, but what I learned this morning is that it’s important to notice clothing and details such as facial hair and haircut if anything like this ever happens again.

Officer Christian and I then reported what happened to the two transit police officers at the station (M. Garcia and M. Broadnax) who also took my information and filed a report. I was very shaken up and had no money,credit cards, or metro card. They walked around the station with me looking for my wallet in the hopes that the thief just threw it somewhere. We didn’t find it but they did give me a metro pass so I could get to work.

Under three hours later, both Officers Christian and Broadnax called me to say that a good samaritan had found my wallet by the CVS and turned it in. Not only was everything still in my wallet minus the $10 in cash, but Officer Christian even told me to keep his number because he works in ward 4 where I live and I can call him directly if I ever run into any issues in the future. Officer Broadnax even DROVE to Dupont to return my wallet to me. I’m so appreciative of these three officers that I want the community to know that the 4th district has some great police serving us.”

3911 Georgia Ave, NW

Speaking of places still coming – well it’s been a couple years but the Homestead from the owners of the Blaguard is still coming too. There’s been some serious progress – it’s like a total reconstruction. I’m not sure if I’m dreaming it but I’m feeling like a rood deck could be in the works too – stay tuned.

Update from the owners – no roof deck but plenty of outdoor space coming:

“We do not plan to open Homestead with a high roof deck. We have outdoor seating at the original porch level and we are adding a new front balcony off the second floor. In addition we built a terrace in the back that’s over 1,000 sq/ft. Total outdoor is over 1,500 sq/ft.”




A reader tweets us:

“@PoPville looks like they’re about to set up TSA-style security experiment at GA Ave/Petworth station. Know anything of this?”

“10am on a Tues seems less than ideal to catch bad guys, I get doing it not during rush but like 7-close seems be better”

Ed. Note: Metro Transit Police have been doing random searches since at least 2008. We also spoke about random inspections in 2010and most recently in 2014.


“Ulysses Uncut
Jun 15 at 5:00pm to Jun 17 at 12:00am
Petworth Citizen
829 Upshur Street, NW

Join us for a MARATHON reading of James Joyce’s masterpiece Ulysses. That’s right, that means we’re reading the entire book, from start to finish. It will run for approximately 30 hours from June 15 at 5pm through the evening of June 16. We’ll have coffee, Irish whiskey, and food aplenty, including specialty cocktails, two breakfasts, and – during opening hours – Petworth Citizen’s usual delicious menu.

It’s our first Bloomsday event – and the only marathon reading in DC! – and we want you to be part of it!

APPROXIMATE schedule of sections: (more…)

3815 Georgia Ave, NW

From an email:

“Chez Billy, the neighborhood French bistro in the heart of Petworth announces Lawrence DiJoseph as the new chef at Chez Billy. DiJoseph’s menu will debut at the bistro Tuesday, June 16.

DiJoseph heads to Chez Billy after a storied career that includes stints at New York City’s Picholine, Bistro du Vent and most recently, 8 ½ in Richmond, VA. A 4th generation Washingtonian, DiJoseph began cooking professionally at age 18 inspired by the city’s long history of exceptional French restaurants and chefs like La Côte d’Or Cafe, Le Pavillion, Citronelle and Jean Louis Palladin. He is also inspired by his family’s long culinary lineage. His great grandmother owned an Italian restaurant called Vesuvius at the turn of the 20th century where the FBI building now stands, his grandfather owned the Monticello Delicatessen in Alexandria from 1937-1968 and his nephew is Chef Brendan L’Etoile, Chez Billy and Chez Billy Sud’s executive chef.

“I’m DC through and through. It’s in my blood and I’m so pleased to be back here after twenty years,” says DiJoseph. “Plus I love to cook with Brendan. We have been cooking French food together for a decade. It’s really special when we are in the kitchen together. It’s family.”

“We are linking what we do at both Chez Billy and Chez Billy Sud now so that the experiences are congruent, but have ‘regional’ differences,” say proprietor, Ian Hilton. “We’re excited and honored to have a chef of Lawrence’s caliber at the forefront helping us to do that.”

Check out their new menu launching tomorrow:

Chez Billy Dinner Menu (PDF)