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  • Anonymous

    This kind of crap erodes public trust in the council and in the city gov’t. A basic tenant of democracy is that no leader is above the law. This is an abrogation of that fundamental tenant. I don’t know why this sort of thing is permitted.

    • It’s permitted for the same reason the Council gets automatic salary increases. It just gets so tiresome having to vote yourself a raise every year and have to get all those parking tickets revoked.

    • Anonymous

      * tenet :)

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully they parked illegally so they could get out and pick up the litter on that street

    • Unfortunately, just by showing up they ADDED to the trash on the street.

  • kken

    An Escalade… why am I not surprised…

    • Anonymous


      • ah

        But it’s not black on black — send it back!

    • anon

      SRX, actually.

  • Well hopefully they are getting out of their car to yell at those kids for hanging out on the steps….. Hypocrisy thy name is DC

  • Anonymous

    Anyone know which at-large member it is? I think we can rule out Catania and Grosso, so that leaves Anita Bonds, who would totally do something like this.

    Vote Elissa Silverman!

    • Andrew

      @Anonymous @2:28 on the 15th:

      I’m not a Bonds supporter, but what is it that makes you rule out two at-large council members? And why those two? To me, the only thing Grosso and Catania have in common that they don’t share with Bonds and Orange is their skin color.

  • Which One?

    Which councilmember drives this car?

  • Anon X

    I think we’ve been through this already, its not illegal if they’re on official duties. “Official duties” could be meeting constituents at a coffee shop. This is getting tiresome because it just encourages the scape goating of public officials and, really, I promise you, none of us want that job.

    So they parked in a spot you’re not allowed to park. They’re also allowed to vote on legislation you’re not allowed to vote on. Get over it.

    Oh, and before someone criticized the land rover driver for not having an american car and now someone is criticizing this driver for having a caddy. This should adequately illustrate how hard the jobs of elected officials are. No matter what you do, someone is going to be upset.

    If a council member was parked legally, there would be someone someone to complain that they could park illegally and leave legal spots to those who are forced to park legally.

    People just love to bitch.

    • Anonymous

      Well written Marion Barry!

      • nice to see my parking ticket fines are being well spent

    • Anonymous Coward

      So which one do you work for?

    • JB

      Yes, people on here do love to bitch quite a bit, but you kind of lost me at the part about none of us wanting that job. Council members are paid $125k (I think $190k for the chair); the second highest in the country. They are hardly making a great sacrifice in the name of public service…

      • Chris

        And they are permitted to hold private industry jobs while serving on the council. Some even work for city contractors, ahem, Catania.

    • Anonymous

      Could not have said it better myself. Well said Anon X.

    • But the reason many (most) of the spots they use are illegal is because parking in them creates a safety issue. So, when a council member ignores the law and parks in them anyway, it makes it unsafe for everyone else. That’s a lot different than getting to vote on legislation that the rest of us don’t get to vote on.

      • Well put.

      • Anon X

        Thats the basic point. They arent “ignoring the law”. They are following the law. The law says they’re allowed to do it. Sure, you find it dangerous – so do I in some circumstances, but thats not the point.

        I find it dangerous to smoke, but people still do it… because its legal. Get it?

        If you want to engage in an effort worth something, lobby to get the law changed. But, dont keep insinuating/blatantly saying that the CMs are doing something illegal, when they’re not. There are plenty of CMs that are doing something illegal… focus on those.

        • Angry Citizen

          You’re a real piece of work. His twitter stream proves he wasn’t working at the time. It’s continual miss use of power.

          Anon X why don’t you go back to your messily little government job and stop being a freaking troll for the nepotism of DC government.

          • Anonymous

            ahoy skipper! setting sail for the cranky islands!

          • Anon X

            maybe instead of putting down my supposed profession, you should spend more time on fact-checking. I just checked his twitter feed at your suggestion, and SHOCKED to find several pictures from April 14th just before 7pm of him at some sort of forum. Does that not count as official business?

            Stop being a cranky turd and just suck up the injustice that councilmembers get to park places that you dont.

    • KenyonDweller

      Thanks, my sentiments exactly, but I didn’t have time to post. I find this whole topic petty and pointless.

    • Completely agree with Anon X. This issue is pretty insignificant in my opinion. If these posts were intended to be whimsical or something I might chuckle along, but it appears that too many people are confusing it with real activism.

  • AngryParakeet

    What a perfect way for a councilmember to illustrate their lack of respect for the taxpayers they represent. Say it with an illegally parked escalade.

  • DRC

    For God’s sake, its an SRX, not an Escalade. If you’re going to bitch, at least get your facts straight.

    So I guess with tags like that, they can’t drive that car out of the city?

    • Anonymous

      It would be nice if that were a true restriction, to keep them from embarrassing us citizens of DC as much as possible.

  • Anonymous

    predictable responses

    • Anonymous

      thanks jeane dixon.

  • oganguyDC

    Keep reporting these. Thanks

  • Anonymous

    they, and police officers do this because of a long history of complaints about them taking up legal spaces. so they don’t take up legal spaces.

    want it to change? write the council.

  • Anonymous

    It seems like all kinds of cars routinely get away with parking at the end of blocks like this beyond the parking sign, at least in my neighborhood.

    • Same Anonymous

      Just did a survey of the 5 or 6 blocks around my apartment. About 50% of these end block “spaces” are occupied. no tickets on windshields and none of the cars belong to councilmembers (at least not that I could see).


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