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“this entitled politician made it even worse by parking his car blocking a pedestrian crossing and handicap access point”

by Prince Of Petworth March 16, 2017 at 12:30 pm 72 Comments

evans parking

“Dear PoPville,

Jack Evans (Ward 2 council member) parked like an a**hole tonight in Dupont Circle. It’s bad enough navigating the sidewalks and intersections when they’re covered in ice, but this entitled politician made it even worse by parking his car blocking a pedestrian crossing and handicap access point to cross New Hampshire Ave NW. He forced everyone to walk in the street into oncoming traffic. I’m sick of entitled politicians treating this city like they’re own personal kingdom.

Jack, you have to follow the law like everybody else. And if you decide to break them (like you did tonight) you might remember you license plate makes it easy to figure out you’re the a**hole.


A Ward 2 Constituent who will not be voting for you during the next election cycle”

Ed. Note: This is not the first time people have been pissed at Evans’ parking prowess. We’ve previously learned that Council Members are not obligated to follow parking regulations except for fire hydrants of course.

  • Anonomous

    where is his house, so i can park my wheel chair in front of his door so he can’t get where he wants to go

  • Michael Pierce

    Yes, this happens on a regular basis. And every time, he feigns ignorance, most likely believing that he has us all fooled. Please, residents of Ward 2, find someone good to run against this clown.

    • Rich

      Typical behavior for him. When you’re a well-financed downtown lawyer, it’s difficult to change your behavior. Bizarrely, he represents DC on the Metro Board. The only silver linking is that his car is a probably an unreliable piece of junk (it’s a Chrysler product)–hopefully, it will go into mechanical collapse some place embarrassing for him.

      • lisavfr

        And, he tries to take Metro after his car breaks down…..

        • James W.

          This is what happens when you drive a Sebring convertible. I mean, who drives a Sebring convertible?

      • Brett M

        He’s not only DC’s rep on WMATA, he’s the Chair. And look how badly Metro is doing on his watch.

  • Marty

    I think shaming on PoP is great, but wonder if there are community meetings or the like, where constituents could press him about this?
    “Councilmember, can you clarify for us what the emergency issue was on March XXX where you had to be someplace in Dupont Circle in such a hurry that your car was parked in a crosswalk blocking all pedestrians from a safe place to cross the street?”
    “Oh you don’t recall? Here is a photo of your car to help jog your memory.”

    • Zach

      Or contact your councilmembers directly and ask them to introduce legislation clarifying that councilmembers are not exempt from parking restrictions? (From what I understand from previous comments on PoPVille, councilmembers are exempted from most parking restrictions – by what statute, or any at all, I’m not sure, but that’s what it seems to imply.)

      And if not, well, maybe you’ll vote for someone who doesn’t believe in “one law for me, one law for thee.”

      • ah

        +1. Fire hydrants shouldn’t be the only limit. Cross walks, handicap spaces and ramps, etc. all should be off limits as well. I can live with their not having to feed the meter, maybe (but probably not) rush hour restrictions. But a crosswalk in an intersection? What’s next – just leave the car in the middle of the street?

        • anon

          Stu Price: You found the car?
          Officer Franklin: Yeah! It was parked in the middle of Las Vegas Blvd. with a note that said “Couldn’t find a meter, so here’s $4.”

        • MtP

          Agree 100% with this. I’m fine with them not having to pay the meter, parking past a sign somewhere on a block, or parking at one of the annoying “no parking, entrance” signs at apartment buildings. But blocking a crosswalk (especially a ramp!) is really not ok.

    • atlascesar

      I live in Ward 2 and once called his office once to complain about his driving/parking; the woman who answered the phone called me a liar and genuinely asked “Well what is he supposed to do then? Where is he supposed to park?” Would never vote for him, but I can see why anyone would be terrified to run against him.

      • anon

        that is crazy.

  • woodleyparksavant

    I used to live in Ward 2 and wish I could move back just to vote against Evans. Live in 3 now and Cheh is much more responsive to constituent concerns/messages. Also doesn’t park like a jack*ss.

  • contrarian

    Knowing Evans, the emergency was a fund-raiser.

    • Anon

      Probably blowing some lobbyist.

      • Habadasher

        I actually LOLed at that one, you win the internet today!

  • sick of this

    Knew it was Evans even before opening the post to see the details. What an entitled ass, indeed.

    • MadMax

      LOL yeah he’s not even trying at this point.

  • anon

    He is parked in front of the WNDC which hosted the DNC last night.

  • Green Monster

    Or maybe, and stay with me, we use that time to press him on something that is more important than how he parks. Not that the OP’s right to base their vote on a relatively meaningless slight should be infringed, but there are more consequential issues facing the District.

