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More Signs of the Streetcar Starting Soon

by Prince Of Petworth August 4, 2015 at 2:25 pm 10 Comments


@ravielem tweets us:

“@PoPville dc streetcar is now a choice in the next bus app. Sign that service will finally be starting soon?”

Also as others noted last month, the coming soon signs have been removed from the pylons too.

Ed. Note: At this point I feel like unless these things serve cold beer for a dollar out of vending machines that accept smarttrip – this could become the most anticlimactic new transit option since Smart Bike.


  • SF

    It’s really incredible how badly the city has handled this. Even those who have been the staunchest supporters (myself included) have become totally apathetic about this thing as the delays continue and it’s all looking more and more like a series of contractor giveaways. Maybe they can still turn it around at this late date, but they have a long row to hoe if they want to win back the momentum of public support that they squandered over the years.

    • I don’t understand how “winning public support” will help a system that, even when performing at peak efficiency (which it never will), the H line could move 1500 people an hour while another X2 bus line could move 4000.

      It is a worthless boondoggle that will be ripped out in less than a decade. We’d be a lot better off if we sucked it up, admitted we made a terrible mistake with no planning or proper oversight, and trashed the entire thing now.

  • goaldigger

    If it can get going before the opening of the Silver Spring transit center I would consider it a win!

  • Anon

    Nextbus appears to be functioning for the streetcar line, so you can at least get an idea of what the wait times will be like, if revenue service is ever started.

  • anon

    For those, like me, who want this thing to succeed and are super-disappointed that things have been so poorly handled, GreaterGreaterWashington has a glimmer of hope for us today: http://greatergreaterwashington.org/post/27497/building-the-edinburgh-streetcar-wasnt-easy-but-a-lot-of-people-ride-it-now/
    So NY/RI/GA ave lines soon? Right? Right?

  • How is it that the DC Government continues to be in violation of a Federal Law enacted by the 50th Congress that no overhead electrical lines can be erected over the streets, avenues and alleys within the City of Washington. The territory of Columbia is excluded. If the House of Congress cease fighting POTUS may be they will be able to take the DC Government to task.

    • anon

      The working legal argument, which nobody’s bothered to challenge in the courts, is that the Home Rule Act grants the District government the authority to modify previous federal laws (with specific exceptions, like the Height Act). The DC Council modified the ban, and Congress didn’t get it shit together enough to overturn it on review (and they either didn’t have an opportunity or the will to block it as part of some important budget bill), so it’s law now.

      • anon

        (Previously passed federal laws that now fall under their jurisdiction, that is.)

    • anon

      Also, it’s actually POTUS’s job to take DC to task on these things through his justice department. Which means the next POTUS could probably shut down the streetcar out of spite.

  • Q

    “serve cold beer for a dollar out of vending machines that accept smarttrip”
    Now THAT’S a PR plan for WMATA.


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