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A reader reports:

“C st btw 3rd and 3th st sw. Block from HHS building. Fed center metro stop, house office buildings etc. buses and truck keep driving down it only to realize that part of the street is blocked. Its been plowed in with snow—but its in the middle of the street, so even if cars could drive around this car which is stuck in one lane, both lanes are filled with a big snow berm making it impassable. Good times DC.”

Ed. Note: Earlier, we spoke about CarbQue season continuing despite the snow.

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Photo by PoPville flickr user Clif Burns

From OPM:

“Status: Open – 3 hours Delayed Arrival – With Option for Unscheduled Leave or Unscheduled Telework

Federal agencies in the Washington, DC area are OPEN under 3 hours DELAYED ARRIVAL and employees have the OPTION FOR UNSCHEDULED LEAVE OR UNSCHEDULED TELEWORK. Employees should plan to arrive for work no more than 3 hours later than they would be expected to arrive.”


Photo in front of Caruso’s Florist by @leefinkel


Thanks to Lara for sending:

“Volunteers clearing snow from park @ 15/16 and Irving

It is the property of National Park services. But we called and they said “they were not going to be able to come anytime soon…” so we did it.

It is the path that most people in Mount Pleasant use to get to the Metro, so it seem like a good way to use lunch time.”


“Some nice garbage men helped dig this guy out of his parking spot on the still un-plowed Quarry Rd, NW, in Lanier Heights!”


“Meridian Hill is a disappointing mess of plastic bin shards, cardboard boxes, and styrofoam. I picked up what I could over lunch but the park could use more volunteers. The plastic bin shards are sharp and there were a lot of kids sledding today….”


Photo by PoPville flickr user Joe Flood

And it is a good question – the answer from DPW:

“Due to last week’s blizzard, DPW will suspend trash collection through Wednesday, January 27th. DPW will attempt collection on Thursday, January 28 and operate on an altered schedule Thursday through the weekend. Normal trash collection is scheduled to resume on Monday, February 1.

DPW will hire private contractors to augment the work of their crews.

The full trash collection schedule is as follows:

– Monday: Service resumes next week.
– Tuesday: Service resumes next week (Twice a week routes will be addressed this Thursday or Friday).
– Wednesday: Service resumes next week.
– Thursday: Service attempts will be made.
– Friday: Service attempts will be made.
– Saturday & Sunday: Possible service attempts on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday routes.
– Monday: Regular service will resume.”



Ed. Note: Lots of nominees are starting to roll in so starting tomorrow I’ll post multiple nominees.

A reader nominates:

“1841 Columbia Rd. NW is a large apartment building with some well-traveled sidewalks, but only the good tenants at Lapis had the decency to shovel their area as of 1pm Monday. They should be ashamed, both residents and neighbors get to navigate fully un-shoveled slippery ice paths!”





“Dear PoPville,

Can we do a post on residential streets plowed or unplowed? I see the snow plow tracker has tons of activity in Georgetown but we haven’t seen a single plow on the residential streets of R, S, T, 12th, etc. in NW. DPW acting director is reporting the city is concentrating on areas of the city — doing them completely and then moving to others. How were the “areas” chosen?”


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