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  • loganhc

    Another reason not to drive in the snow. This person was likely gunning it and didn’t realize it was overheating their engine until the flames started.

    • ET

      I don’t know cars but I didn’t think on like that was 4 wheel drive so it was not really a good car for driving around in that mess.

      Now they have made an even bigger mess with a car that needs to be hauled off when people have other things to do, not to mention that whatever easy used to put that out has been left behind to join the snow making an even bigger mess.

  • elcuc0

    The most likely cause in these scenarios is overheating brakes. Most people forget to turn off traction control and just floor the accelerator. Traction control applies the brakes when the wheels slip so the more gas you give it, the more it brakes, then the brakes overheat and your car goes up in flames. Happens way too often.

  • mrm

    That’s one way to dig it out…

  • Paul

    I’m surprised this hasn’t happened more today, since the preferred DC method of removing a snowed-in car seems to be: fully rev the engine in reverse and then in drive, about 500 times.

  • Don

    It’s 4:30 pm and this car is still out there! Do they think it’s gonna move itself?!?!

  • Anon

    I’m pretty sure this car was torched.


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