Washington, DC

Police Parking Poorly

1600 block of V Street, NW

“Dear PoPville,

This is the second time in a week (and umpteenth time this year) that the police have parked in our designated, residential handicapped parking spot. Not for emergency purposes, but for their convenience because we live across the street from the police station. The last time they did this they left the car in the spot overnight. I have at least a dozen other photos of them parking in our spot.”



Thanks to Joanna for sending: “Maryland truck parked in permit only parking, in front of a fire hydrant, and past the parking sign post which in turn visually blocks the stop sign from traffic. I’ve seen people blow through intersections when work trucks park like this because they fail to see the stop sign.”


Thanks to Sylvia for sending on Friday:

“They are repaving swann between 16 and 17 NW. Today was dig up the road day. This car didn’t move and instead of towing it they just left the car on its own little piece of street and dug around it. It doesn’t even have tickets on it! How do I get this treatment? If I am 2 min late for street cleaning, my cars already been towed 3 blocks away.”


Thanks to Brandon for sending:

“Taken this past weekend in the parking garage of the H St NE Giant. I think the Challenger SRT gets about 13 MPG in the city. Mustang is probably a bit better. There was plenty of other parking available. Which made this even more hilarious.”


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