1727 Connecticut Ave, NW

A tipster sends word that Arqa Lebanese Fusion Restaurant and Bar has either opened or will open shortly in the (former) Bistro Bistro space.

From a Craigslist ad:

“ARQA is named after the small village in Lebanon that is home to the delicious flavors of the Mediterranean. Simple, comforting cuisine is showcased in the form of mezze (middle eastern tastings) and small plates. Read More


320 D Street, NE

Well this is huge. A reader reports:

“As follow-up to a conversation about the Joya family (pronounced Hoya) who worked at A. Litteri for years they are opening their own restaurant called Nostra Cucina, located at at 320 D St NE on Capitol Hill. The family is really nice. This location was previously a Mexican-Italian Restaurant called Bistro Italiano.” Read More


1501 U Street, NW

Thanks to Ken for sending: “No more Mediterranean Spot? Or just rebranding?”

Mediterranean Spot opened up at 15th and U St, NW back in August 2012. Previously they were known as 24/Seven located at 1408 U Street. Back in 2013 they added brick pizza ovens at the current location. In May of 2018 we learned that the local ANC had “voted to protest the request for later liquor-service hours.”

Updates as more is known about DC Stone Pizza.

Anyone remember Love Cafe?


11th and Park Road, NW

I don’t have a lot to go on but what what the hell, the dragon must be fed. I’m gonna give this a 71% accuracy rating from the get go because the chain of scuttlebutt is a little looser than what I normally post. Nevertheless, because obviously this location is of major import – let me unburden myself of the morsel I’ve acquired with no further delay. Read More


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