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Judging Restaurants – The Mediterranean Spot

by Prince Of Petworth November 8, 2012 at 12:00 pm 19 Comments

1501 U Street, NW

The Mediterranean Spot (formerly 24/Seven located at 14th and U) opened in August in the former Love Cafe space at the corner of 15th and U St, NW. For those who’ve been – is it exactly the same as 24/Seven? Any must order items? I’m digging the new sign.

15th and U St, NW

  • J

    People go back and forth on the food but the husband and wife owners are incredibly nice and inspire a loyal customer base

    • gmu

      I agree, the husband and wife are so nice, and the food is still delicious. They always ask for input too for how to get the word out about their place.

  • kelynn

    I think we got the combo special. Delicious and a LOT of food.

  • tj

    not be confused with the greek spot several blocks away.

    • Anonymous

      Or “The Spot” from George Pelecanos books.

      • monkeyrotica

        Or “Spot the Looney,” which can be played at any time on the X2.

  • vte

    I haven’t been since the name change, but they always had great, cheap falafel.

  • Greenish

    I like this place a lot, and it is much improved from the former location, and the owner is very friendly and generous. He remembered me even though I had only been to the former location a couple of times, and insisted on trying some freebies of his new offerings. Their menu has definitely expanded and the atmosphere is much less carry-out (although you still can) and more neighborhood eating spot. I used to think of it as a hidden gem but now I’m glad they’re in a location where they can blossom as a business.

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone had one of their “brick oven” pizzas? I have yet to see the brick oven.

    • Anonymous

      I ordered a pizza but they said they weren’t available yet. I’m thinking no oven.

  • Brian

    I haven’t had it yet but I think there’s an error in the post. I believe the Mediterranean Spot took over the Love Cafe space at 15th/U, not the 24/7 spot on 14th/u. And looking at the picture above, that sign definitely says 15th & U.

    • Brian

      Oops, read it again and it was my error. I read the post wrong. The Mediterranean used to be 24/7. Ignore the post above.

  • css

    I love this place. The chicken shawarma is amazing (especially with extra tahini sauce), even better than at their previous location, and portions are really generous – usually I get take out and it’s enough for two meals. The husband and wife owners take a lot of pride in their work and are incredibly appreciative of their customers. Since it’s open 24hrs, it’s a great, healthy and cheap alternative to a lot of the other late night spots. I haven’t tried the pizza yet but they have one on the menu with the chicken shawarma as a topping – the awesomeness of that combo might just blow my mind.

  • paris

    The chicken shawarma is excellent! Never had a bad meal here.

  • I haven’t been in the new place yet but I keep meaning to drop by; I went into the previous location several times and found the owner — the husband who other posters are referring to — to be the *nicest* guy. He was very generous to me, even though I had only been a customer two or three times. I hope they have great luck at this new spot. (I only ever ordered bagels and coffee, so can’t comment on the rest of the menu.)

  • eli

    The falafel is wonderful.

    • Anonymous

      especially with their hot sauce.

  • John

    A wonderful addition to the neighborhood. They always play nice jazz music, and the food is excellent (and you get a lot of it for the dollar). Good coffee/pastries too if you just want to sit and read/go online. Not tough to find a seat.

  • I Oliver

    I live across the street and have been disappointed. I agree with everyone about how nice the husband and wife are, but I think they need to specialize in something to succeed. Right now, they make everything under the sun (pizza, subs, baked goods, mediterannean, etc.) and it’s all mediocre. Not horrible, but it doesn’t make me excited to go back. I hope they succeed but am not optimistic at the moment.


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