“Dear PoPville,

What are your recommendations for the best Chinese food that has a delivery option? I live in NW and have had a hard time finding something solid. Best I’ve found so far is New Dynasty on P Street (but very pricey). Any recommendations, whether it’s in NW or any other area that has a wide delivery range, would be incredibly helpful!”


From a press release:

“Join 40 top Washington, DC restaurants in celebrating one of their favorite culinary delicacies – foie gras. As part of the week-long DC Foie Gras Festival, participating restaurants will be serving foie gras-centric dishes, all featuring conscionably raised domestic foie gras. Consumers who dine at any of the 40 participating restaurants from October 26 – November 2 will have the opportunity to vote on their favorite foie gras dish and the winner of the popular vote will receive the coveted Golden Duck trophy.

The DC Foie Gras Festival is the chef-driven reincarnation of Foie La La, the original H Street foie gras competition founded four years ago by former Boundary Road chef and co-owner, Brad Walker.

“Foie gras has a rich cultural history dating back to ancient Egypt, but there are many misconceptions about this culinary delicacy,” said Chef Luke Feltz of Boundary Road and the organizer of the DC Foie Gras Festival. “Our mission during this week-long festival is to delight foie gras enthusiasts, introduce foie gras to those who have yet to experience it, and to educate diners on foie gras and its production.” (more…)

405 8th Street, SE back in April of last year

From a press release:

“&pizza, the D.C.-founded and headquartered chain of community-focused pizza shops known for its devoted ampersand-tattooed employees, handmade pies, and craft sodas, announces the opening of &pizza Barracks Row on Thursday, October 20 at 11am. Located at 405 8th Street SE, this is their tenth shop within D.C. city limits and 18th overall.

In what has fast become an &pizza opening day tradition, the first five guests to request a tattoo of &pizza’s signature ampersand will receive it gratis complements of D.C. tattoo partner Laughing Hyena, and in addition, will receive free pizza for a year. The brand makes the same offer to its employees – the &pizza Tribe – and to date more than 60 Tribe members have signed their allegiance on skin. Additionally, free pies will be given to the first 118 guests in line. (more…)


Update: Reopened!

Erdem sends the devastating word this morning:

“So’s Your Mom in Adams Morgan on Calvert is closed indefinitely due to food violations.”

Hopefully the issues are resolved very very soon as this place has some of the best and most moderately priced sandwiches in DC. I often rank it in the top 10 “hidden gems” of DC. Praying, yes, praying for a speedy resolution!

1831 Columbia Road, NW

Georgia and Harvard St, NW

Thanks to Allie for the update on Zippin’ Chicken’ – I believe this is the first soft grand opening we’ve seen… As long as the chicken is good, well then it’s all good!! If anyone goes let us know what you think [email protected] or @PoPville – thanks!