A real typo from a North-South planning session in 2013.

“Dear PoPville,

I wanted to ask if you have any information on the Georgia Avenue streetcar. Is it just a myth that one will be coming our way? I live in North Petworth near Georgia, which is unequivocally remote, and a streetcar would be a boon for business and home values up on Georgia. I checked the website for the streetcar, but it doesn’t provide much information.”

hahahahha ah wait a second, wait a second. I’m sorry, I apologize – I’ve gathered myself. There was a time not that long ago where I’d say – 100% it will absolutely happen. However after the utter debacle of the H Street/Benning Road implementation I’m not so sure. What’s the expression: Fool me 500 times shame on me? Maybe if H Street/Benning starts carrying passengers and is an incredible success it might still happen. Though I should note that as recently as Feb. 2014 there were still active meetings to discuss “a 9-mile, North-South corridor that connects the Takoma/Silver Spring area to the Buzzard Point/Southwest Waterfront area.”

I figure, God willing, I have around 40 years left on this earth and I would not bet that a Georgia Ave Streetcar will be carrying passengers in my lifetime. It saddens me because I think it would’ve been great for north country and around the Walter Reed development – but based on recent experiences I’m not encouraged. I think gondolas will be flying into Georgetown before a streetcar is running on Georgia Ave. I would love to be wrong though! For it to happen I think there’d need to be a serious advocate at the highest levels of leadership. At this point I just don’t think an extensive streetcar line is a serious priority for the powers that be. Anyone think a Georgia Ave Streetcar Line will actually happen? In the next 40 years? What happens first – Georgia Ave Streetcar or DC Statehood?



@ravielem tweets us:

“@PoPville dc streetcar is now a choice in the next bus app. Sign that service will finally be starting soon?”

Also as others noted last month, the coming soon signs have been removed from the pylons too.

Ed. Note: At this point I feel like unless these things serve cold beer for a dollar out of vending machines that accept smarttrip – this could become the most anticlimactic new transit option since Smart Bike.




On Friday (then) Mayor Gray issued one of his final press release:

“Following a series of meetings between District Department of Transportation (DDOT) officials and State Safety Oversight, Mayor Vincent C. Gray said the DC Streetcar is expected to be ready for passenger use the week of January 19, 2015.

“DDOT and District safety inspectors continue to work together to open the DC Streetcar to passenger service. Safety continues to be our top priority. And while we know that the first day of service is going to be a great day for District residents, we don’t want to rush for the sake of rushing,” said Mayor Gray. “With that in mind, though, I am now delighted to report that the week of January 19, 2015 is the target for getting H Street up to full speed.”


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