Washington, DC

Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, left, via FightClubDC

From a [checks notes] press release:

“United States Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg visited Capitol Hill’s Fight Club this past Saturday evening. He dined on the sandwich shop’s front patio situated on Pennsylvania Avenue SE, where he and a small group enjoyed Fight Club’s popular sandwiches, a round of punches, and shared dessert.

A secret service agent who did not identify himself, stopped into the restaurant prior to the Secretary’s arrival and told staff that he needed to “see if his boss wanted to come here”, asking to look around the restaurant, which the staff obliged. “When he left, we assumed he jokingly meant his wife when he said boss, and that he didn’t think she would like it after he looked around”, said Andrew Market, chef and co-owner of Fight Club. Approximately 20 minutes later, Secretary Buttigieg arrived with secret service agents to join an already seated party. Read More


“@DouglasEmhoff and I stopped by @dogtagbakery, a local D.C. bakery that empowers our nation’s veterans, military families, and caregivers. Grateful to all who support our veterans in our communities.” via VP-Elect Kamala Harris’ IG

From Dog Tag Bakery:

“Georgetown’s famous Dog Tag Bakery is expanding to Jamestown‘s Georgetown Park for the holidays, using retail space for their holiday gift boxes operations. The bakery offers a five-month fellowship for veterans with service-connected disabilities, military spouses, and caregivers to gain first-hand business experience. Read More


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