Washington, DC

11th and Park Road, NW

I don’t have a lot to go on but what what the hell, the dragon must be fed. I’m gonna give this a 71% accuracy rating from the get go because the chain of scuttlebutt is a little looser than what I normally post. Nevertheless, because obviously this location is of major import – let me unburden myself of the morsel I’ve acquired with no further delay.

But first I want to say, last night’s CAPS game was a tough one. It hurt to watch. Ovi was a beast with his hands but we were otherwise dominated on the ice. Credit to the ‘Canes – they played a damn fine game. Now let’s shake it off and get our heads together and skate strong on Thursday. OK now let’s talk the Nats bullpen for just a second. It’s TOO early to freak out. That’s all I’m saying. It’s April fer Godsakes.

Anyway, I hear a Malaysian restaurant, a real deal Malaysian restaurant – with possible Maketto and Spoken English connections, of some sort may be taking over the Meridian Pint spot. Maybe. I don’t really know for sure. 65% 71%. STAY TUNED.


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