    • Kate

      Parking like that though is indicative of a total “screw you, dgaf, I’m here for me” attitude that can apply to consequential issues facing the District. I mean seriously – a handicap access point?

      • MtP

        +1. And this is a routine occurrence for him. It is indicative of his broader attitude.

    • ustreeter

      Asking him about more important things doesn’t work either. Asked him as chair of the committee on revenue what is being done about delinquent real property taxes — like the one at 1826 12th Street NW — $77,000 delinquent. His aide told me to contact my ward councilmember — HAHA — Nadeau. So I did. She promised to see what could be done. A month went by and I asked what the status was — RADIO SILENCE! Silverman was cc’ed too, so the whole bunch is worthless.

      • textdoc

        Try following up with Silverman directly (rather than as a cc) — I believe vacant properties are an issue she cares about.

  • Hill Denizen

    I get using your fancy license plates to park in other zones or not pay meters, maybe even being a few inches too close to curb or fire hydrant, but they really shouldn’t be exempt from ticketing for crap like this that actually endangers public safety.

  • PetworthGuy

    “Sebring: A sign of success” – Michael Scott

  • JohnH


  • Loganite

    LCCA meeting open forum with Jack Evans 1333 14th St NW. 7:00 pm. 29 March, Wednesday.

    Wonder where he’ll park?

  • Anon

    I give up. I want to be outraged and think this guy will get what’s coming to him (shame, embarrassment, losing his seat).
    Then I remember that the president of the United States is wearing a tinfoil hat and TWEETING insane baseless accusations that the gov’t is spying on him, which are either intentional lies or paranoid delusions of an unstable person – and it DOESN’T MATTER. Bc the minority of the country who voted him into office would probably do it again bc they are idiots. Then I look at the senate races that are coming up, and I realize the minority will continue in absolute & unchecked power at least four years. And then I think of this guy, and realize he could probably be sitting on the hood of his illegally parked car, doing something lewd while heckling pedestrians, on film – and he’d probably still get elected bc voters are checked out. And then I think about how my ex was really popular and successful, then behind closed doors beat the crap out of me and had a secret prescription drug problem, and I start having thoughts like – “why is democracy a good idea again?” At least without democracy, you can have some hope that the gov’t will be overthrown. But us? We are stuck with these clowns.

  • accendo

    The council needs to dump this benefit and the plates that go with them. Such a ridiculous way to thumb their noses at the people they represent and there’s no real need for them to have it.

    • eva

      The plates are helpful. You know who is running you off the road.

  • Anon X

    You all are ridiculous. He’s allowed to park like this. I think if you’re being honest with yourself you’d admit you’d park like this too, if you were allowed.

    Maybe you think the law should be changed, but he’s following the law. Do you also go 10mph under the speed limit just for the hell of it?

    The crosswalk is extreme – but the gripe you have is with the law.

    • Anon

      He is abusing the law. If he parked crossways across penn ave in rush hour, would you be like – well, it’s the law.

    • Truxton Thomas

      Legally, he’s still being a dick.

    • Effie

      no actually, I wouldn’t park like this..

    • Anons

      Not feeding the meter or parking without an RPP sticker does no harm to people.
      But blocking the crosswalk means pedestrians have to walk in traffic to get around his car, and people in a wheelchair have to find another block where it is possible to cross the street.

    • wdc

      You ride your bike on the sidewalk, don’t you? And then you say “But it’s not against the law”
      Also not against the law: Spitting. Throwing things at pigeons. Walking through planted treeboxes.

      • Anonymous

        So what you’re saying is that spitting on his door handle is not against the law?

      • melissa

        I recently saw that riding a bike on the sidewalk here in DC isn’t illegal.

        Also, oddly, I don’t spit (gross, WHY unless you have bronchitis or something?) or throw things at pigeons. (Isn’t that cruel?) Also too short/clumsy to “walk through planted treeboxes”. (Who crosses a treebox in work shoes *heels?)

        This looks like a laundry list of things a 15 year old does. Like the next line should be “egg houses” or “flip off you mom”

        Of course I’m not the OP, but some people don’t break laws gratuitously. I dunno. I didn’t break a lot of rules in high school either.

        • Anon

          I think wdc made a good point. And I think it went over your head.

    • K

      I’d be curious if this is actually legal for a council member. The law states:
      “(c) Members of Congress or the Council may park their vehicles in any available curb space in the District of Columbia, when:
      (1) The vehicle is used by the member of Congress or the Council on official business;
      (2) The vehicle is displaying a Congressional or Council registration tag or parking placard issued for the current session or by the District; and
      (3) The vehicle is not parked in violation of a loading zone, rush hour, firehouse, or fire plug limitation.”

