by Prince Of Petworth January 3, 2018 at 10:55 am 0

Thanks to Zac for sending:

“Zen taco replacing custom fuel on Pennsylvania Ave by the white house”

Zen Taco’s website says:

“Zen Taco (aka TruTaco), founded in 2016, is a place where flavors you know and love come together in a bold, unique, and delicious way. Inspired by the flavors of Latin America and Asia, here we bring together these two worlds and the result is Truly delicious.

By combining slowly roasted meats, freshly prepared vegetables, healthy grains and a variety of other toppings and fixings, we’re able to serve up authenticity like you’ve never tasted it before. And, while the food we serve takes hours to prepare, it comes together in minutes when you order it.”

Check out their menus here.

Updates as they get closer to opening.

1747 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

by Prince Of Petworth January 3, 2018 at 9:30 am 0

Driftwood Kitchen opened in the former TruOrleans space back in October 2014.

“A cedar tree falls into the Mediterranean, travels through the Atlantic, and finally arrives in Washington DC. This is the fundamental concept of Driftwood Kitchen, located in the heart of the bustling H Street Corridor.

With a focus on Modern American food, Driftwood Kitchen borrows from the many different flavor profiles of the culinary traditions based throughout the Mediterranean.”

Updates when we learn what becomes of the space. Thanks to Lauren for sending.

4th and H Street, NE

by Prince Of Petworth January 3, 2018 at 8:22 am 0

2905 Sherman Ave, NW

Thanks to Eric for sending. Any fans of “Sóc Trăng” style cuisine?

Another reader writes:

“This house has been abandoned for at least three years and all of sudden in the last 2 months a lot of work has been done. I am not 100% sure, but I could’ve sworn I saw a couple people leave the house one evening with “Pho Viet” shirts. Now today this sign popped up on the house. I hope the Pho Viet crew (3513 14th Street, NW) are opening a new restaurant.”

Last month the Washington Post shared my love for Pho Viet (with tons of info about the restaurant and family) and included this little tidbit at the end:

“Along with her mother, Nguyen is opening a second restaurant in the area early next year, focusing on bun rieu, a vermicelli soup popular throughout southern Vietnam. The restaurant is an homage to the region where Nguyen’s love of cooking was born — and the woman who taught her about food.”

Updates when they get closer to opening. STAY TUNED.

by Prince Of Petworth December 14, 2017 at 10:25 am 0

14th and Irving St, NW on Irving Street. Photo by Ross

Whoa – Ross reports:

“Competition for &pizza in old Zombie Donuts space in Columbia Heights?”

&pizza opened in the Columbia Heights Plaza back in March 2016. Zombie Donuts closed in December of last year. Pidzza has locations in Chinatown, Ivy City and most recently opened on U Street. You can see their menu here.

As I was typing this up I just got this email from Matthew:

“Pidzza in Chinatown. This has been up for close to 2 weeks now.

A friend tells me the pizza sauces were too spicy so she only had the pizza once, but wished they had a non-spicy sauce because she would eat there more often.”

Updates when we have an opening date in Columbia Heights and more info on Chinatown.

by Prince Of Petworth December 13, 2017 at 3:15 pm 0

202 M Street, SE

Well happy Wednesday indeed!! In scuttlebutt from a tipster who has a 100% accuracy rating (please no jinx, knock wood, knock wood) – the best pizza in D.C. is opening another branch in Navy Yard. I hear the former Il Parco space will become none other than a Wiseguy Pizza. But that’s not all. Those who remember the Parco/Park Tavern space remember there is a nice bar space so expect some serious beer options. In addition to the pizza expect some gelato and coffee options as well. Updates when confirmation comes.

by Prince Of Petworth December 12, 2017 at 1:30 pm 0

1121 14th Street, NW

Thanks to Hannah for sending the good word on Arepa Zone‘s opening:

“Open now (and I’m here!). Apprently they had their soft opening yesterday and the line is almost out the door. Looks like they added some new things not offered on the food truck or at Union Market to the menu too.”

Menus and photos of the inside after the jump. (more…)

by Prince Of Petworth December 7, 2017 at 9:30 am 0

Small Fry located at 3212 Georgia Ave, NW next Union Drinkery

Thanks to Matt for sending:

“There’s a sign up on Small Fry / Sundevich on Georgia saying Small Fry is closed as of Jan 1 and they are going to focus solely on the sundevich brand.”

And to JC for sending the sign:

“Small Fry switching gears. Going to miss their fried catfish and other things.”

You can see the Sundevich menus here.

by Prince Of Petworth December 5, 2017 at 11:25 am 0

1130 Connecticut Ave, NW

Thanks to Beth for sending:

“I just came across a new bakery on Connecticut Ave near Farragut (1130 Connecticut Ave., NW). They mostly sell pies and cakes, whole and by the slice, but there were also some other baked goods (brownies, blondies, macaroons, cupcakes). The piece of sweet potato pie I got was excellent.”

Danielle’s Desserts website says:

“Danielle’s Desserts celebrates the art of American Southern-style homemade baking.

57+ flavors of Southern-style desserts (more…)

by Prince Of Petworth December 1, 2017 at 10:25 am 0

Whoa, thanks to Allison for sending. Dangerously Delicious Pies opened their Chinatown spot back in April 2013. The original H Street location was renovated last year and looking good.

From Killer E.S.P’s website:

“Killer espresso, sorbet and pie
All the flavors of Old Town Alexandria in a cup, cone, or crust

Take a scoop of homemade gelato, a forkful of mouthwatering pie and a shot of espresso, and mix it right into the heart of Old Town Alexandria, and you get Alexandria’s best spot for delicious food and good company – Killer ESP. Our sweet treats and amazing coffee with have you back on your feet exploring historic Alexandria in no time.”

675 I Street, NW


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