Washington, DC

A real typo from a North-South planning session in 2013.

“Dear PoPville,

I wanted to ask if you have any information on the Georgia Avenue streetcar. Is it just a myth that one will be coming our way? I live in North Petworth near Georgia, which is unequivocally remote, and a streetcar would be a boon for business and home values up on Georgia. I checked the website for the streetcar, but it doesn’t provide much information.”

hahahahha ah wait a second, wait a second. I’m sorry, I apologize – I’ve gathered myself. There was a time not that long ago where I’d say – 100% it will absolutely happen. However after the utter debacle of the H Street/Benning Road implementation I’m not so sure. What’s the expression: Fool me 500 times shame on me? Maybe if H Street/Benning starts carrying passengers and is an incredible success it might still happen. Though I should note that as recently as Feb. 2014 there were still active meetings to discuss “a 9-mile, North-South corridor that connects the Takoma/Silver Spring area to the Buzzard Point/Southwest Waterfront area.”

I figure, God willing, I have around 40 years left on this earth and I would not bet that a Georgia Ave Streetcar will be carrying passengers in my lifetime. It saddens me because I think it would’ve been great for north country and around the Walter Reed development – but based on recent experiences I’m not encouraged. I think gondolas will be flying into Georgetown before a streetcar is running on Georgia Ave. I would love to be wrong though! For it to happen I think there’d need to be a serious advocate at the highest levels of leadership. At this point I just don’t think an extensive streetcar line is a serious priority for the powers that be. Anyone think a Georgia Ave Streetcar Line will actually happen? In the next 40 years? What happens first – Georgia Ave Streetcar or DC Statehood?


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