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From an email:

“The WABA Trail Ranger coffee hour is tomorrow! Join us for free coffee, ice and maybe donuts at 4th and S St NE on the Metropolitan Branch Trail.

7:30 am – 9:30 am
4th and S St NE

August 11th (every second Friday of the month)”

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Update to yesterday’s “Someone locked their bike to my wife’s-Solutions?”:

“My wife ended up letting an ACLU canvasser who was on the street know what was up–he was kind enough to keep eyes on the bike while she went to rent electric bolt cutters at Ace hardware. She came back, cut through the other lock, and was able to ride off with her own bike (after a nice donation to the ACLU–win win). Thankfully her work let her be a little late and she had the cash on hand to uber to Ace and rent the bolt cutters (not a luxury everyone has, I know), but $30 for electric cutters did the trick. Highly recommended for anyone dealing with this in the future!”

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“Dear PoPville,

Hey, my wife was on her way to work and stopped to grab a coffee at the starbucks in CH on 14th st when she came out and found someone had locked their bike to hers. She spoke with the cops and fire dept., all of whom understandably said they couldn’t do anything. Hopefully it is just a mistake and when I check on it after work I’ll be able to unlock hers and ride off with it (I’ll have her lock keys). Worst case–someone is trying to steal her bike, locking it down and waiting until later tonight to grab it. When I stop by after work–assuming the errant bike is still locked to hers–does anyone have any suggestions? Cops said to buy some bolt cutters at ACE and use those on the offending bike, taking whatever consequences may come… I’m game. Any other suggestions? If some jag off is trying to steal her bike, then I’m fine dismantling their lock to get to her bike. If some doofus locked their bike to hers by accident, well, losing a bike lock is a small price to pay for their error…”

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“Dear PoPville,

I just wanted to share this incident that happened to me last week on the 4th of July as a warning for other bikers and drivers out there. I was heading back from a bike cruise around the national mall during the late afternoon around 7pm heading north up 11th street NW. I reached the point where the bike lane merges into the road a little north of the shaw skate park. At this point I heard someone honking at cars behind me, but was just ignoring it. Around S or T street an old tan minivan with VA tags (with the mountains on them) sped up to me with the window down. The young (probably late 20’s) African american man driving the van told me to “get the F**k outta the road with that Sh*t!!” and waved his hand at me. This was while I was riding in the bike lane on the right side with plenty of room for people to pass me.

Let me just say at this point I should have ignored him and got away from him. Instead I chose to confront him verbally since I was not in the wrong. (more…)

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Josh reports last night:

“I was biking home today and saw something I never saw before. A BMW sports car was driving down the bike lane on Columbia Road. I had to stop hard to avoid him, but just couldn’t believe he was doing it! This was at 5:30 pm today, on Columbia approaching 16th Street heading eastbound.”

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“Dear PoPville,

I recently got a new bike and got my old one tuned up so it would be in good shape to sell. I decided I’d much rather donate it or give it away to someone in need. I wanted to see if there is anyone in the PoPville community in need–loosely defined, but perhaps someone who had their bike stolen and depends on it for transportation and just doesn’t have it in the budget to replace. It’s a women’s hybrid Fuji, with photo attached. Not sure of the size, but I’m 5’6″ and would fit someone well if they were around the same height or taller.”

Update: A lot of folks need bikes :( sorry if I didn’t respond right away, there was an overwhelming response.

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“Dear PoPville,

Someone stole my beloved Green/Cream Origin8 bike from the courtyard between the apartment buildings south of Florida on 18th Street, NW. It was locked through the fame with a HEAVY DUTY Kryptonite U-Lock. There was no sign of a cut lock or cut metal making me think someone has a master key for Kryptonite locks. If you see this beauty on the streets or on Craigslist please let me know! I want my bike back! If you live in the Dupont / Adams Morgan area you might want to consider supplementing or replacing your Kryptonite lock.

This is the most recent picture I have. It now has a different stem and rubber brown grips. A chrome rear rack is covered by my bag in this picture.

Thanks for your help!!”

Anyone with info can email [email protected] and I’ll put you in touch with OP.

by Prince Of Petworth June 16, 2017 at 1:15 pm 8 Comments

“Dear PoPville,

Found this model of bike in front of a vacant house down the street from us in Adams Morgan. It had a flat tire and was unsecured – we assumed it might have been stolen, then dumped after it got the flat.

We’ve posted it to a number of bicycle-related groups with no luck. Before turning it into the MPD, we wanted to try to find the owner here. We’re both bicyclists and know how much it sucks to have your bike stolen – we would love to reunite this bike with its person! (more…)


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