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Last Chance to Dine at ShopHouse + some Scuttlebutt on who might be taking over

by Prince Of Petworth March 16, 2017 at 11:15 am 13 Comments


Alas, Friday 3/17 is the last day to dine at ShopHouse before darkness descends on all locations. And be warned from this morning’s rant/revel:

“Rant: Second to last day of ShopHouse, and a friend who works there told me that locations are already running out of the meatballs! Nooo, I love the meatballs! Hoping Union Station holds out through tonight.”

My sources deep in the shadows of the fast casual world tell me that a group called Bibibop Asian Grill is in talks to purchase the stores. Only scuttlebutt at the moment but you can see their menus here. Updates when/if confirmation is made or some other plans are announced.

  • MadMax

    Flavors were good, but the food always came out lukewarm at best. I prefer my food hot.

  • textdoc

    So these locations mentioned in https://www.popville.com/2017/03/scuttlebutt-shophouse-closing-march-17th/ are still open today and tomorrow, correct?
    “1516 Connecticut Ave, NW in Dupont, 2805 M Street, NW in Georgetown, 710 7th Street, NW in Chinatown and the first floor of Union Station”

    • Correct.

      • CultOfSherry

        Anyone know if they’re still open… for dinner? Might try for the Chinatown location.

  • Blithe

    Oh no! I was planning my last meatball salad run for later today. Sigh.

  • @SaveShophouse

    @SaveShophouse here. Dupont Circle was out of meatballs and noodles at opening today. Devastating.

    This replacement looks pretty good but nothing is going to ever match Shophouse. Still it seems like a similar concept with Korean twist. Gets 4 star reviews in Ohio, but what does anyone in Ohio know about Asian food. I’m skeptical but optimistic it won’t suck.

    • dcgator

      Ouch on the OH shade, @SaveShophouse. But, thanks for retweeting other Shophouse-lovers daily, just like me. Doesn’t feel real that tomorrow will include my last Shophouse meal ever.

    • Blithe

      Thanks for posting this! You just saved me a trip!

  • Bibibop_Fan

    I’ve had Bibibop several times in Columbus, OH and it’s quite good. It certainly won’t be a replacement for people that love ShopHouse, but it’s a solid Asian fast casual joint.

  • On Capital Heels

    This place was ALWAYS mediocre, despite the long line at the Chinatown location. I’m surprised it has such a loyal following. I’m can’t say I’m sorry to see it go.

    • maxwell smart

      I’m with you on that. I only ever went to the one in Union Station to grab something before getting on the train, and I was never that impressed.

  • Anon

    I sort of hope it’s not going to be a Bibimbap restaurant in North Dupont. Triple B Fresh, on the backside of Kramer Books, is a great little shop with delicious Bibimbap. I would hate to see them affected by a chain moving into a more prominent location across the street. A few months ago another fast-casual BBB opened up just a block away, so this would make three. I don’t doubt that Triple B Fresh will still have the best quality food and service, but the location and limited seating put it at a disadvantage over the old ShopHouse space.

  • FridayGirl

    I am honestly so sick of bibimbap places. I know there aren’t THAT many but they’re all exactly the same (and not particularly good, imo).


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