      So obviously he could argue he is on official business (because how do you prove it isn’t). But is parking in a crosswalk at a curb ramp actually parking in an ‘available curb space.’ If the person who took this picture flagged down or called parking enforcement would they read this as a violation or not. What constitutes an available curb space?

    • Blithe

      No, actually I would NOT park like this too, if I were allowed. I’d park for “free” at meters, or in zoned parking areas, or a bit beyond the “no parking” arrow signs, but I wouldn’t block curb cuts. I’d revel in the perqs — but still strive to be considerate and safe.
      – Side rant: It’s amazing how many people have apparently never pushed or used a wheelchair, never pushed a stroller, used a cane, used crutches — or walked with someone else who did. I’m hoping that it’s obliviousness rather than callousness.

      • Truxton Thomas

        It took pushing a stroller to make this issue real for me, but I can’t imagine ever being willing to block a ramp like this. Navigating this city in a wheelchair must be infuriating.

        • artemis

          Yes! I have so much more awareness of how difficult it must be to get around if a person is wheelchair bound since I had a kid. I have enough of a challenge pushing the stroller through unshoveled sidewalks and snow banks. I can’t imagine how much snow and inconsiderate parkers inhibit the mobility of individuals in wheelchairs.

    • Anon X

      Ok fine, not all of you would park like this. I wouldn’t either. But a ton of you would because I see far too much awful and inconsiderate parking in this town to think that the dozen or so council members are the problem. The council members are at least technically allowed. Blocking fire hydrants, loading zones, crosswalks… I could go find 10 violators in a 10 minute walk. Enough evidence that if parking restrictions didn’t exist the vast majority of people would park for what works for them and not what is most conscientious of others.

  • Anon

    Send a link to this post to his office – see if he or one of his staff respond

    • BlueStreak

      I’m unclear why they need to be exempt from parking restrictions at all. I realize it’s the law, but why does this law exist. I mean other than the fact politicians want to give themselves a benefit.

      • Shooter M

        I am not sure about the city council but for Congressmen and Senators it is literally in the constitution, Article 1 Section 6. Granted it has expanded from the founders intent but it is in there. Probably should be reeled back, but it is there.

        • BlueStreak

          I thought that just referred to arrest. Not to parking infractions. But I get your point.

        • Evan Tupac Grooter

          It’s pretty amazing that exemption from parking restrictions were put into the constitution 100 years before cars were invented.

          • Truxton Thomas

            Yeah, the founders certainly were geniuses. #America

      • Anon X

        Uh. Not quite. The constitution says they can’t be arrested if they’re headed to vote. Doesn’t say shit about arrest (which a ticket technically is, especially for this purpose) going to a campaign event or stakeholder meeting or other official business. That’s why the law spells it out for MoCs. This isn’t a constitutionally protected situation. Plus, the intent of the constitutional provision is to avoid some Cromwellian situation, which was relatively recent history in the late 18th century. As it turns out, we really benefit from that provision when we have whack jobs in office like Jackson, Nixon, and Trump.

  • Anon

    The utility pole in the alley behind my apartment has been knocked down 2x in the last year by trucks backing into it. Both times, they couldn’t ID the truck that did it. Just an observation.

    • Anon

      Whoops. Replied to wrong post!

      • Elvis’s Mom

        Hee! Though if you’re postulating Evans as a suspect, this kind of driving doesn’t exactly rule him out…

      • wdc

        Ha! I thought you were observing that a truck might back into the illegally parked car, and no one would be able to ID it.

  • asdf

    would you people please give this guy a break?

    he has to take a second job with a high paying law firm to make ends meet.

    he is very committed to the local sports team so much that he gives them tax breaks and uses tickets that could otherwise go to sports teams.

    he carefully oversees wmata to incredible results

    he respects the will of the people so much that he overturns legislation to democratically elect the attorney general

  • smk78

    Someone should have let the air out of his tires. Maybe that would teach him a lesson.

  • Brett M

    He’s the worse, and yes he parks in front of hydrants too!

    But as long as Ward 2 voters keep electing this corrupt guy, he’ll never go away.

    • Brett M


    • Elvis’s Mom

      No one ran against him.

      • Brett M

        Mickey Mouse would be a better choice than Jack. But seriously, he’s run against plenty of opponents in the past 2+ decades, but Ward 2 voters just love their corrupt councilman

  • bruno

    The “L’etat, c’est moi” award.

  • ParkViewneighbor

    Y’all must be new here. DC CM do not abide by the same rules us peons are forced to follow. Evans has been doing that for ages and most likely, will keep on doing it because why not? He gets reelected so it means nobody really cares about that in Ward 2

  • ChooChooPolice

    I wouldn’t even park like this…and I’m a cop. That’s just asking for trouble


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