Last week a reader sent word that Alero Cleveland Park had been removed from Alero’s website locations and a gank banner went up. When I stopped by they were closed but Alero U Street (Dupont Circle also remains Alero) confirms via email – alas providing scant details:

“That is correct, Alero Cleveland used to be part of our company.”

Anyone been to the now simply “Mexican Restaurant” above Medium Rare? The menu posted out front was the same – updates when more is known.

3500 Connecticut Ave, NW

previous Fox sighting in Meridian Hill Park last December

From the Cleveland Park Listserv one resident reports:

“Yesterday [Sunday] in Tregaron Park, the grounds of the International School, along the fenced boarder of the back yards of the houses along Macomb St., the first block west of Connecticut Ave., a fox attacked my dogs as we were walking them along a trail. Then the fox turned on me! This is unusual behavior for a fox and indicates that it may be infected with rabies. I alerted animal control, and brought my dogs in for a rabies booster, but have not yet heard from them.”

Another reports:

“And I also saw a fox (there may be more than one) on Woodley Road and the corner of 36th about 10 days ago, plus our neighbor on Woodley (behind Tregaron) reported that her cats were bitten by a fox 2 days ago–which sounds like it might have been Saturday.”

and another:

“I saw the fox twice on Saturday, ranging in the backyards between Newark and Macomb Streets starting at the west end of Ross Place and going east about 6 houses. It was yipping and stood its ground rather than running when I appeared. This fox it isn’t just confined to Tregaron.”

3417 Connecticut Ave, NW

I admit for a second I thought this might be a celebrity chef taco pop up for a second but then I saw front window – Wikipedia tells me:

“The Chalmun’s Cantina (often called the Mos Eisley Cantina or the Star Wars Cantina) is a fictional bar (cantina) of the Star Wars universe located in the “pirate city” of Mos Eisley on the planet Tatooine.”


3426 Connecticut Ave, NW

A reader reported just around 12:15pm:

“Just thought you might want to know, looks like people are already camping out in front of the Uptown.”

I couldn’t believe it but I remember when the Star Wars film came out in 1999 and I was living a few blocks away from the Uptown at that time and one night I came stumbling walking home around 3am and there was this massive line outside my building. The building was a full two blocks away from the Theatre mind you and I was like “what the shit is this?”. And then because I was young and a total jerk I charged somebody waiting in line $20 to use my bathroom. I’ve been wracked with guilt over that ever since. I feel better now, thank you. Anyway I digress.

And so the circle of Star Wars films continues:


But I gotta respect David Casterline from Fairfax, VA – he brought a barcalounger and he got it for free off craigslist! Well done – and you picked the right weather for it!


3509 Connecticut Ave, NW

Secolari is coming to the little strip mall (Sam’s Park & Shop) at Connecticut and Ordway St, NW.

From a press release:

“Secolari, an artisan olive oil and vinegar store, opens its fourth location in the historic Sam’s Park & Shop shopping center today. The name Secolari is Italian for “age old,” and was adopted in honor of the ancient olive tree, which can live for thousands of years.

The concept of Secolari aims to enrich life with the overall benefits of the “Age Old” Mediterranean Lifestyle through the introduction of exceptional foods and works of art. Located steps from the Cleveland Park Metro Station, the space reflects an old world Tuscan farmhouse, with Secolari products displayed amidst antique décor. The store centers on an open tasting room, where guests can sample the full portfolio of Secolari’s extra virgin and flavored olive oils, balsamic, and vinegars, and the friendly and knowledgeable staff serves as a valuable resource in educating its visitors. The shop also offers an array of other products including a variety of seasonings and spreads, flavored pastas, and honeys, and will exhibit and feature for sale original artwork by local artists. A Grand Opening Celebration at Secolari Cleveland Park will be held at a later date. (more…)

cleveland Park library

The Cleveland Park library is located at 3310 Connecticut Ave, NW. Thumbs up or down on the renderings? There’s already some pretty serious debate on the Cleveland Park listserve. Here’s the current view via google:


From the Cleveland Park Historical Society:

“The concept design presentation for the new Cleveland Park Library as presented at the Oct. 6th community meeting is now available to view below. CPHS’s Architectural Review Committee will review the plans at its November 9th meeting, which neighbors are welcome to attend. We will send out a notice of the agenda in early November.”

via google maps

From MPD:

“The Metropolitan Police Department seeks the public’s assistance in locating and identifying a suspect in connection with a sexual assault that occurred in the 3500 block of Macomb Street, Northwest.

On Saturday, October 10, 2015, between 3:30 am and 4:00 am, an adult female entered a four door silver sedan, which she mistook as an Uber car. Upon entering the vehicle, the driver produced a knife and sexually assaulted the complainant. The complainant was able to escape without further injury.

The suspect is described as Middle Eastern male, early thirties, with black curly hair.

Anyone who has information regarding this case should call police at 202-727-9099.”