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2424 18th Street, NW

Thanks to all who messaged me:

“Sad news, just walked by and they are closed for good. Said they were “moving” to their K St location on the window and the space was mostly emptied out. It’s a a very big retail space, so it will be interesting to see what goes in there.”

“Just wanted to confirm that BicycleSpace is closing their flagship Adams Morgan location [Opened July 2015], to focus on their K Street [Mt. Vernon Square] and Ivy City shops. the usual reasons, rent too high, too much square footage to support with bike sales and service, lots of veteran staff members leaving over the past year. It’s a bummer for 18th Street, and I hope my friends who work there will be ok.”

In June I said I was 97% sure Adams Morgan was getting a WaWa. If I were a betting man…

Prior to BicycleSpace this was home to Slaviya and back in the day, Cities.

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“Dear PoPville,

I’m car free so don’t drive much, but recently rented a car for some errands. In the middle of a block on 11th street, I got into position to parallel park, checked my mirrors and noticed a bike and some traffic coming up behind me. As I waited for the traffic to pass (a pause of no more than 5 or 10 seconds), the biker became irate, cursed at me for being in the bike lane, and swung something (I couldn’t tell exactly what) into the side of the rental car, leaving a significant dent and scratch.

Because I don’t drive much, I’m trying to figure out if I made an etiquette or rules mistake. (more…)

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Photo by PoPville Flickr user ken_1001

From the Mayor’s Office:

“On Thursday, October 25, at 3:00 p.m., Mayor Bowser will kick off a Traffic Safety Blitz along Massachusetts Avenue at 1st Street, NE, to raise awareness about the dangers of double parking, blocking the box, obstructing bike lanes, and other violations that threaten the safety of pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists. The Traffic Safety Blitz will be conducted by the Bike Force, a newly created group of parking enforcement officers managed by the Department of Public Works (DPW). The goal of the Bike Force is to gain a better understanding of the challenges District cyclists face and to address these challenges in real-time. (more…)

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“Dear PoPville,

I had an unfortunate incident Saturday around 5 PM in the 1 St NE separated bike lane in NoMA. Uber and Lyft drivers blocking the lane is a constant occurrence on weekends and unfortunately there is no enforcement by the city. As a result, I try and just remind drivers in a friendly way they they’re creating a hazard by parking here. I always try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and just ask they not do it again. No one is going to feel like complying with the law if they get screamed at, even if they’re in the wrong.

Saturday, however, I encountered a stop Lyft in the lane (it was obvious based on the app the driver had mounted to the dash). When I tried to quickly remind the driver he shouldn’t be in the lane, one of the passengers became belligerent, cursing at me and then came around the vehicle, put his hands on me, and shoved me. (more…)

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Cycling in D.C. was written by Joel Hoard. Joel lives in Adams Morgan.

PoP-Ed. posts may be written about anything related to the District and submitted via email to princeofpetworth(at)gmail please include PoP-Ed. in the subject line.

“Eight years ago when I had just started riding a bike in D.C., I found a slip of paper inside a candy wrapper. On it was a quote by H.G. Wells: “Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of mankind.”

I’m 36 years old, and I love bikes. I ride them. I build them. I fix them. I talk about them to anyone who will listen. I ride to work. I ride to the grocery store. I ride to my friends’ houses. Sometimes I ride to nowhere in particular just because I love it.

I also love Washington, D.C. This is my home. I’ve lived here for 11 years, and I have no plans to leave. I’ve biked across all four quadrants of this city countless times. Seeing the place I love by bicycle is perhaps the simplest joy in my life.

But sometimes riding in this town sucks. For every leisurely ride around the Mall, there’s a driver speeding through a red light to shave 30 seconds off his morning commute. For every Saturday morning ride through Rock Creek Park, there’s an Uber driver swerving into a bike lane to drop somebody off or a car door flinging open. With cars clocking in at an average weight of 4,000 lbs, when one hits a cyclist, it’s clear who’s going to win. And if you open a car door or swerve in front of us, you might as well be a brick wall. We don’t stand a chance.

On September 24, Tom Hollowell was killed as he rode his bike to work when a driver sped through a red light and hit him. (more…)


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