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from H Street, NE

Following is a letter sent to multiple government agencies:

“I am a DC Ward 4 Resident who is alarmed at the onslaught of Free2Move cars parked on Petworth’s streets. At Gallatin and 9th Sts. NW last night, there were Free2Move cars parked on every single corner of this intersection!

On my block, a Free2Move car (plate R-38355) has been parked for FIVE DAYS. Then another Free2Move car showed up last night on my block (plate R-38432).

Every. Single. Household. On. My. Block. Owns. At. Least. One. Car.
You know what that means? (more…)

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Photo by PoPville flickr user Rex Block

Rex writes:

“This car has been sitting (illegally parked) in the same spot since September 2018 (six months as of this writing) — the oldest citation dates to September, and has been collecting paper ever since. City records indicate the vehicle has over $3000 in outstanding unpaid parking fines, but for some reason, it does not get booted or towed.”

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Photo by Haleigh Hoffman

“Dear PoPville,

I parked my car on Columbia east of Ontario Place on Friday night in a zoned resident spot (I’m a resident). Knowing that there were a ton of emergency no parking signs up in the neighborhood for the rock n roll marathon course, my companion and I checked carefully, saw no signs, and left celebrating that I had found a spot that would be good for a while. Fast forward to Sunday, I find my car was towed Saturday at 1:52 am, with $150 in tickets, with the offense stating that no parking signs were posted.

I’m 100% certain there were no signs within a block, but of course it’s impossible to prove the absence of a sign two days later. Did anyone else have this issue with the marathon? Any success fighting these tickets?”

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Thanks to Ryan for sending from Dakota Crossing aka Costcoville:

“This is clown parking bro. Dude just rolled in and took FOUR SPOTS. Frickin MD drivers #amirite

I mean, in fairness the parking lot was pretty empty so he wasn’t inconveniencing anyone. But the principle of it…”

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Photo by PoPville flickr user fromcaliw/love

And I’m OK with that though many will never know the joy of landing the spot. That feeling is indescribable. Like a perfect parallel parking job. I digress.

From DDOT:

“The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) today announced the release of an updated version of its parkDC mobile app. Version 2.0 of the app lets users identify, and navigate to, on-street and off-parking throughout the District of Columbia, with the option of searching for parking spaces by price and/or time period filters.

Developed by DDOT, the parkDC app was released in December 2016 to help reduce the time needed to find parking, improve turnover of high-demand spaces, provide better parking information and reduce congestion. The first version of the app provided real-time parking availability and rate information for the Penn Quarter and Chinatown neighborhoods, in the area bounded by H Street, 3rd Street, E Street and 11th Street NW. This zone is the location of DDOT’s demand-based pricing pilot program that uses meter rate adjustments to improve parking availability.

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“Dear PoPville,

My friend recently had her car recovered after DC towed and lost it for about 8 weeks. Her car was in a temporary Emergency, No Parking area and was towed. The city told her they ticketed her car and towed 5 others around hers, but not hers. Can you hear my eyes rolling? Some construction workers said hey saw her black SUV towed and an embassy said they had surveillance tape of it, though they couldn’t share it. Finally, 8ish weeks later, they found it in a tow lot. With several other long lost cars. All had windows busted in. Crazy! Has anyone else ever had their car lost by DC? Seriously lost, not towed around the corner. Clip of the news story here.

Ed. Note: They sure have.

by Prince Of Petworth November 30, 2018 at 9:40 am 0

Thanks to Marcy for sending last night:

“Spotted: Jack Evans’ car in a tow zone. Perks of being a DC council member??”

The man is a legend, if that’s the right word. Rules? hahaha do as I say peasants. And thank me for telling you. At least it didn’t snow last night.

Ed. Note: We’ve previously learned that Council Members are not obligated to follow parking regulations.


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