two boots popville
1025 H Street, NE

Well that’s a bummer, Washington Business Journal reports:

“Miller Walker Retail Real Estate is re-leasing the space at 1025 H St. NE. Two Boots owner Phil Hartman confirmed the company is not going to be able to open there and said they are currently “negotiating a mutually acceptable extrication” from the lease with the landlord.”

Bring back North East Beauty Supply!!

sopeseso opening
1344 H Street, NE

Sospeso lets us know via twitter yesterday: “We actually made it through and opening this Friday!”

Their website says:

“Start your day with expertly crafted coffee and pastries, stop in for a classic porchetta sandwich in the afternoon, or finish your day with our fresh homemade pasta, paired with an original house-infused vermouth cocktail or wine from our carefully-selected list.

Inspired by the recipes of our grandparents and great-grandparents, as well as the sun-drenched countries and seas of Southern Europe, the Eastern Mediterranean, and North Africa, we choose fresh local ingredients to prepare simple and modern artisan dishes with beautifully defined flavors.

Grilled fish served head to tail, mezes of taverns, and the highest quality olive oils and wines are Sospeso’s signature offerings. A seamless blend of original history and modern rustic design, Sospeso’s natural light-soaked industrial space evokes a refined dining experience with a unique sense of the comforts of the Mediterranean.

The name Sospeso comes from Caffè Sospeso, which literally means “suspended coffee.” This is a Neapolitan practice of someone anonymously paying for a coffee ahead for someone else in need. We look forward to carrying on the tradition.”

Menus after the jump. (more…)

wharf resto rendering
Courtesy The Wharf

From a press release:

“Officials from Hoffman-Madison Waterfront (HMW), the developer of The Wharf, a $2 billion, mile-long neighborhood located on DC’s Southwest waterfront, today announced Chef Roberto Santibañez’s Mi Vida coming to The Wharf in Phase 1.

KNEAD Hospitality + Design is creating this new restaurant concept for The Wharf in partnership with Chef Roberto Santibañez, owner of the acclaimed Fonda restaurants in New York City. “Mi Vida,” which translates to “my life,” is also a term of endearment used to refer to a loved one. The 9,500-square-foot restaurant will be located at the water’s edge directly on Wharf Street adjacent to The Anthem, The Wharf’s new 6,000-person capacity music venue. (more…)

hunan fire 2
Photo via DC Fire & EMS

“Dear PoPville,

Does anyone know when or if Hunan Dynasty is reopening? Odd that there has been zero reports on such a popular place.”

While their website is still live, phone calls go unanswered.

On November 17th DC Fire & EMS reported:

“Fire at 200blk of Pennsylvania Ave SE extinguished. Units on scene, checking for extension. No injuries reported at this time.”

Ed. Note: I had to scroll from today to November to look up this old tweet (twitter really needs a better search function) and it really is extraordinary seeing all the rescue/responses they’ve made. Serious, serious props to DCFD. Don’t ever want to take these folks for granted.

hunan fire
Photo via DC Fire & EMS

seylou bakery
926 N Street, NW

Despite the recent demise of Chao Ku, Piassa, Table, Shaw Bistro and A&D in April – all is not lost for 9th Street. A reader reports this great update:

“The Union Kitchen Market (SE corner of 9/N) is now open, the place that’s going into the old Rogue 24 location (next to La Colombe) looks like it’s close to being done Ed. Note: Monkey King and there’s the bakery (pictured above) at 926 N.”

Seylou Bakery & Mill’s website says:

“opening late Summer 2017

A Whole grain bakery
We specialize in
100% whole grain
freshly milled artisan breads
made in a wood fired oven
as well as
healthy and nutritious
pastries, teas and coffees.

We hope to delight your senses and nourish your body.

Seylou means “eagle” in the Mandinka language of West Africa. (more…)

1027 31st Street, NW

Choco Shawarma is a unique fast food concept and new dine-in/ carry out restaurant in the heart of Georgetown

We provide Sweet & Savory Crepes, Waffle, Funnel Cake, Hot & Cold Coffee / Drinks , Beverages, Shakes, Smoothies, NUTELLA Salad, Hookah and other unique recipes based on different theme”



looking north towards Chez Billy Sud and M Street


From John Andrade owner of Meridian Pint (11th and Park Rd, NW), Brookland Pint ( 716 Monroe St, NE), Smoke & Barrel (2471 18th St, NW):

“As a Latino business owner I stand in solidarity with all of my immigrant staff. Therefore, I will close all my kitchens this Thursday in support of their desire and right to protest the evolving state of immigration policies in our country. Our bars will remain open and our guests are welcome to BYOF (bring your own food.)”

Photo by PoPville flickr user Miki J.

Thanks to a reader for passing on from a local supplier:

“As you may be aware, there are “A Day Without Immigrants” strikes taking place across the country. There is talk that our area may also see a form of strike on Thursday 16th February.

With this is mind, we are encouraging our clients to double up their orders on Tuesday for delivery on Wednesday, as our Thursday deliveries may experience delays.”

sylvan bakery

Thanks to all who emailed the good news! Nick writes:

Sylvan Bakery opened this morning! Their selection looked great and seem to have some pretty promising savory breakfast items. Also, they’re open at 7:00 am for my fellow Bloomingdale residents who leave for work before 8. Wishing them the best of luck.

I only got the pastry/bagel case (photo above) there’s another case with sweets and a wall of bread…”

104 Rhode Island Ave, NW